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A Star Fell On Alabama Tonight...they may have been more but I caught this one

Sunset portion of collage taken by Storm'n Norm'n
The following from
Meteor storm muse behind 'Stars Fell on Alabama'
By David White -- The Birmingham News  The Birmingham News
on November 12, 2009 at 5:40 AM, updated September 10, 2013 at 8:14 AM

The song "Stars Fell on Alabama" has deep roots in astronomy as well as state history.

The song was a hit in 1934, the same year a book by the same name was published, but roots of both reached back to an event that started 176 years ago tonight.
Astronomers estimate that a meteor storm on Nov. 12-13, 1833, bombarded Earth's atmosphere with more than 30,000 meteors an hour blazing over Alabama and much of the rest of the country.
The 1833 storm was an unusually active display of Leonid meteors, specks of debris from the comet Tempel-Tuttle, often as small as grains of sand, that briefly streak across the sky as they burn up in the atmosphere.
"The sky was literally filled with fireworks, and people thought it was the end of the world. That was the night stars fell on Alabama and most of North America," said Bill Cooke, an astronomer at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center near Huntsville. "The only people who weren't scared were the American Indians. They interpreted meteors as a sign of good luck."
The next best chance for Alabamians to see Leonid meteors will come before dawn Tuesday, though Cooke said the display isn't forecast to be nearly as impressive as it was 176 years ago.
The 1833 event terrified people across America, says an article in "The Alabama Guide," published this year by the state Department of Archives and History.
The Huntsville Democrat newspaper, as cited in the guide, reported on "this most awful and sublime appearance" and wrote, "For several hours, thousands and even millions of these meteors appeared in every direction to be in constant motion."
Some people believed Judgment Day was at hand, said an article that ran in Alabama Heritage magazine in 2000. The article quoted a newspaper from a town in Georgia that said many profane people "were frightened to their knees," that dust-covered Bibles were opened and that dice and cards were thrown to the flames.
About a century later, the event inspired the title of "Stars Fell on Alabama," a book by New York native Carl Carmer. He taught English at the University of Alabama in the 1920s and wrote a book of essays, many of them relating stories people told him as he traveled the state.
The book, published in 1934, said some black women told Carmer their fathers knew slaves whose memories were seared by the "awful event."
"Many an Alabamian to this day reckons dates from 'the year the stars fell,'" Carmer wrote.
Soon after the book came out, Mitchell Parish wrote the words and Frank Perkins the music of the song "Stars Fell on Alabama," a hit after the Guy Lombardo Orchestra recorded it the same year.
The song tells of "a situation so heavenly," with a couple kissing in a field of white, and says several times that "stars fell on Alabama last night."
Billie Holiday, Jack Teagarden and Ella Fitzgerald recorded the song. So did Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., Jimmy Buffett and many others.
John C. Hall, director of the Black Belt Museum at the University of West Alabama, thinks the phrase "Stars Fell on Alabama" resonates today because of the song, not the book or the meteor storm.
"The song was so popular, and was a standard from every Alabama band performance from 1934 (on), that I think that is what has kept the phrase before the public," said Hall, who wrote the Alabama Heritage article.
The Leonid meteors, so called because they appear to fall from a point in the eastern sky near the constellation Leo, zoom through space at about 156,000 mph, Cooke said. They tend to burn up roughly 60 miles from the ground.
This year, Earth is forecast to plow through debris ejected by comet Tempel-Tuttle in 1466 and 1533, said Bill Keel, an astronomer at the University of Alabama. The comet orbits the sun about every 33 years.
Cooke said Earth is expected to be close to the middle of the debris streams about 3:45 p.m. on, daytime in Alabama.
He said the best viewing here, clouds permitting, will be before dawn Tuesday, when people can expect to see about 25 meteors per hour. Viewing also should be worthwhile late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, Cooke said.
Anyone hoping to see Leonid meteors should find a dark, open place far from city lights, lie on the ground and look straight up to see as much of the sky as possible, Cooke and Keel said.
"The key is to watch," Cooke said. "They'll appear to come from the constellation Leo, in the east, but they can appear anywhere in the sky."

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Obama's anti-Catholic rhetoric strongest ever!

“If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation.” ~ Barack Hussein Obama Scottish Catholic Observer

Read more here:
1.   Obama Calls For End to Catholic Education, Says it is Divisive
2Obama offends Catholics in the UK, says religious schools are divisive
3US President undermines Catholic schools after Vatican Prefect praised them

“Barack Obama, Dictator: A Story of Today, 2009-2016”

Storm'n Norm'n
Back in December of 2008, one month before Obama occupied the White House, I posted an editorial by William Blasé in which I re-titled, “Philip Dru aka Obama…If you can’t see him coming, you’re blind!  Now most readers have no idea why I chose that title, and it’s probably the number one reason that I have had very few readers because no one seems to know who Philip Dru is.  Well if I had to re-post the same page today I would probably re-title it, “Obama aka Philip Dru…If you didn’t see him coming, he’s here!  (Notice the reversal of the aka ‘also known as’).  Still don’t know Philip Dru? 

