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School ~ What's going on in your district?

We* have known for some time that Saudi Arabia has infused millions of dollars into the American educational system in an attempt to cement the idea that Islam is a religion of peace into the minds of the current generation of complacent students, teachers, and school boards.  If it were not for concerned parents most of this indoctrination would go unnoticed.  The following exposé was initiated by one such parent and is re-posted here to alert like-minded parents who may not be familiar of what's going on at their local school board meetings.  And although the commentary does not cover some of the teachings of Islam I thought it would be a good idea to present a short summary of what their Quran insist everyone follow including your children.  (Note: This summary was clipped from one of the comments on an earlier Planck's Constant post.):
There are 164 Quranic teachings of Jihad. (Quran 29.6, 29.53, 22.52); Pre-Pubescent Child Rape (65:4); Rape (4.3); Gang Rape (24:13); Sex Slavery (4:24); Torture (22.19-22); Whipping Adulators (24.2); Amputation and Crucifixion (5:33); Beheading (8:12, 47:4); Wife Beating (4:34); Inferiority of Women (2.228, 4.11, 4.176); Women are Sex Objects (2.223); Mass murder (2:191, 9:5,); Human sacrifice – Killing kafirs (47.4); Terrorizing kafirs (8.60, 3.151); Immoral Paradise guaranteeing accession to Paradise for Muslim men who kill kafirs or who die in the process of trying to kill kafirs (9.111); Massacre (8.67, 7.4); Genocide (8.17); Theft and Robbery (Entire Chapter 8 called Booty); Believe that all other religions must submit to Islam (2.103, 2.286, 3.19, 48.16); Believes in your children are your enemies (9.23, 64.15); Revenge (5.45); Hate (5.60, 2.61); Slavery (2.178); Extortion (9:29); Lying (3:28, 5:51).
Meanwhile check out this story from Florida and be advised that its going on elsewhere...a good reason to attend your local school board meetings. ~ Norman E. Hooben
* "We" obviously does not include everybody and if it did not include you it should have...  You can blame your mainstream communist controlled media for not keeping you's intentional that you do not know!

From Planck's Constant
Florida Textbooks Leave Out Nasty Parts Of Nazi History
By Bernie
Islam in textbooks
Imagine how any decent person would feel if their child came home from school with a history book that devoted a number of chapters to Nazi Germany from 1930 to 1945 but left out details of the Holocaust and never mentioned the brutality and barbarity of their military conquests. Now imagine a further insult: The American and European efforts to vanquish this evil are given short shrift.
Then suppose you were told that if you objected to this travesty, that you were intolerant and a Naziphobe - how would you feel?
Well, it happened in Florida regarding Islam:
What to you want to bet this is one of the Saudi government supplied (free of charge) textbooks? Two Brevard School Board members are reviewing a world history textbook used in ninth grade Advance Placement classes amid concerns that it is biased in favor of Islam — at the expense of Christianity and Judaism.
Florida Today: House Representative Ritch Workman and individuals from two citizens groups spoke against the textbook, Prentice Hall World History, at the Brevard School Board meeting Tuesday, citing examples of phrases and passages they believe show bias.
“Our children deserve facts and accuracy, not history being revised for our own failure or desire to not offend one culture or another,” said Workman, a Republican from Melbourne.
The textbook, which has been used in Brevard for the past three years, devotes a chapter to Islam, with sections including the rise of Islam and the building of the Muslim empire. Conversely, Christianity and Judaism do not have their own chapters and instead are referenced in paragraphs embedded in other sections.
Workman also expressed concern about how historic events are portrayed and what phrases are used. For example, he said the textbook reads Jesus proclaims himself to be the Messiah but declares Muhammad becomes a prophet.
Fortunately for students the Florida Legislature passed a school textbook bill last week that would give parents a chance to object to textbooks used at public schools (1).
As usual, the Florida chapter of the terror-aligned Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) called those who object to Islamic propaganda as bigoted and Islamophobic (2).
Let me be clear, I do not want books banned nor do I want to censor educational textbooks - what I want is balance. I don't mind hundreds of pages devoted to Islam as long as the truth, the entire truth, is told about that vile cult. As I wrote in a comment at Bare Naked Islam:
I believe we should have a 1001 pages about Islam in our history textbooks – but only if they print the truth about Islam’s butchery, savagery, subjugation of women and children, the beheading of those who merely want to change their religion, the stoning of women who report they were raped, the murder of hundreds of millions, the forced conversions of even more, the razing of an entire country, the current persecution of Christians in every Muslim land, and the pedophilia and brutality of their most esteemed prophet.
If it’s not the truth, then don’t waste money and paper printing lies.

(1):, 1 May 2014, Fla. Legislature passes school textbook bill
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Parents would have a chance to object to textbooks used at public schools under a bill passed Thursday by the Florida Legislature.The bill was inspired both by ongoing criticisms about the state's transition to new school standards as well as a dispute in Volusia County over a textbook that some parents wanted pulled over complaints that it offered a pro-Islamic worldview.
But the legislation will not eliminate state review of textbooks as originally sought by sponsors of the bill. Instead, school boards will continue to decide whether to review textbooks locally, or continue to rely on the state-approved list.
Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla and sponsor of the bill, said it would finally give parents a way to object to textbooks without having to complain to legislators or state education officials.
"They don't have to come to Tallahassee," Hays said. "They can appeal right there at the local level."
The Senate in April narrowly passed a bill sponsored by Hays that would have mandated that each school district review and choose textbooks.


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