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A Clear Violation Of Both 1st & 4th Amendments (from the huge-victory-for-free-speech dept)

The following story was posted over at TechDirt on August 29th and I somehow missed it...I re-post it here not only for you who may have also missed it but to re-emphasize that "We're right and they're wrong!" when it comes to police enforcing non-existing laws.  My bigger wish is that citizens take a more active roll when it comes to police wrongdoing.  One case that should make your blood boil occurred at Georgetown University where I think citizen involvement was clearly lacking (read about it here: Gestapo Police Invade George Washington University Under The Watchful Eye Of Hillary Clinton), they stood by like goons and did nothing...and to the best of my knowledge the Gestapo Police are still employed.  And the story that linked me to one below was just as alarming, "Politician Censors Town Hall – Police Seize Cameras" (repeat "...and to the best of my knowledge the Gestapo Police are still employed.)  Although you may have heard it over and over again, I'll repeat it here for this is the time you must comprehend its meaning, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)  And remember this, evil can also be disguised in a uniform...not all cops are good.  The cops in the Town Hall reference were evil! Learn to recognize that and freedom will prevail. ~ Norman E. Hooben

Appeals Court: Arresting Guy For Filming Cops Was A Clear Violation Of Both 1st & 4th Amendments

from the huge-victory-for-free-speech dept

We've had a lot of stories this year about police arresting people for filming them. It's become quite a trend. Even worse, a couple weeks ago, we wrote about a police officer in Massachusetts, Michael Sedergren, who is trying to get criminal wiretapping charges brought against a woman who filmed some police officers beating a guy. This officer claims that the woman violated Massachusetts anti-wiretapping law, a common claim from police in such situations.

Segederin may have been better off if he'd waited a couple weeks for an appeals court ruling that came out Friday, because that ruling found that arresting someone for filming the police is a clear violation of both the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. How the case got to this point is a bit complex, but basically, a guy named Simon Glik saw some police arresting someone in Boston, and thought they were using excessive force. He took out his camera phone and began recording. The police saw that and told him to stop taking pictures. He told them he was recording them, and that he'd seen them punch the guy they were arresting. One officer asked him if the phone recorded audio as well and Glik told him it did. At that point, they arrested him, saying that recording audio was a violation of Massachusetts wiretap laws.

Even more ridiculous, they then had him charged not just with that, but also with disturbing the peace and "aiding in the escape of a prisoner." After realizing that last one didn't even pass the guffaw test, Massachusetts officials dropped that charge. A Boston court then dumped the other charges and Glik was free. However, he wanted to take things further, as he thought his treatment was against the law. He first filed a complaint with Boston Police Internal Affairs who promptly set about totally ignoring it. After they refused to investigate, Glik sued the officers who arrested him and the City of Boston in federal court for violating both his First and Fourth Amendment rights. The police officers filed for qualified immunity, which is designed to protect them from frivolous charges from people they arrest.

The district court rejected the officers' rights to qualified immunity, saying that their actions violated the First & Fourth Amendments. Before the rest of the case could go on, the officers appealed, and that brings us to Friday's ruling, which, once again, unequivocally states that recording police in public is protected under the First Amendment, and that the use of Massachusetts wiretapping laws to arrest Glik was a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights as well. The ruling (pdf) is a fantastic and quick read and makes the point pretty clearly. Best of all, it not only says that it was a clear violation, but that the officers were basically full of it in suggesting that this was even in question. The court more or less slams the officers for pretending they had a valid excuse to harass a guy who filmed them arresting someone.

The 4th Amendment bit may not be as widely applicable, since it mainly focuses on the Massachusetts wiretapping law. Here, the court notes that the law only covers audio recording in secret. But there is no indication that Glik did any of his filming in secret. It found the officers' arguments that he could have been doing lots of things on his mobile phone completely uncompelling, stating that the "argument suffers from factual as well as legal flaws."

The full ruling is embedded below, but a few choice quotes:
Gathering information about government officials in a form that can readily be disseminated to others serves a cardinal First Amendment interest in protecting and promoting "the free discussion of governmental affairs." Mills v. Alabama, 384 U.S. 214, 218 (1966). Moreover, as the Court has noted, "[f]reedom of expression has particular significance with respect to government because '[i]t is here that the state has a special incentive to repress opposition and often wields a more effective power of suppression.'" First Nat'l Bank, 435 U.S. at 777 n.11 (alteration in original) (quoting Thomas Emerson, Toward a General Theory of the First Amendment 9 (1966)). This is particularly true of law enforcement officials, who are granted substantial discretion that may be misused to deprive individuals of their liberties....


In our society, police officers are expected to endure significant burdens caused by citizens' exercise of their First Amendment rights. See City of Houston v. Hill, 482 U.S. 451, 461 (1987) ("[T]he First Amendment protects a significant amount of verbal criticism and challenge directed at police officers."). Indeed, "[t]he freedom of individuals verbally to oppose or challenge police action without thereby risking arrest is one of the principal characteristics by which we distinguish a free nation from a police state." Id. at 462-63. The same restraint demanded of law enforcement officers in the face of "provocative and challenging" speech, id. at 461 (quoting Terminiello v. Chicago, 337 U.S. 1, 4 (1949)), must be expected when they are merely the subject of videotaping that memorializes, without impairing, their work in public spaces.


The presence of probable cause was not even arguable here. The allegations of the complaint establish that Glik was openly recording the police officers and that they were aware of his surveillance. For the reasons we have discussed, we see no basis in the law for a reasonable officer to conclude that such a conspicuous act of recording was "secret" merely because the officer did not have actual knowledge of whether audio was being recorded.
While this case isn't over yet, it's still a huge victory for those arrested by police for filming them in action. It suggests such people can bring charges against the police for civil rights violations in taking away their First Amendment rights. A tremendous ruling all around.

"...and all we can say is Merci beaucoup" but now we will have to say it in Russian

It’s…It’s…embarrassing when.. when …uh… Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German. And then we go over to Europe and all we can say is Merci beaucoup. ~ Barack Husein Obama
English is the primary language in over 45 countries and is spoken extensively in other countries.  This compares to 27 for French, 20 for Spanish and 17 for Arabic. This domination is unique in history. Speakers of languages like French, Spanish and Arabic may disagree, but English is on its way to becoming the world's unofficial international language. Mandarin (Chinese) is spoken by more people, but English is now the most widespread of the world's languages. (Source: The Origin and History of The English Language)
Somewhere in my distant past I read where the French were jealous that English surpassed them as most often used diplomatic language.  And since the introduction of air travel English has become the international language of pilots.  Astronautically speaking, English is the dominate language beyond the atmosphere of the earth.  

Uh, oh…what’s that you say?  It’s not anymore.

