Thursday, December 4, 2014

Today's Democratic accurate description

by Norman E. Hooben

There are probably enough descriptions of what the Democrat Party is or pretends to be to fill the pages of a book or two.   The word ‘pretend’ is intentional for the Democratic Party has more Alinskyites (One who promises one thing but does another to promote an agenda that if the truth were known they would never get elected…Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and the Clintons are prime examples.) than any other known political congregation.  Of course the party was not always the party they are today; I think even Andrew Jackson would be appalled…but that’s another story.  I should also point out that there are some Republicans that fit this description, most notably those who we refer to as RHINOs. 

That reminds me…recently I was at a gathering and a friend asked, “Are you still a staunch Republican?”  Where in the world he got that idea is not somewhere I could say, “I have no idea.”  My belief is that he got it from one of my Democrat friends who is woefully uninformed and does not understand nor appreciates the Constitutional Republic for which we are suppose to be…he likes the ‘gimme-what-you-can’ regardless of who’s paying for it.   I don’t think I was ever a ‘staunch’ anything but if I were to take on that label now I would prefer to be called a staunch Constitutional Conservative.

Meanwhile, today I got a book (in a pdf file format) from a friend in Virginia with the question, “Have you read this?”  I took a quick look at it and said to myself, “No.” (I’ll answer him as soon as I finish this commentary.)

The book is relatively short; only 98 pages including covers and title pages.  So I began to read.  Got through the first chapter…and stopped!  (I’ll read the rest later.)

In every paragraph I couldn’t help but see what many of us have been trying to say, “A description of today’s Democratic Party!”  The words just wanted to jump of the pages.

The book’s title is The End of All Evil and there’s no indication who the author is so I decided to take a few excerpts for what I believe is today’s Democratic Party… I’ve summarized them here in jpeg picture format (see below) in case some of you would like to pass it around…maybe my friend in Virginia will start the ball rolling…  Make it go viral Lawrence!
And if you're still not convinced...

And it gets worse...
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