Saturday, March 3, 2012

Breitbart's 'possible' death gun shown at United States Senate hearings!

I said, "possible" not "probable"...but the headline did get to you, didn't it!

The other day I cross- posted a video that suggests and/or hints at some foul play in the death of Andrew Breitbart (you can watch the video here).  Certainly I was surprised and shocked at Breitbart's sudden death considering his age and I was not aware of any medical problems.  Another observation that didn't make much sense to me was the fact that reports came out almost immediately that he died of natural causes with no indication that an autopsy was how many people are reported of having died of natural causes when they are in their early 40's? Strange isn't it?  In any event, maybe it was my imagination running wild but immediately upon learning of his death I thought foul play was involved, especially after having stated at the recent CPAC meeting in Washington, DC that he was about to release some incriminating videos of Barack Husein Obama.  Without ever having heard of a sophisticated dart gun my first thoughts were that such an item existed.  This thought was amplified when I heard that Andrew was seen walking outside his home shortly prior to his death.  As the days passed I tried to put those wild dreams to rest.  But as suddenly as I forgot they were reincarnated in the video below.  The dart gun scenario does exist!  Not only is it an item designed for clandestine use, it was openly discussed at some hearings in front of the United States Senate (I say Senate, because I recognized Senator John Tower from Texas and Senator Barry Goldwater from Arizona...and with those two identified it would put the time frame in the early 60's possibly 1960 or 61.)  So before chastising me about my wild-ish dreams check out this video and let your imagination run wild.  ~ Norman E. Hooben

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