Apparently Mr. Obama has dictated his anti-English (what I really mean is, anti-American) rant into the prerequisites for astronaut qualification:
Will English no longer be spoken in space?  (from
Earlier this week, NASA announced that it is looking for new astronauts. Though NASA has sent its last shuttle into space, it will continue to send astronauts to the International Space Station through a collaboration with the Russian Federal Space Agency. NASA has promised to help staff the International Space Station (ISS) through at least 2020. So the ISS will continue to host astronauts from around the world, including Japan and Europe in addition to Russia and the United States. Many languages are spoken on board, and the spoken dialogue computer on the ISS, named Clarissa, was programmed to understand both English and Russian. But English may become a thing of the past in the cosmos. NASA is taking international cooperation a step further. The new class of astronauts will be required to learn Russian before they go into space.

Obama Invents Teacher...but the teacher already existed...and never the two shall meet!

Story Source: Daily Mail On-Line Picture Collage: Storm'n Norm'n
Obama 'makes up meeting with teacher who "lost his job"... and he is actually still employed'
  • Barack Obama talked about Robert Baroz on Thursday
  • Said Baroz got 'three pink slips' - but he 'never lost job'
  • Said he 'had chance to meet him' - but they 'never met'
By Daily Mail Reporter

Barack Obama is today facing accusations that his tale about a teacher told he was losing his job three times was not entirely accurate.

The President claimed on Thursday to have ‘had a chance to meet a young man named Robert Baroz’ - but they have reportedly never met.

He also talked about the teacher ‘receiving three pink slips because of budget cuts’ - but neglected to mention he reportedly never lost his job.  Story continues here.

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Comparing Government Run Healthcare (i.e. Obamacare) to the way Healtcare should be

Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint?
Both have trouble walking and appear to require a hip replacement.

The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has
a time booked for surgery the following week.

The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an x-ray, which isn't reviewed for another week and
finally has his surgery scheduled for 6 months from then.

Why the different treatment for the two patients?

The FIRST is a Golden Retriever.
The SECOND is a Senior Citizen.

Maybe the solution is veterinary medicine for all...sounds good to me...and besides, was it Will Rogers that once said, "The veterinarian has got to be the best doctor in the world...he can't ask his patients, "Whats wrong?", he's just got to know!"   ~ Storm'n Norm'n

Fort Hood Hero Fired !

There's a story here that I don't think has been looked into by any of the main stream media.  We all know that Obama is sympathetic to the cause of Islam (if anyone out there still does not believe this then you are a psychological captive [see definition below]).  I personally believe that Obama is a hard core sunni Muslim and there's plenty of evidence to back me up; including his support for the Muslim Brotherhood!  And we all heard Obama when he was playing  the defensive role concerning the Fort Hood assassin, Maj. Nidal Hasan...paraphrasing Obama's remarks, "Lets not rush to judgement." or some such phrase.  Whereas it was perfectly all right to refer to the non-Muslim police in Cambridge, Massachusetts as, "Acting stupidly."  Also, it is widely known that Obama lies almost every time he opens his mouth, so my humble analysis  (see picture above) of the following story will be totally ignored while he refers to me re-acting stupidly.  The following from The American Federation of Government Employees’ Defense Conference — DEFCON:
The American Federation of Government Employees denounced plans by the Department of the Army to cut its civilian police force, as some police officers on Fort Hood, TX and Fort Drum, NY were notified they would lose their jobs as part of military cuts.
According to Jeffrey Zuhlke, of AFGE’s Law Enforcement Committee, “about 20 civilian police officers hired on a year-to-year basis at Fort Hood will not see their employment renewed and an additional 11 officers at Fort Drum are being let go.” Sgt. Kimberly Munley and Sgt. Mark Todd, the civilian police officers who brought down the alleged Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hasan, have both been told that their terms would not be extended. Sgt. Todd elected to leave federal service and take a position with an overseas contractor before being released by the Army. Sgt. Munley is on a leave without pay status pending the expiration of her term.
On May 14, 2010 Sgt. Munley and Sgt. Todd were recognized by President Obama after receiving the nation’s TOP COPS award from the National Association of Police Organizations. While hosting both Sgt. Todd and Sgt. Munley at the White House, President Obama said, “We are incredibly proud of the courage that all of you have shown in the conditions that we can only imagine. It’s a distinction that none of you asked for, but all of you accepted. And I promise that we will stand by you, and everyone who wears the badge, as you continue to keep us safe.” Sgts. Todd and Munley were also named AFGE Law Enforcement Committee’s Officers of the Year for 2010.
To add insult to injury, Fort Hood’s public affairs department has referred to these officers as “Department of Army contract police personnel.”
“Calling federal police officers ‘contract police personnel' is a complete misnomer. These officers are not employed by some hired gun private security firm. They are federal employees. They are trained by the federal government. They swore an oath and heeded the call to public service. They are professionals who have chosen law enforcement as a career. Considering the sacrifice of these officers you would think that the Ft. Hood public affairs department could correctly identify their positions while discussing their layoffs,” Zuhlke said.   Read entire story here

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The Top Ten Air Forces Of The World plus Obama's first love*

*See bottom of page

In other news...(this is for all you who missed it in 2008)
This is the guy who will put your Air Force in the top ten jokes of the world.

