Thursday, February 5, 2015

Strange Creature Found By Plantation Workers

Some have said that the strange creature in the video is a Malayan Sun Bear.
I disagree... The Malayan sun bear has distinct characteristics which makes it easily identifiable (see picture at left)...besides the fact that we had one as a pet while stationed in Vietnam.  If the creature in the video is indeed a Malayan sun bear then somebody must have shaved (or evenly cut) off all of its hair.  Further, I've not known a Malayan sun bear to move as slowly as the video shows.  Malayan sun bears are generally aggressive and if not reared from a cub, will not hesitate to attack a human.  Their teeth may not be as sharp as other bears but they can sure do some damage to anyone not familiar with their disposition...and their claws, yes, their claws are obviously something you don't want to mess with...'nough said...
So just what is this creature? 

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