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Behind The Debt Crisis...a Bilderberger refresher

The following from: Crossing Point Of Light

"In 1954, the most powerful men in the world met for the first time under the auspices of the Dutch royal crown and the Rockefeller family at the luxurious Hotel Bilderberg in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeck. For an entire weekend, the debated the future of the world. When it was over, they decided to meet once every year to exchange ideas and analyze international affairs. They named themselves the Bilderberg Group. Since then, they have gathered yearly in a luxurious hotel somewhere in the world to try to decide the future of humanity. Among the select members of this club are Bill Clinton, Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Tony Blair and many other heads of government, businessmen, politicians, bankers and journalists from all over the world," writes journalist Daniel Estulin in the opening paragraph of the introduction to his must-read book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.

"Nevertheless, in the more than fifty years of their meetings, the press has never been allowed to attend, no statements have ever been released on the attendees' conclusions, nor has any agenda for a Bilderberg meeting been made public," Estulin notes.

For some 15 years, Estulin has been a thorn in the sides of the Bilderbergers, relentlessly hunting down their secret meeting places, gaining inside sources who divulge what goes on behind closed doors, even photographing attendees and publicly disclosing it all. Now he has put it all in a book that every person who values freedom and democracy should read.

The Bilderbergers are so secretive that they even try to hide, until the last minute, the location of their gathering places. Attendance is by invitation only and if an invitee's name is publicly disclosed beforehand, he or she is disinvited.
Perhaps these three quotes will explain what the secrecy is all about. The Times of London in 1977 called the Bilderbergers "a clique of the richest, economically and politically most powerful and influential men in the Western world, who meet secretly to plan events that later appear just to happen."

Said Bilderberg Group founder Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, "It is difficult to re-educate people who have been brought up on nationalism to the idea of relinquishing part of their sovereignty to a supranational body." (The late prince has been replaced by his daughter, Queen Beatrix, who regularly attends the Bilderberg meetings.)

Former British Defense Minister Denis Healey, put it this way, "World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings."

Every US president since Eisenhower has either belonged to the Bilderberg Group or its older parallel group, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), or been approved by them. As Estulin wrote, the race is no contest when you own both horses. That is why no matter which political party is in power nothing really changes other than the packaging. The puppets who drink at the champagne fountains of the powerful do the bidding of their masters. The people are superfluous to the process.

And it's not just in the US. The Bilderberg Group and its parallel groups, among which are the CFR, the Trilateral Commission (founded by David Rockefeller and Brzezinski), the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) based at Chatham House in London, and their interlocking memberships are at work throughout the Western world and are endeavoring to get their hooks into the rest. The European Union is their baby.

When Bilderberger Margaret Thatcher, the high priestess of privatization, balked on adopting the euro as the UK's currency, the Bilderbergers had her dumped as prime minister and replaced by John Major.

Like the CFR, which in the course of its history has embraced and financed the Bolsheviks, Communists, Socialists, Nazis and fascists, the Bilderbergers also play all sides. Thus, in 1980, the Bilderbergers decided Fran├žois Mitterand was to be resurrected and restored to power as France's next president. After attending the 1999 Bilderberg meeting, Romano Prodi was sworn in as president of Europe in the fall of that year; when his termed ended in 2005, he was elected prime minister of Italy.

Estulin makes it clear that these people will use any means – legal or illegal – in pursuit of their goal of total subjugation to their New World Order or One World Company, as they prefer to call it: wars, coups, assassinations; control of banking, finance, business, the media, education (dumbing down all but an elite needed to run things) and even religion to keep people in check.

He notes that David Rockefeller said in his Memoirs, "Some even believe we are a part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure -- one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it."

Incorporated in this group are the neoconservatives -- "those who have determined that Israel's security should come at the expense of the safety to the United States and be central to all US foreign policy decisions." Richard Perle is a regular attendee at Bilderberg meetings. Michael Ledeen attended the 2005 meeting.

Media moguls such as Rupert Murdock, the now disgraced Conrad Black, Viacom (parent company of CBS) CEO Sumner Redstone, the Washington Post's Katherine Graham (now deceased), Washington Post columnists Jim Hoagland and Charles Krauthammer, New York Times Editor Arthur Sulzberger and columnist Thomas L. Friedman, William F. Buckley, Jr., and Bill Moyers have all been Bilderberg meeting invitees.

"The ideas and policies that come out of the Bilderberg annual meetings are used to generate the news in the leading periodicals and news groups of the world. The point is to make the prevalent opinions of the Bilderbergers so appealing that they become public policy and to pressure world leaders unto submitting to the 'needs of the Masters of the Universe.' The 'free world press' is completely at the mercy of the Bilderbergers disseminating the agreed upon propaganda," Estulin points out.

This is just a smattering of the information Estulin has managed to pack into his well-written 340-page book, complete with photographs, documents and an index.

If all this seems far-fetched, look around. America has been stripped of its industrial base. The good jobs have been or are being offshored, while Americans are working harder and longer at service sector jobs for less pay and fewer to no benefits. Americans have been dumbed down in public and private schools, universities and colleges. Their only worth now is as consumers of mainly foreign made goods. They are kept in check by religion, sports, idiotic "reality" TV, video games and anything else that turns off thinking.