Also in the 'case-you-missed-it category' we have this from RedState:
Barack Obama sought the New Party's endorsement knowing it was a radical left organization
There's no other conclusion when you see what the New Party was and who put it together
Last week we documented Obama’s 1996 endorsement by the New Party: which raises the question: what is the New Party? It’s easy to allege that this group is closely tied to former communists, but digging in to the New Party and Obama’s involvement, a very dirty picture presents itself. In fact, it is abundantly apparent that Barack Obama not only knew what the New Party was when he sought its endorsement, but through his ties with ACORN, the radical left activist organization, Obama used his radical left connections to get elected to the Illinois State Senate.
Most of the New Party’s history has been lost in the digital age. It was established in 1992 and started to die out in 1998, well before Google and the modern web were established. But through lengthy searches of the Nexis archive and microfilm at the local university library, I’ve been able to piece this together.
The New Party was established in 1992 “by union activist Sandy Pope and University of Wisconsin professor Joel Rogers,” USA Today reported on November 16, 1992. The paper wrote that the new party was “self-described [as] ‘socialist democratic.’”
Throughout its creation and rise, the New Party sought to unite alienated leftists who had grown disgusted by Bill Clinton’s embrace of the center-left Democratic Leadership Council. The Wisconsin State Journal summed up where the Left was in February of 1992. “Angry Americans,” Jesse Waldman wrote, “particularly left-wing Democrats, are tired of choosing between the lesser of two evils when they go to the ballot now.” A July 4, 1996, column in the Los Angeles Times by Todd Gitlin, which championed the New Party as “both old-fashioned and elegant” proclaimed the New Party as a path to victory for leftists alienated by the Democrats and Republicans. Capturing the mood of the left in a May 31, 1998 article for the leftist magazine In These Times, Doug Ireland wrote, “As Bob Master of the Communication Workers of America — the point-man for the new labor ballot line — puts it: ‘The political perspective of labor and working people has no voice in state politics, especially since the Democratic Party has moved to the right.”
The seeds, however, had been sown all the way back in 1988. Quoting John Nichols in the March 22, 1998 issue of In These Times, “The roots of the New Party go back to the aftermath of Jesse Jackson’s run for president in 1988. At that time, Dan Cantor, who had served as labor coordinator for the Jackson campaign, and University of Wisconsin sociology professor Joel Rogers began talking about how to formulate an alternative between the increasingly indistinguishable Democratic-Republican monolith.”
It is no great leap to say, as a result, that Barack Obama’s rise to the Democratic nomination is the child of Jesse Jackson’s defeat.
Read on . . .
Understanding Fusion
In light of dissatisfaction with the Democrats' rightward drift, the New Party set about establishing itself as a third-party third-way for ballot access. “Fusion,” was the idea. Continuing with Jesse Waldman from the Wisconsin State Journal, “[Fusion] would allow a left-wing candidate … to run as both a Democrat and [a third party] candidate. Proponents of this ‘fusion’ strategy include Mary K. Baum, co-chair of Wisconsin Labor-Farm, and Joel Rogers, a UW-Madison law and sociology professor who has helped organize The New Party.”
Fusion is a pretty simple concept. A candidate could run as both a Democrat and a New Party member to signal the candidate was, in fact, a left-leaning candidate, or at least not a center-left DLC type candidate. If the candidate, let’s call him Barack Obama, received only 500 votes in the Democratic Party against another candidate who received 1000 votes, Obama would clearly not be the nominee. But, if Obama also received 600 votes from the New Party, Obama’s New Party votes and Democratic votes would be fused. He would be the Democratic nominee with 1100 votes.
The fusion idea set off a number of third parties, but the New Party was probably the most successful. A March 22, 1998 In These Times article by John Nichols showed just how successful. “[The Wall Street] Journal’s editorialists fretted last fall about how the New Party was responsible for a labor movement that was drifting leftward …. As [openly declared socialist] Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) puts it, ‘If the Wall Street Journal editorial page goes after you, you can pretty well bet you’re doing the right thing.’”
Nichols’s article goes into detail about the New Party’s scope. “After six years, the party has built what is arguably the most sophisticated left-leaning political operation the country has seen since the decline of the Farmer-Labor, Progressive and Non-Partisan League groupings of the early part of the century …. In 1996, it helped Chicago’s Danny Davis, a New Party member, win a Democratic congressional primary, thereby assuring his election in the majority-black district …. The threat of losing New Party support, or of the New Party running its own candidates against conservative Democrats, would begin a process of forcing the political process to the left, [Joel] Rogers argued.”
Fusion, fortunately for the country, died in 1998 1997. William Rehnquist, writing for a 6-3 Supreme Court, found the concept unconstitutional was not a protected constitutional right. It was two years too late to stop Obama.1
Onward to the Socialist Utopia
The New Party was designed as a loose confederation of unions, socialists, communists, and black activists who shared common values, but often had different goals. According to John Nichols, its party platform included:

  • full employment
  • a shorter work week
  • a guaranteed minimum income for all adults and a universal “social wage”
  • full public financing of elections with universal voter registration
  • “the democratization of banking and financial systems”, which included public control and regulation of banking
  • a more progressive tax system
  • reductions in military spending and an end to unilateral military interventions.
In Arkansas, Minnesota, Oregon, and other places the New Party has worked hand in hand with ACORN and local unions to block public policy changes that have included prison expansion, government subsidized stadiums, and zoning changes to bring in “big box” stores. In 2000, Missoula County, Montana Commissioner Barbara Evans, after fighting the New Party over buidling a home-improvement store, told the Oregonian, “They’re bad news. I consider them socialist-communist in their beliefs.”
On December 1, 1994, after the Gingrich revolution swept the Democrats from congress and forced Bill Clinton to triangulate, the Chicago Tribune ran an article by Steve Mills entitled “Looking for the Left: The Old Progressives and Marxists Still Breathe Idealist Fire, but They’re Too Spintered to Generate Any Heat.”
“‘The Left is in crisis, and it has been for some time,’ said Carl Davidson, the former national secretary for the radical Students for a Democratic Society. ‘I don’t know if it’s even bottomed out yet,’” he reported to Mr. Mills. Mills continued, “The Socialist Workers Party is in this corner; the International Socialist Organization is in this one. The [communist group Committee of Correspondence] is in another. The radicals, or even the liberals with some radical leanings — so-called ‘soft radicals’ — seem to find it hard to abandon individual issues for a broader movement.”
But, Mills reported, “It is amid this political confusion that The New Party would like to step in. ‘If there’s anything that defines the American Left, it’s fragmentation,’ said Dan Cantor, the party’s national organizer.… The New Party aims to change that. By uniting the progressives behind a cohesive ideology, one that, in theory at least, will have room for all the factions that now litter the landscape of the Left, The New Party is confident progressives can again be strong.”
The New Party, ACORN, and Growth
Steve Mills, writing for the Chicago Tribune, spent some time surveying where the New Party stood in 1994 Chicago, two years before Obama sought and received its endorsement. “Although its Chicago organization is not yet fully formed, in other parts of the country it has run candidates in local races.” The races had, at that time, all been fairly small. However, they had not yet fully connected with Barack Obama. Dan Cantor, ironic given Obama’s preacher problems of late, summed up his vision for the New Party as it headed into Chicago, telling Steve Mills, “We’re of that Left tradition that thinks we could have a majority out there someday.… We want to build a church, not a sect. Because if the Left is going to amount to anything, it’s going to be made up of groups have have reached their limit on one issue.”
In 1993, the New Party had moved into New York to be a major player. Newsday’s Bob Liff interviewed Jan Pierce, the local organizer for the New Party. Pierce told Liff that David Dinkins was the type of progressive candidate New Party members liked. As the party tried to take off in New York, it was not only trying to get access to the ballot, “but to have some ideological purity.” In fact, the New Party had made such a name for itself that Al Sharpton had considered an attempt at the New Party’s endorsement for the United States Senate.
In 1995, Newsday reported “New Party-endorsed candidates have run in 120 elections for school board and zoning board and city councils, winning 77 races, including a Chicago alderman’s slot.”
By 1996, the New Party had solidified its ties with ACORN, unions, and the left so much so that even the New York Times referred to it as “leftist.” Manning Marable, writing in the left-wing New York Beacon, on October 23, 1996, wrote that “there are four key components in this strategy for progressive political change.” Among those components were civil disobedience and “support for independent movements like the New Party which are running candidates in local races. More importantly an innovative approach to electoralism is represented by ACORN’s ‘living wage’ referenda campaigns.”
The Chicago Democratic Socialists of America were quite pleased in 1996 with the New Party’s success including the election of “Barack Obama, victor in the 13th State Senate District, [who] encouraged [New Party members] to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration”. (h/t to Rick Moran)
In These Times reported on February 17, 1997, that “the [New] [P]arty, with 80 members in the [17th] ward, many of whom are also active in the Service Employees International Union and the advocacy group ACORN, has begun to build a parallel precinct organization.”
Obama’s Rise
With the New Party’s rise and its entanglements with ACORN came the rise of Barack Obama. According to Stanley Kurtz, “Acorn is the key modern successor of the radical 1960’s ‘New Left,’ with a ‘1960’s-bred agenda of anti-capitalism’ to match.” And Barack Obama was ACORN’s lawyer.
Using his position at ACORN in 1995, Obama set up the playing field for his election the following year. The Boston Globe reports, “Obama was part of a team of attorneys who represented the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) in a lawsuit against the state of Illinois in 1995 for failing to implement a federal law designed to make it easier for the poor and others to register as voters. A federal court ordered the state to implement the law.” The Globe also notes, “Obama was part of a team of lawyers representing black voters and aldermen that forced Chicago to redraw ward boundaries that the City Council drew up after the 1990 census. They said the boundaries were discriminatory. After an appeals court ruled the map violated the federal Voting Rights Act, attorneys for both sides drew up a new set of ward boundaries.”
With districts redrawn, ingratiating himself to black politicians on his side of the city, and rules loosened on voter registration, Obama could set out to run. And he did. Obama sought the New Party endorsement, which required him to sign a contract that he would keep up his relationship with the New Party.
The end of the story is simple. Obama won the New Party’s nomination and, through fusion with his Democratic votes, he became the Democratic nominee. Using ACORN’s get out the vote efforts and relying on his gerrymandered Democrat district, Obama moved on to the State Senate. While there, he paid back the New Party and the far left. He opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, he opposed legislation that would have prohibited the sale of pornography across the street from elementary schools and churches, and he supported allowing criminals to sue their victims if their victims injured the criminals in self-defense.
Fast forward twelve years and Obama is running as fast as he can away from the New Party brand. But beyond a shadow of a doubt, Barack Obama knew what he was getting into and remains an ideal New Party candidate. The New Party was, and as it still exists is, an amalgamation of the left and far left designed to attract far left candidates and move the Democratic Party back to the left. Barack Obama is an example of the New Party’s success.
Thank God William Rehnquist ruled fusionism unconstitutional when he did, or there’d be more of these latent communists on the march upward into the political establishment.