Philip Dru was the fictional character in a novel written by Colonel Edward Mandell House, “Philip Dru, Administrator: A story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935” (published in 1912).  Colonel House knew that most Americans were leery of anyone called a “Dictator” so instead he used the title, “Administrator” for the hero of the story, “Philip Dru”.  What I didn’t know at the time I posted the editorial was the fact that people on the left (Democratic-Socialists) would use the same story to downplay people like myself in a negative fashion (you can read more about that here).  But what those Leftists failed to realize is that everything they were in denial about has become true, (let me re-titled the Colonel House’s story as if he wrote it today), “Barack Obama, Dictator: A Story of Today, 2009-2016”.  Read my 2008 post here.  It shouldn’t take more than five minutes to read but if all readers knew and understood everything in William Blasé’ editorial there wouldn’t be enough Democrat-Socialists voters around to elect a dog-catcher vis-à-vis Obama, Dictator. ~ Norman E. Hooben

Lena Pullum Tells It Like It Is....MUST LISTEN AND SHARE! America is going down!

History teaches us that all national greatness is temporary. Every great civilization — from the Roman Empire to the British Empire — has eventually collapsed. Americans have grown complacent in their position of dominance, but the term “the American Century” suggests how relatively brief this period of dominance has been. An ancient Roman would not have been impressed by a less-than-one-hundred-year run on top.Decline and fall are only occasionally foreseen by those en route to those destinations, and still less often forestalled by forceful and timely action. Denial of reality is a powerful human impulse, as is the tendency to mistake the status quo for the natural and inevitable order of things. ~ From Keeping the Republic, by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Posted by Blaine Cooper on Friday, September 11, 2015

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...those none-thinking Americans who voted for Obama: I got news for you!

Although the caption states that Secretary of State John Kerry introduces the Admiral, it may not (doesn't sound like it to me) be the voice of John Kerry that you hear; Admiral Ace Lyons' voice however, is the one that all Americans should hear...especially those none-thinking Americans who voted for Obama.  Now I know that many of Obama voters are turned off by the negative identifier, "none-thinking", and will most likely skip the following video and its precisely that reason these people with cognitive distortions* are to blame for America's downfall.  For example: When the Admiral speaks of the Muslim Brotherhood (among other anti-American organizations) not one Obama voter has any idea that the Muslim Brotherhood's sole purpose in life is to destroy western ideology...and I should add, by any means possible!  So all you Obama voters that still have some inkling of freedom in your less-than-American blood, if you want to hang onto whatever liberties we now have pay attention to one who knows; Admiral Ace Lyons tells it like it is! ~ Norman E. Hooben

Stunning Video the world was never supposed to see.... Secty. of State John Kerry introduces Admiral Ace Lyons to speak at a private meeting. He probably regrets doing so.
Posted by Adrian Ionescu on Monday, September 7, 2015

*In case you didn't know: Cognitive distortions are thoughts that cause individuals to perceive reality inaccurately.  ...and let me add this to that definition: Denial of reality is a powerful human impulse, as is the tendency to mistake the status quo for the natural and inevitable order of things. ~ by Mitch Daniels

Climate Change...not a problem. ~ Politicians...big problem!

Climate Change: As it was in the beginning, as it is now and forever it will's historic!
Climate Change: It is the past, the present, and the future...get used to it!
Climate Change: Without it...if it's not raining where you are, it never will.
Climate Change: With it...if it's raining where you are, wait a while, it will stop.

At the Crossroads is a unique gathering of the world’s foremost experts, brought together to analyze the historical crossroads at which our country sits. The burgeoning opportunities flowing from the energy revolution are now directly threatened by federal regulatory mandates to displace coal, oil, and natural gas. The transformative powers of energy face the coercive powers of government. It is time for energy realism. It is time to speak truth to government power. Hydrocarbon energy is far superior to the current alternatives. Current federal policies to supplant fossil fuels could undermine mankind’s greatest advance and consign the developing world to abject poverty. The stakes couldn’t be higher in this epochal confrontation. Come hear the best minds around distinguish fact from prevalent myths. ~  From At The Crossroads