Democracy, freedom and national sovereignty are anathema to the wannabe masters of the universe. But the Bilderbergers and their parallel groups and allied think tanks have been working to do away with all three. Elections have been rigged. The US, Canada and Great Britain are on the verge of becoming police states, The US, Canada and Great Britain are on the verge of becoming police states, thanks to the bogus "war on terror" used to pump up people's fears. All that remains in their grand plan is to replace the last vestiges of sovereign nations with a series of regional unions that they will control via the United Nations, outlawing all nationalism.
But they may have overplayed their hand, as the grand scheme is fraying around the edges. Not all Europeans are ready to surrender their countries' sovereignty to the EU. Canadians who know more about the plan for a North American Union than Americans are diametrically opposed to it. A revitalized Russia, which has a historical wariness of outsiders, has its own ideas. And despite all the Western investment in China, Beijing is proving to be a problem in its refusal to float the yuan to bail out the financial mess the greedy Bilderberger bankers and financiers have made, which may explain the Carlyle Group's sale of 9.9 percent of itself to the Chinese as a hoped for hook to bring China to their table.

As the old adage says, knowledge is power, and Daniel Estulin is providing every reader of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group with the knowledge they need to aid in destroying the Bilderbergers' grand plan by bringing it to the attention of family, friends and colleagues. It is up to us to get this book into as many hands as possible, because Estulin will get no help promoting it from the corporate media.
Collectively, the people hold the power save themselves and that frightens the Bilderbergers and their cohorts the most. But that power is useless if the people refuse to exercise it or surrender it to those who would enslave us.

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The Debt Crisis: Social Security Trust Fund...the account is empty!

About a week or so ago my friend Thom sent me an article concerning the Social Security Trust make a long story short this was about the gist of our on-line messaging:
This is me replying: Ref (from the article):"But hang on. I thought the Social Security checks came out of the famous "Social Security trust fund," whose "trustees" assure us there's currently $2.6 trillion in there. Which should be enough for the Aug. 3 check run, shouldn't it?" 
The right information: There's no money in the Social Security Trust Fund...there hasn't been for a long time...President Johnson took it all out and placed it into the general fund...and we've already spent that...
So while most Americans are ignorant of what their government is doing our friendly neighbors to the north (from Global Research headquartered in Canada) are here to remind us, "How can you loot what has already been looted?"  The account is empty!
Bob Chapman the author of the Global Research paper also states, "We also found it very strange the opposing party members had nothing to say on the issue..."  Really Mr. Chapman, there's nothing strange about it at all, the politicians will never admit to their constituents that they've been ripping them off for years...and the ignorant voters will never admit they made a mistake by voting for the crook. ~ Norman E. Hooben

ps: Meanwhile...the United Nations is watching...but that's another story and also a warning!

The "Solution" to America's Debt Ceiling Crisis: Looting What has Already been Looted...
by Bob Chapman

As we write the US government short-term debt extension is still up in the air. Both sides are not about to give up and lose a political victory. The President still is trying to recover from his ill-timed attempt at extortion. That is if a solution is not found by August 2nd, that he will let US bonds fall into default and terminate government’s Social Security obligations.
Our question is how can you loot what has already been looted?
The account is already empty. We also found it very strange the opposing party members had nothing to say on the issue, but then again it isn’t so surprising. They are all being paid off and controlled by the same group of people. This sort of behavior is fraud, but what does that mean to an illegal alien, who has already broken so many laws that he cannot keep up with the number. If the facts be known the government has plenty of money to keep running uninterrupted. There are those who call the President a scoundrel, but we have better adjectives to describe him.
Essentially, except for current income, to loot Social Security is absurd, because there is nothing to loot. The bonds held in behalf of the Social Security Trust are valueless. They cannot be traded on the open market and must be redeemed by the US government, which is broke. All the President has to do is issue new bonds, sell them to the Fed, and fund SS and Medicare for that matter.
The extension of the short-term debt solves nothing and only throws problems into the future. Like so many things the elitists do, the debt extension is a distraction. The congressional game is being played to keep people’s attention away from the very real economic and financial problems. How can anyone believe that creating more debt will solve the debt problem?
We have to laugh at these geniuses that continue to make economic and financial predictions, which are incorrect more than 90% of the time. Their listeners and subscribers have to be losing many opportunities if not considerable lots of money. Worse yet have been many so-called chartists, waviest and cyclists. You cannot use these props in manipulated markets and worse yet most of these purported forecasters have no experience or professional background to make such decisions. Remember, a fool and his money are soon parted. Furthermore, they do not understand or know the historical perspective of events that have and will take place and why they have and are taking place. Few have the knowledge to understand and those who discovered what makes things happen are reluctant to write about them.
We wonder if Americans and others realize that for 25 years the war on terror has been the excuse to move forward most any agenda. The latest is that is why we need the debt extension. That is totally ludicrous and a visual bit of foolishness some actually believe. There is little talk of making real budget cuts or raising taxes. Almost the entire House is interested in maintaining the status quo. One of the salient points of the whole event points out that Congress is a sad lot. They are happy to receive the benefits of deficit spending without additional taxation. They know very well the way to reducing the budget deficit is to cut military spending. Few propose that because the military and industrial machine has paid these so-called public servants too much money in campaign contributions to say no. Deficit spending is never going to end until the rules are changed or there is revolution. We do not see the House and Senate ending the gravy train anytime soon. 95% of both parties have sold out, so how can anyone expect change. Essentially that means there is little hope America’s problems will be solved by this motley lot.

Bob Chapman is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Bob Chapman

The Border: When they start coming over in uniform driving assault vehicles its time to start shooting!

