Monday, August 18, 2014

UFO's ~ Are they real?

I never did quite understand about UFO's... I want to remain neutral or open minded about these unsolved mysteries and yet I know they occur.  I know because I've seen strange lights in the sky on at least two occasions during my lifetime.  The first time I was about eight  or nine years of age while lying in bed and recall staring at the light and then covering my face with the sheet and blanket when the oval shaped light began to move.  The light was still there when I peeked out from under the blankets and after about five minutes sped off out of view from my window. 
The second time I saw the lights...that's right, lights!  They were three of them equi-distance apart almost forming a triangle while the moved in unison in the late afternoon sky.  This time several friends were with me and all can attest to what I am trying to explain.  We were all in high school at the time so we can dismiss any childhood dreams of strange lights.  The movement of these lights defied any logical explanation because they changed direction with remarkable speed and without any noticeable they were suddenly thrust into reverse and then forward again. 
The only opinion I have of the object in the video below is that it has to be extremely large based on the distance from the camera.  ~ Norman E. Hooben

Source WND
An unidentified flying object over the skies of Canada has caught the attention of several UFO-watch websites.  The object was spotted in local news footage covering a fire in the West Kelowna area of British Columbia, roughly two hours north of the U.S. border.
According to Canada’s, the author of the initial report on the sighting claimed, “Thirty-seven seconds into the video the UFO comes shooting out from a cloud right above the mountain and passes through a clear spot back into the next cloud. I was quite startled and surprised when I saw it. ...continued reading here

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