  1. Fusion is generally prohibited by law in the majority of states, but it survives in a few states in various forms. Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Mississippi, New York, South Carolina, and Vermont have some form of fusion. New Hampshire has fusion elections if write-in candidates win primary nominations.

And lets not forget this (from RightWingNutHouse)

The New Party is an unabashed Marxist “fusion” party from which Barack Obama actively sought out and received an endorsement for his state senate candidacy. Never heard this story before? It’s not surprising Obama wouldn’t include it in his official bio:
Co-founded in 1992 by Daniel Cantor (a former staffer for Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign) and Joel Rogers (a sociology and law professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison), the New Party was a Marxist political coalition whose objective was to endorse and elect leftist public officials—most often Democrats. The New Party’s short-term objective was to move the Democratic Party leftward, thereby setting the stage for the eventual rise of new Marxist third party.
Most New Party members hailed from the Democratic Socialists of America and the militant organization ACORN. The party’s Chicago chapter also included a large contingent from the Committees of Correspondence, a Marxist coalition of former Maoists, Trotskyists, and Communist Party USA members.
The New Party’s modus operandi included the political strategy of “electoral fusion,” where it would nominate, for various political offices, candidates from other parties (usually Democrats), thereby enabling each of those candidates to occupy more than one ballot line in the voting booth. By so doing, the New Party often was able to influence candidates’ platforms.
Obama enthusiastically approached the Marxists, seeking their help in his senate campaign, This from the NP’s own website:
About 50 activists attended the Chicago New Party membership meeting in July. The purpose of the meeting was to update members on local activities and to hear appeals for NP support from four potential political candidates. The NP is being very active in organization building and politics. There are 300 members in Chicago. In order to build an organizational and financial base the NP is sponsoring house parties. Locally it has been successful both fiscally and in building a grassroots base. Nationwide it has resulted in 1000 people committed to monthly contributions. The NP’s political strategy is to support progressive candidates in elections only if they have a concrete chance to “win”. This has resulted in a winning ratio of 77 of 110 elections. Candidates must be approved via a NP political committee. Once approved, candidates must sign a contract with the NP. The contract mandates that they must have a visible and active relationship with the NP.
The political entourage included Alderman Michael Chandler, William Delgado, chief of staff for State Rep Miguel del Valle, and spokespersons for State Sen. Alice Palmer, Sonya Sanchez, chief of staff for State Sen. Jesse Garcia, who is running for State Rep in Garcia’s District; and Barack Obama, chief of staff for State Sen. Alice Palmer. Obama is running for Palmer’s vacant seat.
Into this blatantly radical organization, Obama placed his political fortunes. It paid off handsomely. This also from the NP’s website:
The NP’s ‘96 Political Program has been enormously successful with 3 of 4 endorsed candidates winning electoral primaries. All four candidates attended the NP membership meeting on April 11th to express their gratitude.
Barack Obama, victor in the 13th State Senate District, encouraged NPers to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration…

Note from Norm: I just happened to have this newspaper clipping of Obama's first love.

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A Call For Action...The time to unite and fight for the American way of life has arrived…

Source: The Post & Email
A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic


by JB Williams, Timothy Joseph Harrington, and Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.), ©2011
(Oct. 5, 2011) — “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”
An undisclosed number of American Veterans and former service members have come together to prepare and present this Call-to-Action on behalf of the U.S. Constitution, the Republic, the Rule of Law and equal justice for all freedom loving citizens of the United States of America. Acting together as one, via The Veteran Defenders of America, co-sponsored by civilian patriot group The Unites States Patriots Union, LLC – we issue the following CALL for peaceful disobedience.
  1. We CALL upon every member of federal, state and local government, legislative, judicial, law enforcement and military, who have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitutional Republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to act upon those oaths for the stated purpose of restoring the Constitutional Republic.
  2. We CALL upon ALL veterans and veteran organizations in America, who still believe in their oath to protect and defend, to unite with us at once – in this Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic.
  3. We CALL for ALL citizens who still desire freedom and liberty, to stand with us in peaceful protest, and carry our demands to right the wrongs against our nation in the preservation of freedom, liberty, justice and the rule of law.
This is a NATIONWIDE Call-to-Action!
“We are Facing a Battle That Will Decide our Fate as a Nation!”Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret.)
The time to unite and fight for the American way of life has arrived… We did not choose this fight, or this time. The fight has come to us in our time and we will not shrink from our responsibility to protect and defend the United States of America, our Constitutional Republic, and the American way of life. We CALL upon ALL freedom loving Americans to JOIN US in this honorable endeavor. We do so on the following basis…

