Saturday, February 22, 2014

Is Al Sharpton a racist? ...let me count the ways!

Source: TPNN
How Many Times Did Sharpton Play the Race Card in 2013?
You Won’t Believe This!
By Jennifer Burke
Al Sharpton, a self-proclaimed Civil Rights leader and self-appointed spokesman for the black community , has made his living as a professional race baiter and bigot. Given his penchant for playing the race card, he is a perfect fit for MSNBC, a network whose hosts are no strangers to hurling the racism claim at those on the right side of the political aisle. That should come as no surprise since the accusation of racism is hurled on a constant basis at anyone who opposes Barack Obama’s policies and unconstitutional actions. The network is so committed to helping Obama advance his agenda that they even changed their tagline to LEAN FORWARD falling in line with Obama’s Marxist based slogan ‘FORWARD’.
The Washington Free Beacon has put together a video highlighting the fact that Sharpton has taken his race baiting ways to a new level on his show. (video below) Although there were only 261 weekdays in 2013, with a re-run or ‘best of’, if that is even possible in the case of Sharpton, running on some of those days, Sharpton managed to say the word ‘race’, ‘racism’, or ‘racially’ 314 times!
The video is hilarious and the ending is classic Al!
WATCH the full video for maximum entertainment value.
H/T Washington Free Beacon

About Jennifer BurkeJennifer Burke became politically active for the first time at the Porkulus Tea Party in Seattle in February 2009. She was a speaker at the Seattle Tax Day Tea Party at Westlake Center on April 15, 2010, was featured in a popular Tea Party video, Proud to be a Teabagger, that has gone viral on YouTube and many top conservative blogs, and was a speaker at the WA 4 WI rally in support of Scott Walker. 

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