It has been established that the number of illegals entering the country (via Mexico) is an invasion by any interpretation of the word:    Invasion 
      1: an act of invading; especially: incursion of an army for conquest or plunder
      2: the incoming or spread of something usually hurtful
Certainly they spread something 'usually hurtful' not only to our way of life but the drain placed on the American economy is hurting every legitimate citizen's capital and labor.  And because there are not any meaningful attempts to stop the invasion by ANY of our elected officials the Mexican army has been teasing/testing the border's security just to see what they can get away with.  So they're at it again and whether you think they are teasing us, the ultimate goal is spelled out in the first definition; conquest or plunder...the first group, the number of illegals, certainly have plundered us for some time.  But in any event, the fact that the Mexican army has invaded our border (and I cannot for the life of me believe that it was does not inadvertantly cross over an international bridge...they do it on purpose!) presents yet another dilemma; our safety!  Notwithstanding, article 4, section 4, clause 2 of the Constitution of United States of America clearly states that the states shall be protected against invasion.  Therefor, it stands to reason, the citizens of the state that goes unprotected should take advantage of their 2nd amendment rights to defend thier livelihoods and property against any act of invasion...and if the invader is wearing a uniform of a invading army, carrying weapons, and/or driving an assault vehicle, then I don't think not even a warning shot is justified...shoot to kill...shoot to protect, and if you have to kill, so be it!  (The American Border Patrol officers mentioned in the news blurb below should have fired a warning shot when the Mexican Army was approaching the halfway point over the bridge. How else are we going to show that we are serious about our borders?)
So what is this crap, US Customs and Border Patrol officers processing 33 Mexican soldiers for return to Mexico...there better be some dead ones in there and the rest should be POW's... Further, don't give me this crap about the details remain unclear...Eric Holder and Obama know exactly what is going on! ~ Norman E. Hooben

CBP: Mexican soldiers crossed Valley bridge onto U.S. territory
DONNA — U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers were processing 33 Mexican soldiers late Tuesday afternoon after the troops inadvertently crossed onto the U.S. side of the Donna-Rio Bravo International Bridge.
Details of the incident remain unclear, but CBP spokesman Felix Garza said his agency was processing the soldiers for return to Mexico after they found themselves in U.S. territory with four Mexican Humvees.

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On this day in history...aah, two days ago. ~ Liberals express fear of an imagined conspiracy...

Theocracy and Liberal Paranoia   (from: Intelectual Conservative)
By Thomas E. Brewton, on July 25th, 2006

Liberals express fear of an imagined conspiracy to impose a brutal Christian theocracy upon the nation.

Liberals see themselves as entitled to regulate public discussion, because they have conflated their own religion of socialistic atheism with the supposed objectivity of the physical sciences. This combination of historicism and scientism leads them to the unquestioning certitude that they alone represent political and social truth.
Liberals are offended and feel threatened by all expressions of spiritual religious faith, which they perceive as evidence of a theocratic conspiracy and therefore sufficient grounds for banning Judeo-Christianity from all public discussion.
Opposition by Christians and religious Jews to abortion, fetal stem-cell research, same-sex marriage, and the hedonistic license of sexual promiscuity is equated by liberals with medieval ignorance and abolition of modern science.
Robert Reich, President Clinton’s Labor Secretary, wrote:

The underlying battle will be between modern civilization and anti-modernist fanatics; . . . between those who believe that truth is revealed solely through scripture and religious dogma, and those who rely primarily on science, reason, and logic. Terrorism will disrupt and destroy lives. But terrorism is not the only danger we face.
Randall Balmer, a professor of religious history at Columbia, is sure that Christian conservatism “hankers for the kind of homogeneous theocracy that the Puritans tried to establish in seventeenth-century Massachusetts.” (see Ross Douthat’s essay).
Liberals contend that spiritual religion is fictional ignorance, Karl Marx’s opium of the masses imposed by the rulers to oppress the workers, which must have no role at all in political life. They fail to recognize the uniform lesson of history that societies survive only when they are united by common traditions and common precepts of morality. As Abraham Lincoln noted in 1858, a house divided against itself cannot stand.
Atheistic materialism, unfortunately, is not a unifying set of traditions and morality. It is merely the Darwinian doctrine enunciated by Thomas Huxley that there is no such thing as sin, that human life is merely survival of the fittest, with no meaning beyond self-indulgence. A world dedicated to nothing more than every-man-for-himself, in-your-face “doing your own thing” is inherently Thomas Hobbes’s war of all against all, in which life is nasty, brutish, and short.
Traditionalists merely wish to sustain the ethos that underlay the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution from the 18th century until the 1930s. They may attempt to persuade liberals of the error of their ways, but that is hardly the liberals’ imagined theocracy.
The liberal jihad, in contrast, leaves traditionalists with no choice but to surrender their faith or fight. The jihad seeks to impose atheistic religious doctrine upon all of public education and politics and to scourge all expressions of of Judeo-Christian religious belief that are not confined to the closed quarters of churches, synagogues, or private homes. As under the sharia of Islam, Christians and religious Jews are tolerated, so long as they keep their faith private and pay their taxes to support teaching atheistic materialism in the public schools.
The liberal jihad also has the full backing of the Federal and most state judiciaries and the benefit of unending propaganda from the self-designated mainstream media, including taxpayer-financed NPR and PBS.
Quietly keeping religious faith as a personal matter is not an option for traditionalists. With public education controlled by the doctrines of atheistic materialism, we already have three generations of citizens who have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the gospel of materialistic social-justice. It’s as if the body snatchers of the 1978 movie were replacing the souls of our children with alien, amoral sensuality.
The gray-beards of today’s liberalism were, in the 1960s, the anti-establishment rebels on college campuses who perceived the entirety of existing society -- from New Deal liberals to Republican conservatives -- in C. Wright Mills’s expression, as the power elite. Student anarchists of that era added a guerilla-tactic edge to the normal rebelliousness of youth. Even Tom Hayden’s Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) became too tame for the violent wing, who split off into the Weatherman underground of bank robbers, murderers, and bombers.
From the perspective of those rebels, who are today’s politicians, judges, and educators, even the bland society of the 1950s had to be obliterated, under the impetus of solidarity with the “black colony” in the United States and Vietnamese freedom-fighters in Southeast Asia. That militant spirit remains the subtext in today’s paranoid reaction against any questioning of the gospel of atheistic materialism.
Ross Douthat in his essay on the First Things website concludes:

What all these observers point out, and what the anti-theocrats ignore, is that the religious polarization of American politics runs in both directions. The Republican party has become more religious because the Democrats became self-consciously secular, and the turning point wasn’t the 1992 or the 2000 elections but the putsch of 1972, when secularist delegates -- to quote Phillips, quoting Layman -- suddenly “constituted the largest ‘religious’ bloc among Democratic delegates.” . . . it’s the second half of the story, the Republican reaction against the Democrats’ decision to become the first major party in American history to pander to a sizable bloc of aggressively secular voters . . . So the rise of the Religious Right, and the growing “religion gap” that Phillips describes but fails to understand, aren’t new things in American history but a reaction to a new thing . . . The hysteria over theocracy, in turn, represents an attempt to rewrite the history of the United States to suit these voters’ prejudices, by setting a year zero somewhere around 1970 and casting everything that’s happened since as a battle between progress and atavism, reason and fundamentalism, the Enlightenment and the medieval dark.

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Rush, Levin, Hannity, Beck-they are NOT leaders!

I strongly believe its time for phase II...  What's phase II? on, my friend, read on! ~ NEH

Source: 20 Turns Crisis In Conngress
"They are showmen, not leaders,...  I watched as one of them drew 1 million people to DC then did nothing. One million in DC should have been the beginning of a march on the Capital. This is AMERICA!"