The following from
Climate Depot
Prominent Scientists Declare Climate Claims Ahead of UN Summit ‘Irrational’ – ‘Based On Nonsense’ – ‘Leading us down a false path’
MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen: 'Demonization of CO2 is irrational at best and even modest warming is mostly beneficial.' - 'When someone says this is the warmest temperature on record. What are they talking about? It’s just nonsense. This is a very tiny change period.'
Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer: 'Policies to slow CO2 emissions are really based on nonsense. We are being led down a false path. To call carbon dioxide a pollutant is really Orwellian. You are calling something a pollutant that we all produce. Where does that lead us eventually?
Greenpeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore: 'We are dealing with pure political propaganda that has nothing to do with science.
By: - Climate DepotNovember 19, 2015
Note: CFACT’s new skeptical documentary, Climate Hustle, is set to rock the UN climate summit with red carpet’world premiere in Paris. 
Embedded image permalink
From Left to Right: Dr. Will Happer, Dr. Richard Lindzen & Dr. Patrick Moore
AUSTIN, Texas – A team of prominent scientists gathered in Texas today at a climate summit to declare that fears of man-made global warming were “irrational” and “based on nonsense” that “had nothing to do with science.” They warned that “we are being led down a false path” by the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris.
The scientists appeared
at a climate summit sponsored by the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The summit in Austin was titled: “At the Crossroads: Energy & Climate Policy Summit.”
Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen, an emeritus Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT, derided what he termed climate “catastrophism.”
“Demonization of CO2 is irrational at best and even modest warming is mostly beneficial,” Lindzen said.
Lindzen cautioned: “The most important thing to keep in mind is – when you ask ‘is it warming, is it cooling’, etc.  — is that we are talking about something tiny (temperature changes) and that is the crucial point.”
Embedded image permalink
Lindzen also challenged the oft-repeated UN IPCC claim that most of warming over past 50 years was due to mankind.
“People get excited over this. Is this statement alarming? No,” Lindzen stated.
“We are speaking of small changes 0.25 Celsius would be about 51% of the recent warming and that strongly suggests a low and inconsequential climate sensitivity – meaning no problem at all,” Lindzen explained.
“I urge you when looking at a graph, check the scales! The uncertainty here is tenths of a degree,” he noted.
“When someone points to this and says this is the warmest temperature on record. What are they talking about? It’s just nonsense. This is a very tiny change period. And they are arguing over hundredths of a degree when it is uncertain in tenths of a degree,” Lindzen said.
“And the proof that the uncertainty is tenths of a degree are the adjustments that are being made. If you can adjust temperatures to 2/10ths of a degree, it means it wasn’t certain to 2/10ths of a degree,” he said. (Also See: Scientists balk at ‘hottest year’ claims: Ignores Satellites showing 18 Year ‘Pause’ – ‘We are arguing over the significance of hundredths of a degree’ – The ‘Pause’ continues)
“The UN IPCC wisely avoided making the claim that 51% of a small change in temperature constitutes a problem. They left this to the politicians and anyone who took the bait,” he said.
Lindzen noted that National Academy of Sciences president Dr. Ralph Cicerone has even admitted that there is no evidence for catastrophic claims of man-made global warming. See:
Backing away from climate alarm? NAS Pres. Ralph Cicerone says ‘we don’t have that kind of evidence’ to claim we are ‘going to fry’ from AGW
Lindzen also featured 2006 quotes from Scientist Dr. Miike Hulme, Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia, and Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, admitting that claims of a climate catastrophe were not the “language of science.”

“The discourse of catastrophe is a campaigning device,” Hulme wrote to the BBC in 2006. “The language of catastrophe is not the language of science. To state that climate change will be ‘catastrophic’ hides a cascade of value-laden assumptions which do not emerge from empirical or theoretical science,” Hulme wrote.
“Is any amount of climate change catastrophic? Catastrophic for whom, for where, and by when? What index is being used to measure the catastrophe?” Hulme continued.
Lindzen singled out Secretary of State John Kerry for his ‘ignorance’ on science.
“John Kerry stands alone,” Lindzen said. “Kerry expresses his ignorance of what science is,” he added.
Lindzen also criticized EPA Chief Gina McCarthy’s education: “I don’t want to be snobbish, but U Mass Boston is not a very good school,” he said to laughter.
Lindzen concluded his talk by saying: “Learn how to identify claims that have no alarming implications and free to say ‘So what?’”
Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer, who has authored over 200 peer-reviewed papers, called policies to reduce CO2 “based on nonsense.”
“Policies to slow CO2 emissions are really based on nonsense. They are all based on computer models that do not work. We are being led down a false path.
“Our breath is not that different from a power plant,” he continued.
“To call carbon dioxide a pollutant is really Orwellian. You are calling something a pollutant that we all produce. Where does that lead us eventually?” he asked.
“Coal, formed from ancient CO2, is a benefit to the world. Coal is CO2 from ancient atmospheres. We are simply returning CO2 to the atmosphere from which it came when you burn coal. And it’s a good thing since it is at very low levels in the atmosphere. We are in a CO2 famine. It is very, very low,” Happer explained.
Happer continued: “CO2 will be beneficial and crop yields will increase.” “More CO2 will be a very significant benefit to agriculture,” he added.
Happer then showed a picture of polluted air in China with the caption: “Real pollution in Shanghai.”

