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Ban Sharia Law: Why did it ever get to that point? ~ Just how much influence do Muslims have?

by Norman E. Hooben
About a week ago while chatting with a friend about an article I wrote that ended with the words, “The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming.  The friend interrupted with, “Not in our lifetime.”  After a short exchange of words I knew instantly that he was not up to date with current events.  Although I’m not sure where he gets his news (hints of the MSM abound!) and his lack of knowledge about the Quran was too obvious.  And I don’t want to get into a discussion about that heinous book of Islam, for all of us who keep up to date know that Muslims justify their hate for western culture and all religions not to their liking by placing all of their faith in a book written by a liar, a forger and plagiarizer, a sorcerer, and a magician, a soothsayer and poet, and last but not least, a madman perhaps as a result of being possessed by demons.  Simply put…and it is so written, they want to kill us in the name of Allah.  Definitely not the religion of peace!  If fellow blogger Bernie were present he would probably say this to my friend, “Deny all that your eyes see, deny all that your ears hear, deny the stench of Islam all you want.  Facts contradict your precious denials.
Now if I may refer back to the line above, “The Muslims are coming. The Muslims are coming.”  They are in fact, here…not totally in control yet, but here!  Notice I said, “not totally in control” for they are indeed partially in control…just who do you think put that Muslim in the White House! (And again, I don’t want to get into whether or not he’s a Muslim; as Bernie would say, “Facts contradict your precious denials.” Wake up and stop putting all your faith into the MSM!).
Now comes an article out of St. Louis, Missouri this past Wednesday titled, “Former terrorist urges legislators to ban Sharia law in courts  Just how much influence do Muslims have that we have to fight our own legislators to prevent laws foreign to our American customs and legal system from entering and especially, interfering with, our lives. 
Before going on to post the above article maybe we should go back a read an earlier commentary regarding one of the most accurate predictions ever assembled in so-called, “fictional account” Are We Facing ‘The West’s Last Chance’? by Janet Levy over at the American Thinker website:

In the first chapter of The West's Last Chance (2005), Washington Times Editor Tony Blankley presents a fictional account of a neck-and-neck political race in 2007 America.  Entitled "The Nightmare Scenario," the chapter portrays a presidential candidate, facing polls that indicate an even race and rationalizing to seize an opportunity and secure his dreams for high office.  In the heat of a political rally with a Muslim American audience clamoring for shariah law, he capitulates to their demands.
In 2005, when the book was published, U.S. political pandering to American Muslims was already an established reality.  Since 9/11 and continuing today, our government bends over backward to avoid even a hint of negativity toward the purveyors of Islamic doctrine whose very mission is to destroy us.  Pandering to Islam has reached epidemic proportions and threatens our very existence as a free society. 

This dangerous trend began immediately after 9/11 when President George W. Bush reached out to Muslims, repeating the hollow-sounding mantra that Islam is a religion of peace.  This occurred despite prima facie and doctrinal evidence to the contrary.  Given that Muslims following the revered Koranic path of jihad had perpetrated (and continue now) the vast majority of worldwide terrorist attacks, the president's message was incongruous with reality.  Of course, the silence was deafening from the Allah hu-Akbar ("Allah is Great") corner, which instead focused on fears of burgeoning Islamophobia rather than shared anguish over the loss of life and destruction or condemnation of the hijackers' martyrdom operation.  Story continues here
Former terrorist urges legislators to ban Sharia law in courts

JEFFERSON CITY - A former terrorist, Kalam Saleem, phoned in to a House committee today, urging legislators to ban Sharia law in state courts.
Saleem was formerly associated with the Palestinian Liberation Organization and later with Saddam Hussein, according to the biography he offered by phone to members of the House Judiciary Committee.
During the call, he offered support for a bill sponsored by Rep. Don Wells, R-Cabool, which proposes changing the state constitution to block courts from making decisions based on foreign laws - specifically Sharia law, the religious code of Islam.
Saleem, who now practices Christianity, said that Sharia law should not be allowed in state courts because it is restrictive and oppressive, and that it discriminates against women and homosexuals.
Wells took a similar stance, if a less subtle one: That Islamic law is a dangerous influence on secular judicial proceedings.
"This is to protect the people of America," Wells said of his bill.
He went on to compare Sharia law to a disease, like polio. Rep. Jason Kander, D-Kansas City, stopped him to confirm.
"Sharia law is like polio?" Kander asked.
"Absolutely, as far as I'm concerned in this country," Wells responded.
Kander, who spent time in Afghanistan gathering intelligence for the military, said he found that "offensive."
Wells' bill is one of two measures currently under consideration by the Judiciary Committee that would ban foreign laws in Missouri courts.
Another bill, sponsored by Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific, does not address Sharia law by name, but would similarly prohibit courts from citing foreign laws in decisions.
Both Curtman and Wells classified their bills as preventative, and did not offer examples of any courts using Sharia or other foreign laws.
The move to ban foreign laws, Sharia or otherwise, has been controversial since it received unambiguous backing from House Speaker Steve Tilley, R-Perryville, earlier this month.
"We believe that the laws of this country should trump any other laws regarding the citizens of our country within our borders," Tilley said in a statement at the time.
That support from the top legislator in the House could propel the legislation forward, but the two bills would not move through committee to the full House until after legislative spring break at the earliest.

