Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barbara Walters and the messiah (small 'm' intentional)

Years ago I had a lot of respect for Barbara Walters but that soon turned sour when during a television interview with then first lady Hillary Clinton (during Bill Clinton's 1st term), she caught (or rather I caught it and Walters overlooked it) Hillary in a boldface lie and let it ride.  The interview continued and with every question posed by Walters I kept hoping she would come back to inform the viewers of the truth.  That never happened!  Before the interview was over it wasn't difficult to comprehend that Walters had taken sides with the far-left anti-American zealot.  I didn't exactly avoid Walters over the continuing years, I wanted to assure myself that any ill feelings toward her were legitimate.  She certainly didn't alter my opinion in any of her broadcasts, in fact I wondered why the entire country gave this woman two minutes of their time; everything about her was fake as fake could be.  Then I realized that most viewers rarely pay any attention to the words used by celebrity interviewers such as Barbara Walters. The viewers are like spectators at a Hollywood event.  Ask them two seconds afterwards what was said and you generally get answers like, "Wasn't she just beautiful." 
So now we have the famous interviewer switching seats and becoming the interviewee.  Piers Morgan asks the questions (regarding Obama)...Barbara gives her heartfelt answers.  "We thought he was going to be the next Messiah."  She said, "We... We thought he was going to be the next Messiah." and that means one hell of a lot of believers (aka voters).
It is written in Exodus 20, 2-17 "You shall have no other gods before me." and amplified in the first of the Ten Commandments, "I am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange Gods before me."
But Walters doesn't believe none of it, rather she believes in the strange god now living in the White House. 
Did you ever wonder why the country is going to hell?  Its because people like Barbara Walters promotes the idea. I have no legitmate reason to ever pay this woman any attention in future broadcasts when she expresses her belief in demigods as she does here: (see video ↓) ~  Norman E. Hooben

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