Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Same Stream Media

When the media ganged up on George W. Bush over the so-called torture of prisoners during the Iraq war, it was discovered that a prominent newspaper in the mainstream media was the source of the slanderous rhetoric.  The word torture was uttered by a prisoner that had his arms secured behind his back during an transfer flight from overseas to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  When a reporter who accompanied the flight reported the incident to his editor, the editor quickly sent out the word and within hours the word torture was heard and read all over the news media.  I mentioned this to a friend that refused to believe that such control existed in such a competive news-reporting environment...he had no idea how wrong he was!  Now there's no connection to torture in the following but what are the chances that the intro to a story would have the same exact words in stations all over the country... Is this why they call it, "The mainstream media?"...or is that, "The same-stream media?" ~ Norman E. Hooben 

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