Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cultural Jihad...time to put a stop to it

by Norman E. Hooben
I'm willing to bet that if you asked most Americans what the title of this post, "Cultural Jihad..." meant that most Americans would have no idea.  They have no clue what is about to happen to America because the main stream media has already been taken over by those who have already decided how we should be controlled...some of you older folks may even remember this:
Walter Cronkite once wrote:     
"'A handful of us determine what will be on the evening news broadcasts, or, for that matter, in the New York Times or Washington Post or Wall Street Journal.... Indeed it is a handful of us with this awesome power... a strongly editorial power.       
"...we must deicide which news items out of hundreds available we are going to expose that day. And those [news stories] available to us already have been culled and re-culled by persons far outside our control.'"
I have come to believe that most of the accurate news today comes from the Internet where there are many independents that have not yet succumbed to the wishes of the politic elite (which includes much of the main stream media).
When you review the following two items please keep in mind Rule #8 from the Muslim's plan to take over America (Source: Muslim Brotherhood “Cultural Invasion” of America is Underway! July 2009):
8. Encourage Muslims to penetrate the White House, specifically with Islamist s who can articulate a marvelous and peaceful picture of Islam. Acquire government positions and get membership in local school boards.  Train Muslims medical doctors to dominate the medical field, research and pharmaceutical companies.  Take over the computer industry.  Establish Middle Eastern restaurants throughout the U.S. to connect planners of Islamization in a discreet way.
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