Analysis Paralysis-How Patriots Contribute to Our Demise
Analysis Paralysis is the malady that may just lead to the downfall of our nation. It is a dangerous, unforeseen side effect of our digital information age. We have so many ways to access so much news and so many opinions it is almost a full time job keeping up, and we still miss things. There is too much information available for any one person to acquire it all, let alone digest it.
Why do we need so much info? Look around, we have all the evidence we need to prove this government is corrupt. Why do we need more? What good is it to spend millions of Patriot man hours collecting and dispensing more news, more evidence when we had the truth established long ago? Why has so much evidence been assembled but no serious action taken? After all, isn’t the collection of evidence just Phase 1 of a process that never seems to move to Phase 2?
Did you ever think you would see American citizens tolerate so much corruption? I didn’t. Every one of us that cares about this nation knows what is wrong. So what now? Knowing about it is not enough.
Look around anywhere and you’ll see what I mean. I know people mean well but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The road to our destruction is paved with Patriot groups who merely observe and discuss. Action saves nations, not talk.
Corruption is killing us. Congressmen who serve their deep pocket donors before the People. Unions entrenched In the federal system whose dues then finance the campaigns of a specific party are the epitome of corruption. Which candidate is saying they will end that? Which candidate even mentions the wasteland of corruption that encompasses our entire system from the campaigns, to the elections, to the pensions, perks and benefits, to the union thugs, to the court benches and to the czars, department officials and the cronies in the back rooms with bags of money “donated” for favors?
You know of this, I know of this, why all the talk?
How many political groups do you belong to or know of in social media? I see names of groups that use words like “Action” or “Army”, “Expose” or “Stand” with against or for this or that. I challenge anyone to demonstrate any true accomplishment from any of them. They are all the perfect grass roots vehicles for Phase 1 of saving our nation. They are not effective with moving the knowledge and energies along to Phase 2. The action phase.
I can already hear the retorts from the Tea Party people. Spare me, if you know me at all you must know I have worked with many, still work with many and have left all of our work online for free use by any Tea Party activist who cares to use it. They have their place but what is that place? They excel at drawing strong support in local races, especially Congress where their strength is obvious. That is a good start but only a good start. Anyone who is honest with themselves can see that even after the huge wins of November 2010 very little has been accomplished and our deliberate destruction has not been halted. Mildly crippled in some small ways but far from halted.
Now we are told to ‘just wait until Nov 2012! By golly we’ll show them then!” I’ve heard that for a long time, it’s always just one more magical election, where has that gotten us? It has enabled our opponents to predict our tactics and they have successfully adapted by using that knowledge. The liberal/socialists gain knowledge and they transform it to action, that is how they are bringing us all we sit and complain about. We gain knowledge, share it and go get more. Then we just keep repeating that cycle. We analyze, the analyze some more. We are paralyzed from action because all energies are expended in analysis. Analysis paralysis, it is killing our side. We say enough is enough when we talk about the opposition. We had better grow up, be honest with ourselves and look in the mirror. We had better say, “Enough is enough!” to each other, to ourselves. We have accomplished Phase 1 in a huge dramatic fashion, now it is time to use what we know, to begin Phase 2, the next logical step.
We are AMERICANS! The People of the land where government is by the People, for the People. No longer true is it? It never will be if we do no more than wait on elections while we watch our daily destruction by those who openly defy the Constitution we claim to understand and cherish.
Consider this and ask questions of yourself; Our congress has an 8% approval rating. So, 92% of us have no faith or trust in them. Yet, conservatives keep talking about elections as if the people 92% of us do not trust will be the ones who will save us. We do not approve of them yet we turn right around and rely on them!? We paint them as our best hope when we spend day after day talking about how they fail us? Our best hope is a body of government with an 8% approval rating!? Are we that insane? OUR BEST HOPE IS US!!! Analysis Paralysis. Spending so much time being led with the information we so willingly overdose on that we cannot apply solid critical thinking skills to finding solutions ourselves. We are the People! We are Americans! We do NOT let bad government officials tell US what we can do about them, but we are.
Analysis Paralysis. Where is it rooted, why is it so persistent? Part of that problem is the pundits and talking heads cherished by the right. Rush, Levin, Hannity, Beck-they are NOT leaders! They are educators. They must hold their tongues and watch their ratings and sponsor contracts. They are showmen, not leaders, their ability to act or suggest action is self-limited by commercial concerns and obligations. I watched as one of them drew 1 million people to DC then did nothing. One million in DC should have been the beginning of a march on the Capital. This is AMERICA! It was speeches and prayers and a trip back home while business as usual in DC dismissed them and lumbered on to more destruction. These people entertained because they are entertainers. A march on the Capital would have required a leader and none were present, it was Phase 1 on a grand scale. Phase 2 missed a prime opportunity, again. Broke my heart to see those Americans just wave signs and leave without real action. It was sad to see so many demand nothing.
Those people in DC meant well and they were there because of hope, they hoped they had found a leader. They carried signs. That’s about it.
Who is defeating us? The people who carried signs in the 60’s, that’s who. Think about it. These radicals, encouraged by the communists began their socialist work in the 60’s via protests and an active campaign of Phase 1 in their social groups. They grew up and moved on to become our professors infiltrating our colleges and teaching our youth. They moved into government and labor unions, they calculated useful positions of power then achieved them where their adapted efforts prospered and brought us the damage we are now resisting. How do Patriots respond? They begin doing the same. They hold rallies and carry signs, they start from scratch with the same tactics the opposition outgrew 50 years ago. But that is as far as they go. Phase 1 again, initial work that just keeps being repeated. Trying to destroy the work of an enemy by repeating tactics they devised 5 decades ago is no ticket to success. That is baby steps while our destruction is moving like a Kenyan marathoner.
What are all these social media groups doing? Phase 1, that’s what. I have found they can be a huge stumbling block for uniting people. Join a group and see, either they are just sharing info and complaints or they are trying to gain followers for some pet peeve. I’ve been there, seen it all. Try to tell someone in a group they need to forget addressing symptoms and get after the cancer of our system and they lash out. Try to get them to act and they send you more info. Try to get them to support action and you hear things like, “Well, if you won’t support changing line four of Article 3, Sec 1 of the Constitution you’re an idiot!” Or, they say the wish to unite then say you MUST support a new Amendment, support removal of the 16th, the 17th, the 14th or educate the public on the 10th. They are so involved in their little corner of the fight they cannot see they are battling symptoms while the cancer spreads. They aren’t trying to unite, they are trying to gain followers to attack their pet peeves. Meanwhile, we are still sitting by while our opposition has free rein to deliberately destroy us. They act, we share info and report on how they act. Analysis Paralysis. Energy is being wasted by refusing to recognize when Phase 1 is complete and Phase 2 should begin. If a snake comes through your door and crawls up your leg with it’s rattles going do you sit and argue about what kind of snake it is or do you find the fastest way to cut it’s head off? Analyzing for too long is self-destructive any time it happens.
I will not join or support groups of people who claim to be awake but then willingly submit to the very tyranny they decry daily. Waiting for some distant election for our salvation is just an excuse to do nothing today. Period. Waiting for an election when they are all now corrupt and no one is doing anything about it is pure foolishness. You are acting or you are submitting, there is no other truth.
We had better act and it better be bold and decisive, just like the people of history who have our respect. Others in our past did not fight, risk, die or act just so we would not have to, that notion is absurd. They did what they did so when our time came we would have something worthy of our action. They passed us a torch and we sit and stare into the pretty flame as it sputters.
I am challenging patriots. Do more, rise to the effort and think outside the box. The 20 Turns Project will NOT focus on some future election we know will be corrupt. We are going after the corruption NOW! Phase 1 was good, we are starting Phase 2 alone if we must but we are going. Words without action are nothing and waiting for an election, calling a typical campaign season action is either submitting or making excuses. We MUST do better, we MUST do more. It is Our Time, Our Duty and the nation we so proudly cherish needs us more than ever. Talk is cheap but in the beginning it is necessary, that is educational. We must continue to educate but that cannot be our focus. Action must begin, it is time for Phase 2. Find your leaders locally or become one. Do not tell me “We work and can’t spare the time.” I see the golf courses, restaurants and theaters, that time is available. There are weekends, holidays, you can do it if you choose. If you can make time for a wedding, a funeral or a party, you can make time to act for your nation. I guess ir just comes down to your personal priorities. I know mine. I KNOW where the 20 Turns Project is heading and I will sacrifice to get it there.
How about you, your friends, your family and your groups? Where are YOU headed? One more lap around Phase 1 or are YOU ready to enact Phase 2 and finally change our direction? The choice is yours.
If you do not have ideas please watch our site. See how we are using the S.S. Pitchfork to begin Phase 2. Develop your own action or support those who do. If enough is really enough-ACT! Our legacy cannot be that of people who talked when our nation was taken from within.

Bonus Video...

TEA Party Exposes The NAACP For What They Are (they ARE the racists!): "We are sick and tired of the NAACP's language of the gutter."