Abuses and Usurpations

Barack Obama’s once strong approval rating now stands at only 19%. The approval rating of congress is no better. The people have lost all faith in their government…
The demise of our Constitutional Republic has been underway for nearly a hundred years. As the people placidly accepted intolerable offenses against the republic, the states, and the Constitution for decades, the Central power in Washington D.C. grew ever more powerful, ever more abusive, and ever more disconnected from the very people it was formed to represent.
During the last three years, the current administration has committed the most egregious offenses against the people, the states and the Constitution, since the founding of our country and today, they operate as a virtual dictatorship, against the governed, beyond the scope and authority the people granted them in the Constitution and at odds with the will of the vast majority of American citizens.
The actions of the Obama Administration in total, rise to the level of treason against the United States and its people.
The Democratic Socialists of America are currently running Washington D.C. and they recently issued this statement in a Call-to-Action for their millions of members –
“We are the alternative to the tea party conservatives, the Republicans whose only program is to say no, the Democrats who have forgotten what progressive politics really are and the progressives who think that they can stand apart from the left.”
This must not be permitted to stand…
Among other offenses, abuses and usurpations, is the following list of transgressions – (detailed in Appendix A) – altering our constitutional form of government and system of justice without authority…
  • Violations against Article I of the U.S. Constitution – Congress
  • Violations against Article II of the U.S. Constitution – The office of President
  • Violations against Article III of the U.S. Constitution – Judicial Powers
  • Violations against Article IV of the U.S. Constitution – The State
  • Violations against Article V of the U.S. Constitution – The Amendment Process
  • Violations against Article VI of the U.S. Constitution – Oath to the Constitution
  • Violations against the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights
  • Violations against the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights
  • Violations against the 3rd Amendment of the Bill of Rights
  • Violations against the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
  • Violations against the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
  • Violations against the 6th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
  • Violations against the 7th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
  • Violations against the 8th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
  • Violations against the 9th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
  • Violations against the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights
  • Unlawful use of Military force, here and abroad
  • Violations of International Treaties and Laws
  • Numerous violations of the public trust
  • Misuse of the people’s resources
  • The bankrupting of the nation, the states and the people
  • Taxation without representation
  • Confiscation and Redistribution of the people’s earned assets
  • Abuse of Judicial power
At this late date, the individually itemized list of abuses and usurpations would require an encyclopedia of unconstitutional offenses to the Republic and there is no evidence to suggest that there remains even one legitimate honest courtroom in the country to which all evidence could be presented.
There is no Article or Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which the current leadership in Washington D.C. has not abused and/or usurped over the last three years.
As a result, the normal courses of action for redress may not be adequate to solve the problem today, as all three branches of the federal government are currently acting as one, all of them beyond the scope and power granted them by the Constitution, against the principles of freedom, liberty and self-governance, and at odds with the vast majority of citizens.
Yet the Constitutional Representative Republic must be restored, no matter the means or the cost.
It is on this foundation that we morally and rightfully call for all good people to rise up, stand together, move to restore the Constitutional Republic, and hold those who have and would stand against the people, fully accountable.


On behalf of the Veterans and former Service Members of America, who fought and died for freedom and liberty here and abroad, and all good and decent American citizens from sea to shining sea, we the people of the United States of America hereby demand the immediate restoration of our Constitutional Republic and an end to the Democratic Socialist abuses and usurpations which have become commonplace in the daily corruption of our governmental offices. As the true American people sit idle, the enemy grows in number and strength.
No longer will we sit idly by and tolerate the utter destruction of our country, at the hands of anti-American elitists in Washington D.C. who have mistaken the people’s peaceful tolerance for acceptance of their ill-advised behaviors. The time for all good and decent Americans to stand together, in defense of the Constitution, the Republic, freedom and liberty, has arrived. The Rule of Constitutional Law must prevail. We call upon all who have taken an oath to protect and defend, to take appropriate measures now.
We the people hereby demand
  1. The immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of Barack Hussein Obama, II
  2. The immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of Joseph R. Biden
In addition to the known fact that the Obama/Biden ticket was advanced by way of fraudulent representations concerning the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama II, under Article II requirements for the office of President, the Obama/Biden has committed countless crimes against the U.S. Constitution, our Republican form of government and the American people while in control of the Executive Branch.
They are not able to do this alone, but with the help and cover of many anti-American players, who have also acted at odds with their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution, our Republic and the people of the United States. As a result, these players must be removed from office and held accountable for their actions as well.
This group includes, but is not limited to the following individuals -
The immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of the entire Obama Cabinet, including but not limited to;
  • the White House staff and unelected Czars
  • Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner
  • Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta
  • Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.
  • Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar
  • Acting Commerce Secretary Dr. Rebecca M. Blank
  • Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis
  • Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
  • Energy Secretary Steven Chu
  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan
  • Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano
  • EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson
  • Office of Management & Budget Director Jacob J. Lew
  • UN Ambassador Susan Rice, the entire Council of Economic Advisers
  • Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan
  • Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
  • · House Speaker John Boehner
  • · House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
  • · Senate Leader Harry Reid
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – all of whom have committed treasonous acts against the people, the states and the U.S. Constitution.
Further, to reinstate the rule of law and the Law of this Land, the U.S. Constitution and our constitutional republic -
  1. In compliance with Article II – Section I of the U.S. Constitution for the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall devolve on the Vice President, — the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.
  2. That every verifiable member of The Communist Party USA, The Socialist Party USA and The Democratic Socialists of America be immediately publicly identified and removed from office for overtly acting against freedom, liberty and the Constitutional Republic.
  3. That in the event that these individuals refuse to immediately resign in an orderly fashion designed to serve the best interests of the United States, we demand that the 66 members of the people’s House who voted against the recent raising of the nation’s debt ceiling, to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against every member of the Obama administration.
  4. That the seven remaining members of the U.S. Supreme Court place an immediate stay on all Executive and Legislative actions taken under the term of the unconstitutional administration beginning January 20, 2009.
  5. That remaining members of the House and Senate immediately act to name new majority and minority leaders of congress, and work with the U.S. Supreme Court in the assigning of new temporary Executive Branch members, acting on behalf of the people and the will of the American majority until such time that the citizens of the United States can elect their new representatives in 2012.
  6. The immediate and unconditional dissolution of all special interest congressional caucuses, including but not limited to The Progressive Caucus, The Black Caucus. In addition, the immediate closure of any and all congressional committees which have been given unconstitutional powers, including the Debt Committee of twelve just formed. Individuals are elected by the people to represent ALL of the people, not special interest groups.
  7. That each state government immediately act to enforce its 10th Amendment right to protect and defend the people of their state against a tyrannical central power in Washington D.C., by recalling all State Guard troops home to protect the sovereignty and security of their respective citizens, as well as state resources and governments.
  8. That each state government act immediately to cut itself off from federal funding, and take the necessary actions to balance their own state and local budgets immediately.
These are our initial demands and nothing less than complete compliance with each of these demands is acceptable to the people of the United States. These demands have been published for public support and delivered to all members of Congress.
Further, it is our position that the normal constitutional line of succession to the presidency does not apply in this circumstance, due to the widespread complicity by members of congress, regarding both the original fraud that placed this administration in power and the ongoing effort to cover up the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American citizens.
The abuse and usurpation of the U.S. Constitution will not be allowed to stand. It is on this basis that We the People make these demands, in full compliance with the law of this land, the Constitution of the United States of America.
It is our sincere desire to affect these immediate and unconditional changes to the people’s government through peaceful processes, causing a minimum degree of disruption to the vital ongoing business of the people and their representative government.
The individuals named in our demand for immediate and unconditional resignations have acted directly and overtly against the people, the states and the Constitution and they must be held fully accountable for their actions.

