Monday, December 22, 2014

Everything You Wanted To Know About Cuba But Were Afraid To Ask

Disclaimer: The video below in no way indorses Marco Rubio for any ambitions he may or may not have regarding the presidency of the United States.  Marco Rubio IS NOT, and never will be, eligible for that office!  See THE CONSTITUTION, VATTEL, AND "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN"   The commentary presented here by Rubio is accurate and should be known by all members of Congress...Obama knows it and he also knows that over 90% of Americans don't know and don't care.  You the reader may be included in that 90% so watch/listen to the may be surprised to find out how little you know. ~ N.E.H.

You may have already heard this on the radio but you saw it here first...

Don't think for a minute that Obama doesn't know this's a part of his fundamental change.

Video downloaded and edited by Norman E. Hooben
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There's still hope for America as long as we stand with Elizabeth Scott... see video↓

Russia is not America's #1 enemy...
China is not America's #1 enemy...
Cuba is not America's #1 enemy...
Care to take a guess?
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