I'm not white, I'm not black, I'm not upper class, I'm not lower class, I'm not middle class, I'm not French, I'm not Irish, I'm not Asian, I'm not European, I'm not Hispanic, My children are not half Hispanic...They are and I am what I am, An American! And I'm not hyphenated!Norman E. Hooben

Bonus Video...don't take it too seriously, I just thought it was funny!

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Hypocrite Judge Has To Go...Texas Court orders Clerk to remove Pledge and Prayer; Clerk says Hell No!

Sound only:

Skip ahead to approximate 16 minutes into this video ...quote, "You're lying!" she tells the judge.

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The Budget Crisis: Will History Repeat Itself?

The Obama Backlash...still reads the same (or worse!)

The following picture was displayed here back in October of 2009...not a whole lot has changed. (See original story here: The Obama Backlash ...)

 October 2009: "Unemployment, running nationally at 8.1 percent, is in double digits among blacks."

 Current unemployment (from the The Bureau Of Labor Statistics)

Nonfarm payroll employment was essentially unchanged in June (+18,000), and the
unemployment rate was little changed at 9.2 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics reported today. Employment in most major private-sector industries
changed little over the month. Government employment continued to trend down.
Household Survey Data
The number of unemployed persons (14.1 million) and the unemployment rate (9.2
percent) were essentially unchanged over the month. Since March, the number of
unemployed persons has increased by 545,000, and the unemployment rate has
risen by 0.4 percentage point. The labor force, at 153.4 million, changed
little over the month. (See table A-1.)
Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (9.1 percent),
adult women (8.0 percent), teenagers (24.5 percent), whites (8.1 percent), blacks
(16.2 percent)
and Hispanics (11.6 percent) showed little or no change in June.
The jobless rate for Asians was 6.8 percent, not seasonally adjusted. (See tables
A-1, A-2, and A-3.) ... Continues here:

Blog Of The Day ~ We are a nation deeply divided...

Blog Of The Day

The Pitchfork Papers
The Pitchfork PapersWe are Americans!

