Sunday, October 5, 2014

Is Obama doing a fine job? ...the survey says

Are you dumber than you were four years ago?
by James Longstreet @ American Thinker

If you are part of the roughly 40% that still think that the President is doing a fine job, the answer would be yes.
If you are indeed one such person, you seemed to have missed the mountain of empirical and evidentiary missteps and agency failures of this administration.
You still probably don’t know who the Vice President is, and who the heck is Eric Holder?
You probably tuned out the “phony” scandals as did your news channels you watched in between video games.

Storm'n Norm'n
You welcome all those foreign speaking cell phone users next to you on the trains and buses, and perhaps wonder, just for a second why it is taking them so long to learn English. It is as if they don’t care or need to.
When asked about “Fast and Furious” you say as movies go, it was about two and a half stars. Great ending.
When asked about Benghazi, you say “The movie actor in Anatomy of a Murder?”
When asked about $50,000 a plate dinners, you wonder why people would pay so much for one meal.
You think voter ID requirements don’t make sense, that poor people can’t be expected to get a free ID. But you are okay with complicated computer website forced healthcare enrollment.
You feel that keeping people from Ebola infected areas from coming to our country is mean spirited and will end up harming us.
You are okay with immigration in any form, but can’t answer the question, “what is wrong with a monitored and measured immigration policy?”
You think Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, and Harry Reid are all watching out for your best interests, over theirs.
You wonder why the interviewers are asking the President such difficult questions.
You don’t quite understand how our military can fight Ebola. Do they shoot the stuff or what?
You don’t quite understand why food costs are so high when there isn’t any inflation.
You think you can “keep your doctor” and that each family will save on average $2500 a year in health insurance costs.
You wonder why global warming is so cold.
You think there is a war on women because they can’t get free contraceptives.
You are certain that the Ferguson police officer shot the black youth just because he was black. If the officer was being beaten up by a white youth, I guess you think he just would have allowed it to continue.
You don’t think Universities are businesses.
You think Obama is a Constitutional scholar, still.
Yes, if you are in that 40%, you just might check yourself to see if you are entirely engaged in reality. Check your mailbox too. Your government check is due any day.