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It appears my first assessment is correct...we are living in a dictatorship police state!

In a video from a camera mounted in a Saginaw Police car,
Milton Hall goes down after he was shot by police. Saginaw
County Prosecutor Michael D. Thomas showed the video
during a press conference regarding the July 1, 2012,
shooting of Milton Hall where he announced that he cleared
Saginaw Police officers of criminal charges.
Six Cops Gun Down Homeless Man
Source: M
SAGINAW, MI Problems with video and audio recording equipment at the Saginaw Police Department were highlighted in the wake of the July 1 fatal shooting of Milton Hall, a local homeless man, by city officers.
More than eight months after Hall's death from a barrage of police gunfire, the department is still addressing equipment issues brought to light by the criminal investigation, which resulted in no charges filed against the officers involved. ...continued

In the above story and accompanying picture there was no justification for killing the homeless person.  They said that the homeless man had a knife.  Soooooooo what!  It takes six cops to fire at this relatively harmless person!?  Even if the knife were held in a threatening manner it doesn't take six deadly shots to prevent him from doing anyone harm.  Cops need training...except these cops...they need to be jailed for intentional manslaughter!

13-year-old with replica assault rifle was shot 7 times in 10 seconds
Source InfoWars
The shooting death of a 13-year-old California boy believed to be carrying an assault rifle unfolded in no more than 10 seconds, police said. Andy Lopez Cruz, who was later found to be carrying a plastic replica, was struck by seven bullets.
In that time, a total of eight rounds were fired by one of the two sheriff’s deputies who confronted the teen, with two of the wounds – one in the right side of his chest and the second in his right hip – proving fatal.
Lt. Paul Henry, of the Santa Rosa Police Department, told the San Francisco Chronicle that Cruz was also shot in his right wrist, left biceps, right forearm, right buttocks and right hip.
It took another 16 seconds for the deputies to call for medical assistance, according to a timeline of events released by police investigating the fatal shooting in Santa Rosa on Tuesday, Reuters reports.
At approximately 3pm Tuesday, a 24-year-old deputy of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and a rookie deputy he was training spotted Andy, donning a blue hoodie and shorts, walking on Moorland Avenue with what they believed was an assault rifle in his left hand. ...continued
Why did the officer who shot John T. Williams confront him?
Seattle Police Officer Ian Birk, shown in a still image from his patrol car camera, seconds before the Aug. 30 fatal confrontation with John T. Williams near Boren Avenue and Howell Street. (Seattle Police Department image)
Several people have asked why Ian Birk, the Seattle police officer who fatally shot John T. Williams, even got out of his car and approached the man.
The issue wasn’t addressed until the shooting inquest, called by the King County Executive to determine facts about the incident. Only one juror believed that Williams actually posed a threat. Four said he didn’t, and three said they couldn’t determine.
The question of why Birk stopped Williams came up at different times during the shooting inquest, which began Jan. 10 and ended Thursday. ...continued

Now there's not enough visual evidence worth commenting on but the audio definitely has something to say about the officer's lack of judgement and unfounded fear of bodily harm.
Three commands to put the knife down then bam, bam, bam, bam, bam (5 shots) in very rapid succession.  Officer Birk, "Are you that bad a shot that you have to fire 5 times to kill somebody?"  A human body is a very large target, even at 2o yards or so, a trained police officer should be able to fire 'a' non-lethal shot.  Five rapid shots were not called for however, this officer fired off as if a battalion of suicidal enemy soldiers were coming at him.  Based on his normal pace depicted in the video the officer's approach to the victim was fairly close at hand and the confrontation was almost immediately after he walked out of view of the camera.  Then after the shooting you can hear officer Birk say, "He wouldn't put the knife down."   No mention of an imminent attack but this officer feared for his life nonetheless.  A properly trained police officer could have easily handled this situation either without firing a single shot or a single shot at the very most.   More training for this officer?  I don't think so, people like this need to stay away from any job requiring a deadly weapon and he definitely proves my point here...and if John T. Williams were alive, he would agree.
Oh, and one more thing.  Should Officer Birk go to jail and for how long?  Well lets put it this way... If John T. Williams had a wife, Birk should stay behind bars for the remainder of her lifetime (or something equivalent).
Source: FaceBook

Now I don't have enough information on the following, but arrested for failing to identify herself...gimme a break!  What do we have now, the gestapo police going around checking every body's papers?  And what about the ear bud thing?  What if she were deaf?  Well let this be a warning to all deaf people, don't go walking anywhere near the UT campus, the gestapo police may be lurking for you.  Do these cops need training?  No, these cops don't need to be cops.  Lacking further info, this looks like a case of police overexercising their authority.  One way or another, its not looking good for free citizens of this republic.  Whoops, did I say, "Republic" ?  We've been under a dictatorship since January 2009.
A woman was arrested by Austin Police this morning after a
allegedly jaywalking near the U.T. campus. She was taken into
custody for failing to identify herself.  ...The photographer
who took this picture says she was grabbed by police and
handcuffed when she wouldn't stop for them. He says she
was wearing ear buds and couldn't hear officer's commands.
What do you think? Is this excessive?
It appears my first assessment is correct...we are living in a dictatorship police state!
Stay tuned, more on this subject later...

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