We the People of the United States love our nation and share great pride in our history. We seek to preserve our founding principles of protected Rights and Liberties while restoring the greatness of our battle-scarred ship of state.
We are no longer one people. We are a nation deeply divided as we approach our future with fear, uncertainty and confusion reign because we lack the quality leadership required for a stable course. Elected leaders entrusted to the rule of our nation are a world apart from us as the fabric of our nation is torn. To them we are black, brown, white, gay, Hispanic, Christian, Jewish, Democrat, Conservative, Republican, straight, liberal, or any other label they can affix as they struggle to lump us into groups they can manipulate for their own benefit. While each of these categories will describe many of us individually, they do not define us in the true division that has now settled upon our nation as we face this very dangerous struggle for our future.
We are divided but not how they would like us to be. Americans of today are divided as two determined opponents. There are now only those who wish to halt our demise, save our nation and restore our Constitutional Republic; and those who deliberately engineer our decline into something they can rule without our consent. We have gay men of color who proudly wave flags and we have white Christian women who burn them. We are divided but not as our leaders prefer.
We now have two American melting pots. One produces the raw material we can forge into a stronger, restored America with a brighter future for our children. The other contrives to melt us down to a chain of many weak links to be broken and bent against our will at the whim and fancy of those who covet power. There is no middle ground, no compromise to bridge this division and there is no Patriot who can honestly reconcile with those who seek to destroy us. We are divided and someone will win. Someone else will lose, but one of these two ideologies will certainly prevail to steer our future. Let it be the Patriots. Let it be those who stand proudly with the honor of those who have sacrificed to secure this great nation for us.
Patriots of America must prevail, but can only do so by removing the corrupt cancer of our opposition from positions of power they have so deftly achieved, and hold with a vise like grip. Our homeland is now locked into a vicious downward spiral as the deliberate seeds of destruction spread throughout our system. We find ourselves here because those who despise the success and freedoms of our Republic have worked diligently to obtain the power needed to dismantle it.
You cannot look upon these people as anything other than enemies of our nation. You cannot look upon these enemies to know them as they are of every color, creed and major political party. You will know them by their deeds, not their appearance or words but by the actual fruit of their labors. Know them by their loyalty to our Constitution or their efforts to pervert or ignore it. Our enemies and our Patriots are thus easy to define. The cancer of corruption has spread to infest every corner of our federal government as our enemies manipulate ours laws and our system of courts and legislation as needed to accomplish their goals. They now have the officials they need right where they can do the most harm.
We are Americans. We do not accept this. We have said, “Enough is Enough!”
Our enemies ignore us and our so-called leaders wander aimlessly, battered by a dizzying flurry of daily issues meant to prevent the focused purpose of Patriotic opposition. The cancer that is now killing our beloved America is the corruption of our enemies in places of power and those who fund and support them. The mind boggling blizzard of orders, regulations, waste, fraud, power grabs, and usurpations of our Constitution are the mere symptoms of this cancer.
We will not win our America for the future with a strategy of helter-skelter battles against these symptoms. We must first begin now to remove the source. The cancer of corruption must be removed so we may halt the increase of the symptoms and rebuild the damaged body of our federal system. “We the People”, the Patriot citizens of these United States, are willingly burdened with the duty to rise up and demand the resurrection of our Constitutional Republic. Enough truly is enough and now is the time to cradle our precious nation within the strong hearts of those who will refuse to become subjects.
Our nation needs us today more than ever, and we need the return of our birthright in the form of our Constitution and its protection of our Rights and Freedoms. Know our enemies when they react to oppose us. We have the law and history with us. They have their contempt for us, our looming demise, and a lust for power to drive them. We will overcome this danger now or lose our nation for all time. We must act boldly with dignity and determination or wander forward to a day of reckoning which can only result in violence (which must be avoided).
Our protests and pleas for redress have been ridiculed by our enemies and too frequently ignored by the very officials we work to elect to represent and govern. We are no longer pleading. We are demanding an end to the corruption in our federal government and the voting process that elects them. We are now preparing for an epic election battle knowing these elections are filled with fraud, and it is not prosecuted adequately or addressed by Congress. We demand the action to prevent and permanently eliminate this fraud and corruption begin immediately so the coming election can proceed with renewed integrity.
Our current elections must proceed as the Constitution prescribes, but we refuse to submit to one more day of blatant daily corruption while we wait many long months for the possible election of honest new leaders and the removal of too few bad ones. When we said, “Don’t tread On Me”, we meant it. Now we must act on our resolve.
Outrage without action is merely submission with regrets.
We are Americans, the people of the land that showed the world’s tyrants can be overcome by determined citizens who refuse to submit. We must begin now and meet the challenges as they are presented. If opposition from our corrupted leaders becomes so strong we cannot function, we must be prepared to shut this nation down, remove them by forced resignations, and reboot. We have that right and now we face that duty.
They will determine our options when they show us their response. They work for us; it is past time to remind them of this and just what that means. Every journey begins with a step and our march to restore must begin with the removal of our most corrupt enemies in government. We must begin with our most flagrant violators and those who have used their positions to defy the laws and or cause us the greatest harm. We begin with these steps to demonstrate to all others that we know our Rights and are more than willing to clean up our government since they will not.
Let us begin with the following: “Patriot Anti-Corruption Demands.” This list is in no particular order because each of these points is equally non-negotiable. Numbers are included only for reference.
1. We demand that our elected leaders in Congress support and act upon our demands by appointing a legitimate Special Prosecutor with integrity to investigate the myriad of complaints and possible criminal acts that litter the history, hidden records, and the potentially falsified documents surrounding President Obama. Guilt or innocence must be established to reduce the strain and division among the American people.
2. We demand the immediate removal of all Czars and their respective staff members from any position of power or influence within our federal system. We further demand a complete investigation and report regarding the taxpayer financed activities and efforts and accomplishments of each. This shall be followed by a permanent ban on the creation of these non-cabinet positions by all future Presidents of any political party. The American People refuse to accept the corrupt act of developing shadow positions in our top levels of government who operate in secrecy and report only to the President.
3. It is the Constitutional duty of our Congress to exercise balance of power authority by establishing or removing all inferior federal courts. Attempts to subvert the will of the people and the Constitution are a serious form of corruption that “We the People” will no longer tolerate. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals represents an extreme demonstration of this corruption, evidenced by the fact that they have an inordinate percentage of cases overturned upon review by the Supreme Court. Whether out of ineptitude, or the more obvious; deliberate intent. This Court is detrimental to the general integrity of our federal court system. We demand that Congress fulfill the duty of their sworn oath of office and disband and replace this federal court with qualified Justices who will honor their true Constitutional obligations.
4. We demand the immediate firing and removal of Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano. She has failed to protect the Southern border while at the same time developing and implementing oppressive intrusions against law-abiding citizens such as the invasive TSA searches. Under her guidance Homeland Security has battled states that seek to implement their own security or defend the Constitutional rights of their respective citizens. Director Napolitano repeatedly fails to adequately characterize and address the true threat from Islamic extremists and focuses more energy on oppression and investigation of Patriotic groups and citizens. Her attention is not on the best interests of our nation but consumed in furthering the agenda of enemies of our Constitutional Republic. She is corrupt in her agenda and derelict in her duty as Homeland Security Director and constitutes a clear and present danger to our Rights and Freedoms. She must be forced to resign immediately.
5. Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States is the chief law enforcement officer for our nation. He has failed the American People and corrupted the integrity of our Department of Justice with an endless series of very deliberate moves. He has conducted aggressive prosecution against Patriots while refusing to prosecute criminals of various kinds, including some who have committed egregious acts of disrupting our polling places during federal elections. Under his guidance the DOJ has committed treasonous acts and has greatly destabilized our Justice system as he concentrates his efforts on achieving the goals of those who seek our destruction. Mr. Holder must be forced to resign immediately and be subjected to a very thorough investigation by reliable authorities. The crimes he has perpetrated while in office must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
6. Rep. Charlie Rangel is a prime example of corruption in our Congress. As Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee (overseeing our tax laws) he brazenly committed criminal income tax evasion – yet the other members of our Congress allowed him to remain in the House with no more than a censure, a letter of reprimand. Private Citizens are routinely imprisoned for the same acts. This is a precise example which validates the legitimacy of claims that Congress holds themselves above and separate from the laws and prosecution they so willingly enact against rank and file citizens. Rep. Rangel committed federal crimes yet serves to this day in our Capital and our Congress has severely failed the American People by allowing him to walk away from the prosecution and prison sentence any other citizen would receive. Mr. Rangel must be forced to resign immediately to demonstrate to all members of Congress that corrupt and illegal activities perpetrated by our elected officials are completely unacceptable to the American People.
7. Nancy Pelosi, while serving as Speaker of the House of Congress repeatedly misappropriated federal tax payer monies and military equipment as she converted such to private use by herself and her family far beyond the extent allowed by her position. Ms. Pelosi has demonstrated contempt for our Constitutional rule and she openly demanded free or absurdly discounted use of military jets and support staff for personal use. The American public recognizes this, and the failure to investigate these and other violations, as evidence of the corrupt acts that all members of Congress willingly accept on a daily basis.
These open acts of corruption demonstrated by former Speaker Pelosi while in a position of the greatest authority in our congress cannot be tolerated. We demand the immediate resignation of Nancy Pelosi from our House of Representatives. We also now state that our entire Congress has severely outraged the American People by their willingness to look the other way while she was committing these acts. This pattern of habitual abuse and corruption and the acceptance of it by other members of Congress must end now.
8. There must be a complete criminal investigation into the development of the mortgage crisis that crippled our nation’s economy and damaged markets across the globe. The members of Congress that initiated the policies that led us to this crisis must be forced to resign and prosecuted for any and all crimes and acts of corruption which are found to have been committed. This investigation must include the people who managed the federally funded mortgage institutions.
Our national economy and federal programs are not to be subverted by those seeking results to further their personal gains while disregarding the best interests of the United States and our citizens as a whole.
9. The United Nations is a corrupt organization that receives huge amounts of federal tax payer funding while our enemies use that money to defy us and aggressively orchestrate against our best interests. Member nations routinely work openly in support of our enemy nations and clearly demonstrate contempt and hatred for us while we provide the majority of their operating capital. The United States must extricate itself from this corrupt international organization and the U. N. headquarters must be seized, and all personnel must be instructed to leave the United States. All funding promised to, but not yet provided to them must be halted. Let them set up shop elsewhere.
10. The Congress of the United States has been corrupted by the act of members rewarding themselves with inequitable benefits, perks, and retirement packages. These corrupt acts have turned our Congress into lifelong career positions. Members of Congress are supposed to serve then return to private sector business to live with the results of their actions as was designed by the founding fathers. This guaranteed us a representative government “by the people, for the people.” They have stolen our representative government from us by voting to give themselves career packages so they can acquire great wealth while ignoring us. The pensions and benefits for all members of Congress must end as of January 1, 2012 and their pay shall be the only form of compensation they receive as stated in the US Constitution. We will not support, donate, or vote for a candidate of any office who will not actively work to help correct this injustice. Term limits shall be pursued but we must immediately end the rewards for those who desire to make Congress a career position.
11. The needs and best interests of our children must be addressed and protected for their own personal benefit and the future success of America as a competitive force in the world markets and power circles. The US Department of Education has managed the instruction of our children’s education for far too long as we have watched our test scores fall as compared to those in many other nations.
Our education system has been corrupted for use as an institution to promote the ideologies of those who hold contempt for our Constitutional freedoms, rights and preservation. It is now very heavily biased toward the political agenda that is damaging every other aspect of our national cornerstones. The best interests of our children’s education are more effectively served by local control involving parental input for final decisions. Our school system has deteriorated into a bloated, wasteful behemoth that is failing our children horribly. The Department of Education must be permanently abolished and control over education must be returned to our state and local governments. The acts required to accomplish this must begin immediately.
We understand that this list does not contain solutions for every ill that is now sweeping our nation. The totality can never be addressed effectively all at once and all of our problems are management problems. We should not be in the dire situation we now see and there was no cause for it that could not have been avoided. We are here today, experiencing our nation’s decline because of countless acts of corruption and self serving ploys by those elected to serve as stewards of our fortunes and future.
The people that we remove in this War on Corruption must never be allowed to move to other government positions or work elsewhere in our system. We said we would now hold them accountable and we mean it. They have ignored our protests and furthered their corrupt agendas and we will now completely remove them from the process along with their web like networks.
We will meet strong resistance – that is to be expected. The enemies of our nation have worked for many decades to get in position to destroy us and they resent opposition forming as they see themselves so close to their final goals. We have no choice. There is no more un-American act than for a Patriot who sees corruption and the destruction of our nation and fails to rise against it.
The first defense strategy of our corrupt opponents will be to encourage us to do nothing while we wait and tolerate their presence until November of 2012. That is simply an election; it is not a battle to end corruption immediately. Congress has an 8% approval rating because we know they will not do what we have demanded. We cannot blindly allow our state of demise to continue in hopes of a future Congress doing all that is required to save and restore our great nation. That is a failed paradigm to be avoided from this point forward.
Throughout the recorded history of mankind no elected body of leaders has ever saved a nation in decline. Not once.
The historical record of the rise and fall of great nations is littered with stories of how they lost them. Our government will not fix itself. That simply does not happen. This is our job.
This Patriot War on Corruption must reach into both major parties and their candidates for Congress and the Presidency. To that end, from the S.S. Pitchfork, we will submit a series of questions to each Presidential candidate, by name, and we will request written replies. Their replies will be published and those who refuse to reply, or join those who oppose us, will be exposed and denied our support.
We will never again allow the election of those who ignore our demands and protests or refuse to reply to organized citizens. We said Enough is Enough..
We need every available American Patriot to support these simple and fair demands. It is now time for all sworn Patriots to join us in a well defined pathway to success.
I know what this means and the opposition will be fierce, sometimes brutal. I am prepared for that and willingly proceed. Destroy me as they may, but they cannot make me fear them. Our government is supposed to fear citizens, but this they have reversed. So be it, this job must be done. They cannot act against each of us, we are too many.
More information and continued updates on this effort will be available at and and many radio stations and news sites across the country. We have the support of many Patriots in many forms of media. Will we have yours? Will you now act to save your nation as all true Patriots must? Join with us. Our nation needs us now.