Friday, February 28, 2014

We should not have to be 'forced' to wait for an election cycle

by Norman E. Hooben
New Meaning of “May the force be with you.”
Over at the Urban Dictionary website they offer the following explanation and/or definition of the phrase, “May the force be with you.”
Saying "May the force be with you" would be to wish someone well, that they would succeed and be protected from dangers. The Force can enhance natural physical and mental abilities, including strength and accuracy, according to the Star Wars movies.
It can mean the same thing. It can also mean: good luck, be well, good fortune, may good things happen to you.

Well I believe that just about sums up what most people thought…that is until the thought police decided they ought to take the ‘may’ option out of the slogan and impose their dictatorial stance.
It now appears that the ‘progressives’ have made ‘force’ a way of life whether we like it or not.  The following from BUZZPO: (I hope the following forces are not with you.)

Progressives have given themselves the power to …
The article continues…

What else can they force us to do?
Barack Obama has about two years left in his term and he is going to apply a lot of new force. There can be little doubt where his force will be aimed. One element of human life that progressive loathe is religious liberty. Not only does the First Amendment codify our religious liberties granted by God, it recognizes a power greater than progressive ideology, it represents an area in the human experience they cannot control. Barack Obama and his street activists will, in the next few years, attempt force American churches to perform weddings that violate their religious beliefs as is happening in Europe. That won’t be the end, but if the once reasonable democrats—those who still think there is anything “liberal” about their side—do not loudly protest what is going to be a direct attack on the first right written into the Bill of Rights, then an entire portion of our country—about 50% of people—will have completely forsaken America.

I was going to interject, “If you do not know by now what a progressive is…” along with my explanation but the author of the above has summed it up nicely with, “the once reasonable democrats.”
Summing up my thoughts on the ‘force that’s with us’ is, “How much longer are we as Americans going to put up with this? We should not have to be forced to wait for an election cycle!”
Oh, and one more thing...  Can you believe this? ↓
...and we once thought Communism was bad!

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