Friday, May 29, 2015

Quote Of The Day ~ Civilizations have always been plagued by politicians with false knowledge who spread false ideas...

by Norman E. Hooben
Posted back in September of 2000, Charles Stampul writes a book review of Plagues of the Mind by Bruce Thornton, professor of classics and humanities at Cal State Fresno.  A question posed by Stampul, "...they look to government for protection from everything from economic stagnation to beach erosion. How did we get that way?" is answered in a six paragraph essay which is summarized with:
Despite increasing levels of formal education, people are more and more apt to give credence to fallacious ideas and claims. In addition, it makes the important point that, while civilizations have always been plagued by epidemics of false knowledge, the spread of false ideas at this time in history is more dangerous “not just because high-tech media multiply exponentially the mischief that falsehood can work, but also because we are a democracy and democracy cannot thrive without a certain diet of truth.”
Probably the most fallacious idea and claim bandied about the world today is that of climate change (global warming, global cooling, anthropomorphic climate change, or whatever name you want to give it).  Despite their formal education and/or brainwashing by left leaning institutions of higher learning, the politicians promoting such falsities are all in the same school of thought...devise a scare tactic that no one has control over and tax the bee jeebies out of the people in an attempt to control the people while the climate keeps on being uncontrollable (← The weather; its been that way since day one.)  Civilizations have always been plagued by politicians with false knowledge who the spread false ideas... 

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