Saturday, February 18, 2012

“Capitalism is Boss.” ...but the liberals say it isn't so

How is it that so many liberals are caught up in their ideology that isn’t so…or as Ronald Reagan said, “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”?  Even if all logical thought brings a set of hypotheses to a conclusion agreed upon by prudent minds, the liberal will argue, “It isn’t so.”  Not that they don’t have anything better to offer. It just isn’t so!  Recall the recent health care legislation that not a single legislator had read prior to passage into law and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gets on her soap box and proclaims, “Now that we’ve passed the bill, now we can see what’s in it.”  But as most Americans did not want the health care legislation, Pelosi and her clan imposed the ‘just-isn’t-so’ rule; citizens would get this shoved down their throats regardless whether they liked it or not.  And now that we see what’s in it, we certainly don’t want it! 
As the nation goes down the path of self-destruction towards Socialism, even when history proves it a failure, the liberal will argue, “It isn’t so.”  Capitalism has proven to be the most successful of all economic systems.   Even Pope John Paul II appreciated the outcome of capitalistic societies[1]; it was greed that he was concerned about not capitalism.  Somehow our liberal friends have gotten the idea that Keynesian economics (got a problem, throw money at it) is the way to go even though the prudent mind of Milton Friedman says, “It isn’t so!”…see video below ~ Norman E. Hooben 
[1] God and Money the moral challenge of capitalism, Charles McDaniel, Baylor University Press
“Capitalism is Boss.”  ~ Andrew Wilkow 
Obama is a reckless gambler. He is gambling with our economy. He is gambling with our first-rate health care system, including your future as you age. He likes to gamble, and he figures to blame everybody else when he inevitably fails. That's the role of the Occupy Mobs during the election: to blame "capitalism" when the economy aches and groans from Obama misgovernment. Obama (like Bill and Hillary) has figured out that misgovernment doesn't matter in the least -- not if you have the Big Media on your side, ready to rant and rage to blame your enemies for the chaos you bring. ~ From How Dangerous Is Obama?  @  The American Thinker

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