Call for the People to ACT Now

We are openly calling for the American people to draw a final line in the sand and take a moral and righteous stand for the Constitutional Republic, the rule of law and the future of freedom and liberty.
The time to be tolerant and silent has passed and the time for serious action has arrived. Only the people can restore the Constitution as the Supreme Law of this Land. We must do it peacefully if at all possible and our Founders provided all the tools necessary for peaceful corrections of a ship set off course by internal enemies.
We are calling for the following specific actions, by every active and former service member and every patriotic citizen, no matter their political stripe…
  • We call upon all members of the U.S. Military, the U.S. Supreme Court, Federal, State, County, Local Law Enforcement, and all Intelligence agencies, to direct all assets of the people of the United States towards the restoration of the Constitutional Republic and stand with the American citizens in compliance with their oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the people of the United States.
  • We call upon ALL American citizens to provide necessary pressure on all law enforcement, judicial, intelligence and military agencies, until those who have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution begin to act upon those oaths.
  • The current administration has done all it can to whip racial tensions and class warfare into full-blown riots and civil war, including scheduling a “U.S. Day of Rage” for communists, labor union socialists, illegal immigrants, Muslims and blacks across the country. Their “Day of Rage” was scheduled for Constitution Day, September 17, 2011, and although it was a total flop, they will continue to rage against America. It is an open assault on free-market capitalism, waged by modern day Marxists who must be stripped of their entitlement mentality. The LEFT is also planning a “Cairo style occupation of Washington in October, on the ground on Wall Street now and headed towards Washington D.C.” These events are being run by the Obama White House, via a number of left-wing front organizations.
  • We The Veteran Defenders of America and The United States Patriots Union call for a “unified march” from ALL fifty (50) states to Washington D.C. on Friday November 11, 2011, Veterans Day – led by American veterans and former service members with a clear purpose – to demand the immediate restoration of the U.S. Constitution, the removal and prosecution all of the individuals named herein, by voluntary resignation or articles of impeachment, and the end to Sharia Law on American soil. The Veterans March on D.C. Day – In defense of freedom, liberty and justice.
  • We call for all Americans who truly do support our troops to march on D.C. with our veterans. We call upon ALL independent truckers, independent contractors, all non-union workers, all independent business owners, agents and investors, all who support free-market capitalism and the right to work, earn and own, to march together with our veterans and former service members on November 11, 2011 – Veterans Day!
  • To be prepared to act as citizens to protect and preserve the Constitutional Republic, in the event that our public servants, who have sworn an oath to the Constitutional Republic, refuse for any reason, to act upon those oaths.
  • To act peacefully, but prepared for a violent reaction from our nation’s enemies. To avoid if possible, the RACE WAR being incited by the Obama Administration and the Black and Progressive Caucuses.
  • Locally, to confront all anti-American infringements upon our Natural Rights with boots on the ground whenever and wherever local, state or federal officials act beyond their scope of authority, or at odds with the Constitutional Rights of the people.
  • To begin to openly identify and address government corruption at the local, county and state levels, too often found in both governmental and law enforcement offices, also sworn to protect and serve the people of the United States.
  • To be ready and willing to end the taxation without real representation by refusing to fund the anti-American regime currently in control of Washington D.C., until such time as the taxpayers of this nation are once again properly represented.
  • To make the necessary provisions to secure and protect your families and neighborhoods in the event of economic instability and social chaos, similar to events already witnessed abroad, by stocking up on cash, food and water supplies, as well as personal protection items.
  • In the event that the current administration or its thug supporters attempt to use government or civilian force and violence to silence the people, as in the cases of Syria, Libya, Yemen, China’s Tiananmen Square, the Bonus Army of 1932 in the United States, or the UK presently wrestling with black and Muslim violence, the people must be prepared to defend themselves against such tyrannical tactics. We cannot expect that the federal government will act in the best interest of American veterans or citizens.
This CALL FOR ACTION is being issued as a joint initiative, by the leaders and members of The Veteran Defenders of America, The United States Patriots Union. All citizens who want to see the Constitutional Republic restored immediately are encouraged to immediately join one of these unified organizations and become directly engaged in our joint missions to restore America to that shining city on a hill, and beacon of freedom and liberty around the world. We the People are the solution!
Volunteer leaders across the country must join one of these organizations to take part in leading in their local areas. All supporters who do not wish to join these organizations but who do support the initiative can keep up with information concerning the action here.

Foundation for Our United Action

Our Declaration of 1776 establishes the principles upon which The United States of America was founded. On September 17, 1787, our nation’s Founders ratified The United States Constitution, forming a Constitutional Representative Republic as our system of self-governance. From that day forward, the American people are guaranteed a Constitutional Representative Republic of, by and for the people, which was to at all times, operate within the confines of the limited authority provided the government by the people and their respective states.
For decades, our federal government has been operating beyond its constitutional authority, infringing upon the Natural Rights of every American citizen and every American enterprise, until our government has indeed become destructive of the common cause of freedom and liberty.
In its usurpations of the Constitution, it has committed atrocities against the people for which it was designed to protect and serve, until the people are forced to rise up in the name of freedom and liberty, casting off the shackles of soft tyranny and it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Our United Mission

