Monday, December 28, 2015

The Clintons have no honest followers or supporters

The Clintons have no honest followers else they would have no followers at all.
by Norman E. Hooben
There is an old saying wrongly attributed to Buddha,  that goes like this:
 “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” 
Regardless of who first came up with the aphorism there are people who publicly display such a mindset.  I say, “Publicly” but with no rationale that makes any common sense whatsoever.  And you don’t have to go very far to meet some of these people…you may be one yourself.  Take for example a die-hard Democrat or die-hard Republican…it’s the party, right or wrong, it’s the party as long as it agrees with your own common sense. 
So if you hold yourself out to be a Democrat or Republican when they make no common sense then you are on display for the world to see but what you don’t see is the stupidity of believing in something that is not true.  How often have you said something to an opposing party member that no matter what facts you presented to validate your claim or statement they refused to believe?  The best that they can do is counter attack with reverse questions…the same question you asked them (i.e., “What good did Clinton do?” they'll throw it back at you with, “What good did Bush do?), or excuses for their party’s candidate; a candidate they claim to know but know little or nothing about neither of the candidate’s motifs nor their background (candidates can preach a good sermon and at the same time be lying about their intents…see: What is an Alinskyism? ). 
The Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, were students of Saul Alinsky, a man who hated America and American ideology.  In fact, he was the subject of Hillary’s college thesis but die-hard Democrats simply ignore this because it agrees with their own common sense and not rational thought which leads me to the subject of this commentary.  The Clintons have no honest followers or supporters.  How could this be?

If they refuse to believe the truth then rational thought makes them liars.  How can you deny the facts that establish the truth and not call that a lie?   And so it is with the content of the following video…these are hard core facts and if you don’t believe them, you are dishonest... especially with yourself. 

Note: Original video taken down...replaced with the following ↓

Then there's Obama...


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Anonymous said...

Could have stopped at "The Clintons have no honest (y) and it still would have been correct.
And your point is well taken: Anecdotally, a lady who used to visit the church I still go to, worshiped the ground Bill and Hillary walked on. Offering the lady any fact which denied BHillary a form of sainthood was tantamount to denying the Trinity. It got to the point where (gasp) she even moved across to The Other Side of The Church to not be near me.

Insanity is what it is. As Mike Savage is fond of saying "Liberalism is a mental disorder"