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The Obama-Kerry Iranian Bomb Deal... Will you die laughing?

par·o·dy noun: parody; plural noun: parodies 1. An imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. "the movie is a parody of the horror genre"
The following parody may be somewhat comical to some but the other half of the definition is no  exaggeration...  This video just about summarizes the results of the recent Barack Obama-John Kerry  nuclear bomb deal with Iran...a country that wants to destroy America.  Now I'm no fan of John Kerry (never was-never will be) and I've often said that he was is a traitor.  I've had this opinion ever since Kerry's Vietnam days however it doesn't take a rocket scientist to form the same opinion today.  If you follow the things that Kerry says and does the evidence is overwhelming...Obama knows this and it is the reason Kerry was picked for the job of Secretary of State.  After you've watched the video and had your laughs read the following commentary and look at Kerry's other Iranian connection. 
Now it goes without saying that the Democrats in power also want to destroy the United States...they've been doing it for a long time.  You've got the Muslim sympathizer in the White House catering to every Muslim's wishes...even supplying the Muslim Brotherhood with weapons!  But one thing many people forget  (or just don't know) is that the Iranians, have for years, help finance the Democrat Party's elections.  I even wrote about Joe Biden's re-election to the U.S. Senate some years ago (see Iranian Medal of Honor Winner and Iranian Medal Of Honor Winner Part ll - Biden, the terrorist's friend!)  So whenever you hear Obama or any of his cronies speak, think not  what they are saying and watch what they are doing.  And if you don't believe any of this I hope you're still laughing when the bomb drops...I wouldn't want you to die with a sad face! ~ Norman E. Hooben

Source for the following: Conservative Tribune
PHOTO: They Just Discovered Who Was At John Kerry’s Daughter’s Wedding… It Will Give You Chills

Secretary of State John Kerry was one of the driving forces behind the recent capitulation to the Iranians during negotiations over Iran’s nuclear weapons program.
One thing that’s rarely reported about Kerry is his link to Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s minister of foreign affairs. Among other things, Zarif’s son was the best man at John Kerry’s daughter’s wedding.
Kerry’s links to Mohammad Javad Zarif go back over a decade, when the two met at a party being thrown by (of course) George Soros at Soros’ Manhattan penthouse.
No word on how the two bonded, although one suspects their general contempt for America and pro-Iranian foreign policy views must have been a common point of conversation.
When Kerry’s daughter, Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, married Iranian American doctor Brian Nahed, the physician’s best man was none other than Zarif’s son.
At the time of the wedding, in October 2009, The New York Times’ wedding section did everything possible to avoid mentioning either Dr. Nahed’s ancestry or birthplace (highly unusual for the status-conscious Times wedding section, which always endeavors to list anything and everything that could affect the provenance of a society figure) or Zarif’s son’s involvement in the wedding party.

While Mohammad Javad Zarif didn’t become minister of foreign affairs until 2013, under Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, he had been a major player in Iranian politics for decades before this.
In fact, Zarif had served as the Permanent Representative of Iran to the United Nations from 2002 to 2007, under the Khatami and Ahmadinejad regimes (H/T Allen West).
Secretary of State Kerry hadn’t informed Congress of this fact during his confirmation hearings, and his connections to Zarif only became known after he had assumed the position. In spite of this, nobody in the media brought up this fact, which seems more than a little salient given the nature of our troubles with Iran.
Kerry’s performance during the recent P5+1 negotiations were a joke. Unfortunately, nobody’s laughing except the mullahs in Tehran.
Now, perhaps, we’re beginning to understand why the secretary of state was so easy on the Iranian regime

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Source for the following: Truth Un-Censored
Kerry: Iran Chanting ‘Death to America’ Does Not Mean They Want To Kill Us [Video see below]

Secretary of State John Kerry said Iran’s government chanting ‘DEATH TO AMERICA’ does not mean they want to kill Americans.

Kerry also claims he has not seen the video of Iran’s dictator calling for all Muslim’s in the world to unite and destroy Israel and the United States.  

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry testifies
before a House Foreign Affairs Committee
 hearing on the Iran nuclear agreement
 in Washington
Iran does not hide their hate for the United States, aside from the many videos circulating the internet, they have murals throughout Iran that clearly say ‘death to America,’ apparently, John Kerry has not seen those either. 
When Kerry appeared before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday to defend the Iran nuclear agreement, Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) asked him about Tehran’s policy in the light of the “death to America” chants common at events presided over by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hasan Rouhani.
“It is the policy of the ayatollah – if you can answer for him – that Iran wants to destroy the United States?” Poe asked Kerry. “Is that still their policy, as far as you know?”
[Kerry:]  “I don’t believe they’ve said that. I think they’ve said ‘Death to America’ in their chants, but I have not seen this specific.”
“Well, I kind of take that to mean that they want us dead,” Poe said. “That would seem like that would be their policy. He said that. That – you don’t think that’s their policy?”
“I think they have a policy of opposition to us and of great enmity, but I have no specific knowledge of a plan by Iran to actually destroy us,” Kerry replied.
In response to a question by a parliamentarian on how long this battle will continue, Khamenei said, “Battle and jihad are endless because evil and its front continue to exist. … This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and need for great strides.”

This is a mural in Iran and a message to the United States

 Kerry Says Iran’s Death to America Chants Are ‘Pretty Stupid’


Something to think about...↓

“When a citizen gives his vote to a man of known immortality, he abuses his civic responsibility; he sacrifices not only his own interest, but that of his neighbor; he betrays the interest of his country.” ~ Noah Webster


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