“If you can see it, it’s not CO2,” Happer said.
“If plants could vote, they would vote for coal,” Happer declared.
Happer also rebutted the alleged 97% consensus.
“97% of scientists have often been wrong on many things,” he said.
Ecologist and Greenpeace founding member Dr. Patrick Moore discussed the benefits of rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
“Let’s celebrate CO2!” Moore declared.
Embedded image permalink
“We know for absolute certain that carbon dioxide is the stuff of life, the foundation for life on earth,” Moore said.
“We are dealing with pure political propaganda that has nothing to do with science,” he continued.
“The deserts are greening from rising CO2,” he added.
“Co2 has provided the basis of life for at least 3.5 billion years,” Moore said.
Compliments of Storm'n Norm'n

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Obama Broke The Law

This is nothing new...Obama has broken numerous laws since he occupied the White House, my question is, "When in God's name is someone going to do something about it?" ...The man should not be impeached, he should be arrested!  No one is above the law!  ~  Norman E. Hooben

Roskam: President Obama Broke the Law by Not Turning Over Side Deals

Calls on House to Pursue Legal Action Against the Administration
WASHINGTON, DC—Today, Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06), co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus, released the following statement after House passage of H. Res. 411, offered by Congressmen Mike Pompeo (R-KS) and Lee Zeldin (R-NY), which finds that the President has not complied with section 2 of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015:
“President Obama broke the very law he signed by failing to provide Congress with the Iran-IAEA side agreements. Withholding these documents from the American people and their elected representatives completely discredits the transparent review process the Administration was legally obligated to provide. In light of this vote, I believe the House should pursue legal action against the Administration for its blatant disregard for the law. I want to thank Congressman Pompeo and Congressman Zeldin for their relentless efforts to expose these side deals and push for this important vote.”
Click here or below to watch Roskam's Floor speech urging passage of H. Res. 411:

According to the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 (emphasis added):
“Not later than 5 calendar days after reaching an agreement with Iran relating to the nuclear program of Iran, the President shall transmit to the appropriate congressional committees and leadership—(A) the agreement, as defined in subsection (h)(1), including all related materials and annexes;”
“The term ‘agreement’ means an agreement related to the nuclear program of Iran that includes the United States, commits the United States to take action, or pursuant to which the United States commits or otherwise agrees to take action, regardless of the form it takes, whether a political commitment or otherwise, and regardless of whether it is legally binding or not, including any joint comprehensive plan of action entered into or made between Iran and any other parties, and any additional materials related thereto, including annexes, appendices, codicils, side agreements, implementing materials, documents, and guidance, technical or other understands, and any related agreements, whether entered into or implemented prior to the agreement or to be entered into or implemented in the future;”

USA Crime Statistics ~ 2015

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Women among the biggest supporters of community self-defense forces... (in Mexico! Good idea for America to do likewise!)

Over 100 Women Take Up Arms in Mexico to Defend Community
Source: Latin American Herald Tribune
The women signed up over the past four days with the UPOEG, Xaltianguis community self-defense force commander Miguel Angel Jimenez said

MEXICO CITY – More than 100 women in the southern Mexican town of Xaltianguis have taken up arms to protect their community from organized crime groups, a local self-defense force official said Monday.
The women signed up over the past four days with the Union of Peoples and Organizations of Guerrero State, or UPOEG, Xaltianguis community self-defense force commander Miguel Angel Jimenez told reporters.
“We have an average of nine groups” of community police, with each one made up of 12 women who will work in the daytime in the neighborhoods of Xaltianguis, located about 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the resort city of Acapulco, Jimenez said.
The women will be trained in the use of firearms and carry the same weapons as men, Jimenez said.
The vigilante group has only about 80 firearms and the weapons are rotated among members, Jimenez said.
“I trust that the people, once they know that the women are participating,” will provide more weapons, Jimenez said.
Women were among the biggest supporters when the community self-defense forces were being formed, telling men that “either you join or I join,” Jimenez said.
“Women are brave and we are capable of defending our town,” said Silvia Hipolito, a mother of two who joined the self-defense group.
The women will learn how to use firearms and work schedules that allow them to continue taking care of their homes, Hipolito said.
UPOEG, whose members are armed and wear hoods, was created in January in Guerrero state’s Costa Chica region.
The self-defense group controls access to communities and polices them to fight crime blamed on drug traffickers and other organized crime groups.
Vigilante groups have appeared in recent months in several Mexican states, with the largest number being reported in Guerrero and the western state of Michoacan.