We are finished with changing America to suit every anti-American whim… This time, the change is coming to Washington D.C.
It is not our intent to separate from any foreign King, nor to abolish or alter our Constitutional Representative Republic, but rather to restore it, as the Supreme law of this land, under which both the government and the governed must live.
Our united mission is to end the march of democratic socialism, which has become the most dangerous modern threat to American peace, prosperity, freedom and liberty and reinstate the republican form of self-governance guaranteed every citizen in the U.S. Constitution.
To accomplish this objective, the people responsible for the usurpation of the Constitution must be immediately removed from office and held fully accountable for their actions, setting an example for future generations, who must also be forever vigilant in the common defense of freedom and liberty.
The long train of abuses and usurpations must be brought to a swift end and the Constitutional Republic must prevail, or the United States of America will soon cease to exist.
Our mission is just – it is moral – it is legal and constitutional and it is necessary…
This is not a call to overthrow our entire institutions of government, or subvert the Law of the Land, but rather to restore those institutions to their honorable constitutional forms. As such, and under their oaths to the Constitution and the people whom they are sworn to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, it is incumbent upon every citizen, veteran, soldier, officer and agent to use the tools of the people to protect the people and return our government to a Constitutional Republic of, by and for the people.
Let Freedom Ring! May the Creator, who endowed each of us with certain unalienable rights, among them the right to Life, Liberty and the individual Pursuit of Happiness free from government tyranny, bless this mission of, by and for the people of the United States, and may the Lord let freedom ring in America, once again.
We demand an end to government corruption, an end to despotic leadership in D.C., an end to the current assault on all decent and honest American taxpayers, businesses and honorable public servants of the people.
We demand the peaceful return of the people’s government, and we will remain resolute in the defense of the Constitution and the United States of America until the people can once again, feel secure in their nation and government.
Non-member supporters can follow the mission here –
As a preface to APPENDIX “A”, the following items only scratch the surface. The blatant abrogation of the United States Constitution, trampling the boundaries of law-based authority, deceit, bribery, aiding and abetting our sworn enemies, illegal manipulation of our election process and subverting election laws, and hundreds of other affronts and assaults to our liberties and freedoms, all fall under the category of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”
1. Obama is a National Security threat since he definitely has questionable allegiance to the United States, not to mention his refusal to complete and release full, frank and truthful answers as to who he is. Obama has demonstrated a blatant disregard for the public safety and security.
2. Obama and his handlers released an obvious forged birth certificate after release at least two fraudulent COLBs (Certifications of Live Birth). Obama is also using numerous stolen Social Security numbers.
3. Obama and his incompetent advisors have wreaked economic tyranny on the American people, all the while calling for the rest of us to endure economic sacrifice.
4. Obama has destroyed accepted administrative process by creating 32 Czars who only report to him, bypassing the Congress and Cabinet. *
5. In one year, Obama and his minions doubled our national debt, which took 200 years to accumulate.
6. Obama and his Justice Department sided with a foreign government (Mexico) when they sued the State of Arizona in order to force the continuation of illegal immigration. *
7. Obama and his henchmen proposed a 1% tax on all bank transactions (HR4646) to be implemented after the November 2012 elections.
8. Obama signed HB1388 to use $20 million in taxpayer money to immigrate Hamas refugees to USA, and other migration assistance to Palestinian refugees.
9. Obama passed “Dream Act” by Executive Order which aide’s illegal aliens through “prosecutorial discretion” all to garner votes for his election. The Heritage Foundation has provided extensive proof that illegal aliens and immigrants with green cards are committing rampant voter fraud. *
10. Obama’s socialist, radical, dictatorial Moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, for thirty years a major source of energy for America, and which a Federal Court ruled was unconstitutional, continues to prevent drilling, all under the pretense to protect the environment and the fraudulent notion of global warming. He is indifferent to the loss of 10,000 jobs and 87,000 workers destroyed. Perfect excuse to push “Cap and Trade” with environmental regulations, and to push for governmental control of energy industries, i.e. General Motors, banking and healthcare.
11. Obama and his Czars want to tax church contributions and replace charities with government welfare. *
12. This administrations massive expansion of the federal government (350,000 employees) through agencies and Czars, whose goal is to “fundamentally transform America.”
13. Obama’s own Federal Elections Commission documented that he got at least $33.8 million from disallowed foreign contributions, including 520 contributions from interests in Iran, and $30,000 from Hamas-controlled Gaza area. *
14. Obama said, “We must reward our friends and punish our enemies.” 70 individuals who raised $50,000 or more for him “have been rewarded with ambassadorships or high ranking jobs.”
15. Obama and the cabal’s National Security Strategy released in May, allows for the targeted assassination of US citizens including “homegrown terrorists” without due process. *
16. Obama dhimmitude given Ramadan and Iftar dinners in the White House, while he cancels the National Day of Prayer without one word of objection from the Congress.
17. Obama and his Muslim buddies agree and defend a 15 story mosque, bankrolled by terrorist sympathizers and anti-American Muslim groups, to be erected feet from the hallowed ground of the World Trade Center.
18. Obama and his Justice Department’s refusal to support, defend and enforce US law, i.e. Defense of Marriage Act, stating it was unconstitutional, thereby circumventing established law and the rulings of the courts. *
19. Obama and his warmongers attack Libya without any authority from Congress. *
20. ObamaCare ruled unconstitutional and ordered stopped by the Federal Court…it was implemented regardless of the Federal Court. *
21. Congress said Cap and Trade was unconstitutional and refused to pass the same. Obama ordered the EPA to enact the provisions regardless of the Congressional ruling. *
22. Obama’s use of taxpayer money to pay for Democrat propaganda including $15 million for The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act road signs and $18 million for the continually misleading website. *
23. $770 million of taxpayer funds given to Egypt and Cyprus for the restoration of mosques through USAID. *
24. Obama has disgraced the United States by bowing to foreign potentates, while at the same time snubbed our longtime allies, Great Britain and Israel. Obama and his friends have deliberately fostered hate against the Jews and Israel by promoting a Palestinian State.
25. Obama’s Department of Justice refusing to prosecute Black Panthers in Philadelphia caught on tape brandishing weapons in front of a voting site to intimidate voters. Further the stated intentions of political appointees of Obama who said they would ignore voter crimes committed by blacks, Latinos and other minorities. *
26. Obama and his Cabinet intentionally refusing to secure our nation’s borders is in direct violation of Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution. This is an effort to blackmail Republican support for comprehensive immigration reform. They are in essence holding the Border States and residents as political hostages during a time when they live in fear and danger. *
27. Obama and his handlers continually ignore Congress’s constitutional obligation to vet presidential appointees, as none of his 32 Czars was vetted by Congress, and his appointment of the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services was appointed during Congress recess. *
28. Department of Homeland Security now investigating to determine the political association for those making Freedom of Information Act Requests. If you are a Republican you request will be delayed and even ignored altogether.
29. Obama’s Justice Department refusing to sue sanctuary cities for violating US immigration law. *
30. Obama’s executive order which allows Interpol to operate in the US with no restraints, and without any oversight from Congress, courts, FBI or local law enforcement. *
31. Obama’s administration and Justice Department discourage whistleblowers and prosecute them.
32. Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton’s ongoing effort to create international small arms accords that will subvert the Second Amendment rights of US citizens.
33. Obama and his State Department has failed to treat as an Act of War the takeover of sovereign land belonging to Arizona by the Mexican drug cartel.
