Thursday, February 2, 2012

More proof that east is east and west is west and never the two shall meet.

"I love your dedication of saving America from the mad religion" (Islam). Parentheses mine NEH
"...and if my father was alive, he would had me killed."

The following from: Atlas Shrugs

Email from a Muslim Mom

Again, I generally do not share these emails (there is too much personal information), but I thought Atlas readers should read this. Name, personal email, and photos redacted.
Dear Pamela,
I'm Muslim and I'm married to a Catholic White American from [redacted]. My mother hates my husband because I did not convey him that he must convert to Islam. My mother is so ashamed of me, she demanded me to divorce my husband. My mother told that I brought shame to my family and if my father was alive, he would had me killed. She said to me that a Muslim cannot be a friend or married a non-Muslim because we do not have the same beliefs. She has so much hatred that I can not leave my two sons alone with my mother. In the back of my head I'm worried that she may harm them. For Muslims, men killing women mean nothing them it is like garbage disposal to them.

I'm going to share the pictures of my handsome sons.

Please, please keep writing and informing how Muslims destroy family and enslaves wives, children and anyone who does not share their beliefs. Muslims make Islam "cancer call Muslim" and America needs to know and to be aware of it.

I love your dedication of saving America from the mad religion. We are being brutalized by mad mafia.

Needless to say the photo of her and her boys was just beautiful. I advised her to take her husband and children and move. ASAP

Just in case you haven't seen this video on previous posts I thought it adds to the subject matter in the above letter in that Islam is a serious threat to our American way of life.  This is one video that every concerned American should watch...please forward this post to all.  Thanks, Norman E. Hooben

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