34. The State Department used $23 million in taxpayer money to transform Kenya into a constitutionally communist country where freedom of speech is limited and property rights are based on social justice. Don’t forget the Kenyan constitution allows for Sharia Law in some regions, which means women will not have basic human rights. *
35. As part of the auto industry bailout and forced closings, shut down an unbelievable disproportionate number of dealerships in rural areas that did not vote for Obama.
36. Obama’s refusal to have a press conference and answer the difficult questions as is expected by every US President. And as is usual with his total lack of respect for anyone but himself…he is always late for everything.
37. Obama and his minions have downgraded the value of human life with their opposition to his signing “Born Alive Infants Protection Act”; however they lifted the ban on overseas abortion funding using US taxpayer’s money.
38. Obama’s State Department foreign policy continually will do anything to insult our allies, embarrass the United States, all the while elevating and promoting third world Muslim countries. *
39. Obama and his environmentalist henchmen are prohibiting US industries from taking advantage of our own natural resources including coal, oil, uranium and timber. *
40. Despite all the political rhetoric about the historical downgrade of our nation’s credit rating, the devaluation was a mere shadow of the colossal degradation Obama and his socialist cadres have inflicted on our Country since January 20, 2009. More significant than our nation’s credit, our nation’s credibility as a constitutional republic has suffered relentless and ruthless damage and offense. *
41. Obama deployed 1200 National Guard troops to Border States, where they will, under no circumstances, be used to stop the flow of illegal aliens and drug traffickers.
42. Despite a court’s ruling and Congress’s opposition, Obama’s FCC continues to try to gain control over the Internet, by reclassifying internet companies as telecommunications providers, thereby making them subject to FCC regulation. *
43. A slick move no one noticed moving the Census Bureau out of the Commerce Department directly into the White House and under the control and management of Rahm Emmanuel, Chief of Staff.
44. Obama attempts to run this Country with Executive Orders.
45. Under the cover of secrecy and without any input from Congress, state or local officials and current land owners, the Department of the Interior plans to take control of millions of public and private lands in Western states by designating them national monuments.
46. Obama through Eric Holder has handcuffed and taken over the CIA, which has been the most critical, independent information gathering resource safe-guarding our national security. Obama has revealed, ridiculed and condemned CIA interrogation methods which were previously approved by Congress and cleared through the Justice Department. He has demonstrated to our enemies (terrorists) that they need not fear us. *
47. Obama’s known history is replete with symbiotic associations and participation with admitted anti-American radicals, many of which/who advocate the destruction of American imperialism and capitalism, even though violent means. Consider William Ayers, Khalid Al Mansour, Rhashid Khalidi, Jeremiah Wright, Sol Alinsky, James Cone, Mike Klonsky, as well as organizations such as the Weather Underground, STORM, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Woods Foundation, ACORN, which have all received major tax payer funded support. Obama has never denied or even argued about his nefarious involvement with these people and organizations.
48. At the expense of the American taxpayer to the tune of $6 Billion, Obama and his handlers have established their own Civilian Paramilitary Security Force made up with the likes of SEIU, STORM, ACORN, RUCKUS, The Apollo Project (Soros), AmeriCorps, Color of Change, Drummond Pike/Project and others who choose to remain anonymous. *
49. Loss of free speech to the tune of half a billion dollars of taxpayer money, given to Obama appointee Mark Lloyd “FCC Diversity Officer”, and avowed pro-Chavez radical, ordered by Obama to rein in free speech on the airwaves by reorganizing the FCC and placing a tax equal to annual operating costs on local radio stations, which they either pay or lose their license to a new minority owner. *
50. Historic and unprecedented move by Obama’s cabal to indoctrinate our children in socialist, humanist garbage, sent a video to all schools, and naturally this scheme was promoted by the NEA, with the children taking a pledge, “…to be a servant to our president and to all mankind”, and then they chant over and over “together we can.” He is asking our children to choose him and his agenda, over anything you might teach at home. *
51. Obama’s appointment of Safe Schools Czar, Kevin Jennings, founder of Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, has determined required reading material for our schools which promotes pornography, not to mention homosexuality. This information is so massive, if you type into Google, Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Is Promoting Child Porn in the classroom-Kevin Jennings and the GLSEN Reading List, click on the first site, you can read it for yourself…be prepared to vomit. *
52. Obama protected union interests over those of GM and Chrysler bond holders during bankruptcy proceedings, forcing investors to accept millions in losses, funds which they were legally entitled to. *
53. In a time when Americans are asked to sacrifice, I guess this does not apply to Michelle Obama, since she has 22 personal assistants, which does not include a markup artist and hair stylist, at the cost to the American taxpayer of $6,364,000 for 4 years. These assistants’ sole duties are to facilitate her social life. She must be a lot more incompetent than first thought, since as First Ladies Hillary Clinton only had 3 assistants, Jacqueline Kennedy had 1 assistant, and Laura Bush had 1 assistant.
54. On June 9, 2011, Obama signed Executive Order 13575 establishing the “White House Rural Council” which establishes unchecked federal control into rural America in education, food supply, land use, water use, recreation, property, energy, and the lives of 16% of the US population. No Congressional or local government oversight or input. *
55. Obama’s handler’s establishment of the “Super Committee” is the final nail in our republic’s coffin, and the establishment of a Marxist dictatorship. Congress has always had committees which meet and return to the main body with ideas and suggestions, which is then amended, debated, rewritten, and finally voted on. Not this Super Committee, their determinations are presented to the Congress who are not allowed to discuss debate, modify, rewrite. The Congress is limited to a straight up or down vote. Why is the Congress accepting this infringement on their constitutional duties? *
56. Obama forced British Petroleum to set up $20 billion slush fund supposedly to compensate Gulf coast residents and businesses, and sets up an Obama appointee to administer funds with no judicial or congressional oversight. *
57. Obama’s cabal cancelled 77 oil field development contracts already certified as proper by the Bush administration. This deliberate affront by Obama’s Interior Secretary prevents the extraction of 3 trillion gallons of oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and North Dakota, which is more than enough to end our dependence on foreign oil. *
58. Obama signed the Russian-American START treaty which hampers US missile defense development and makes it difficult for us to modernize our rapidly aging nuclear weapons arsenal. It represents unilateral disarmament by the US in return for nothing more than Russian good will. What a joke.
59. Perhaps one of Obama’s most pathetic stunts was his chair of the UN Security Council, never done by a US sitting President. He was in the right place sitting as chair over an organization ruled by tyrants, and showing his true dual loyalties.
60. We need to look at Obama’s character, or in this case, his lack thereof. Obama is a total incognito with zero accomplishments. No experience, no education, no business sense or experience (only 8% of his entire administration has ever held a real job or run a business, other than being on the government dole), no military experience, a dangerous and treacherous narcissist, arrogant, incompetent, no class, serial liar, no humility, juvenile, no dignity, no genuine empathy, his personal narcissism and arrogance veiled by his hollow spoken empathy, quite ignorant, racist, Muslim, bereft of conscience, unable to determine between his fantasy and reality, incapable of genuine caring or concern, artificial, blames everyone else for his failure, and most of all Obama is a puppet, owned by his handlers, who maneuvered and manufactured his pathetic life.
61. Misuse of federal power and money in illegal international gun and drug running, the mis-distribution of taxpayer funds and manipulation of foreign governments, racketeering and smuggling, such as Project Gun Runner, resulting in the murder of U.S. agents.
NOTE: The items herein marked with an (*) at the end of the numbered statement, reflect a deliberate and malicious violation of the duties of the President as cited in Article II, Section 3. Of the United States Constitution, i.e. “…he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed…”.