Suggested reading: Universal Periodic Review: High Treason ~ If this is not an attempt to downplay the threat openly declared by Muslims then you better get ready to trade in your Christian crucifix or your Jewish Menorah for some form of Islamic idol sitting under a crescent moon.  The Muslims are coming!  The Muslims are coming! ...and the gate is held open by the Muslim in the White House.

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IDF Intercepts Large Stash Of Weapons From Iran...Where's the MSM?

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I do not believe that you will see this on the media.
The IDF (Israeli Defense Force or Israeli Army) has produced a video on U-Tube explaining what's going on, but U-Tube wants to remove it by using the excuse, not enough people are logging in.*
Please forward this email, so many people will log in and the IDF will be able to have its voice heard.
*Disclaimer from Storm'n Norm'n ~ I could not find any reference to the referenced statement.
The following from YouTube

Rear Admiral Rani Ben Yehuda, the Deputy Commander of the Israeli Navy, discusses how the Israeli Navy was able to successfully board the "Victoria" cargo ship without incident, which was found to contain weaponry smuggled from Iran and Syria, eventually destined for the Gaza Strip.

He mentions that the Navy has had experience intercepting weapons intended for terrorist organizations who will use them against the Israeli population, thus there are significant security reasons for the inspection of all cargo heading towards Gaza.

For more information on the "Victoria" ship:
For footage of the IDF boarding the Victoria:
For more photos of weaponry and an Iranian document found on the ship:

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Anatomy of a slaughter

Source: Sultan Knish

An Open Letter to Harvey Weinstein

On the same day that a family of five were being murdered in their home in Israel, Harvey Weinstein ran a self-congratulatory promotional piece for his company's terrorist propaganda flick, Miral. The photos stand out. The fat smirking face of Harvey Weinstein contrasted with the sleeping baby, the smiling little boys and the earnest couple who were their parents. They are all dead, and a Harvey Weinstein lives on to smirk another day. So it is with perpetrators and victims. The innocent children and the fat ugly men who profit from trafficking in the narrative of their killers.
Harvey Weinstein denounces Peter King and urges him to go watch Miral. But perhaps it is Harvey Weinstein who should drive to a small town lost in the Samarian Mountains and retrace the steps of the murderers in the name of the nationalistic mythology that movies like Miral glamorize. To fit himself through the living room window where the two terrorists entered, moving quietly in the dark, not seeing the six year old boy sleeping peacefully on the couch. That six year old boy who survived because like so many other little boys during the Holocaust, the men who were coming to murder him went right past him without seeing him. The six year old boy who was being orphaned around the same time that Harvey Weinstein and his PR people were conferring on a final draft for their Miral puff piece.
Come along Harvey, into the bedroom where a father and his three month old daughter, Hadas, were fast asleep. It can be hard to get a 3 month old baby to fall asleep. Her father must had quite a time of it that night. Babies may not have language, but they do have fears. They are afraid of the strange new world they were born into. And they need parents to comfort them and assure them that everything will be alright. That they are loved and protected. When Rabbi Fogel finally got his little baby daughter to sleep, she must have felt safe with her father there. The man who would have taught her about life. Who would have done his best to protect her. And the man whose throat was slashed in his sleep along with his child's.
Tell me Harvey, do you know what goes through a three month old baby's mind when her throat is being slashed? You can't make a movie about it and you wouldn't it if you could. Movies are complex stories. The characters change and grow. They become someone else. A three month old baby having her throat cut will never become anyone else. She is fixed in that moment of horror and pain. Dying without knowing why. Only that her parents couldn't protect her. If you were going to make a movie about this scene, it would be about the killers. You would show their past and explain their actions. Surely an Israeli soldier stepped on their toe once or blew up their house. Stretch it out over two hours and you can justify anything. Even the knife being drawn across Hadas' throat. That is the magic of cinema. But to three month old Hadas, there is no context. The movie of her life ended the night you were hard at work promoting yours.
The mother had been in the bathroom while the bloody work took place. A small moment of peace while her children slept. She didn't let them cut her throat, the way they had that of her husband and her baby daughter. Instead she fought them. They had to stab her to death. If you ever make a movie about these particular terrorists, be sure to emphasize how hard it is to stab a mother to death. She will fight for her children. And the terrorists will have to work to kill her. You should swoop the camera down sympathetically on their sweating faces as they do the hard work of murdering her.
From there they went on to murder 11 year old Yoav who was reading in bed. Next was 3 year old Elad. Why stab a 3 year old boy twice in the heart? That is the question, Harvey. I understand once. Once is certainly enough to kill any 3 year old. But twice? Maybe it was that each killer wanted a turn and a share of the glory of murdering a toddler. They had already murdered three children and their parents, but the laws of Islam can be arcane sometimes. Is it possible then that the Shaheed (the martyr) will not enter paradise unless he murders a 3 year old too. Maybe there are more virgins waiting in paradise for each child killed. Murder a child and trade his body in for more virgins. Or maybe it is that the brave Jihadists who climb through living room windows and cut the throats of children in their sleep wanted to feel the violence of that blow. The thrill of the knife slamming home into a child's heart. Or maybe it is that Elad's heart was strong enough that even two adult Muslim terrorists had to stab twice to kill him.

I would like to think so.

Your article promoting Miral urges that 'understanding the "other" requires us to step out of our comfort zones'. Step now out of your comfort zone. And understand the other. I don't mean the murderers themselves. I think you understand them a little too well. If you didn't understand them at all, Miral would be lying on a back shelf somewhere. I urge you to understand your own 'Other', not those who kill in the name of Islamic terrorism, but those who die of it. Who die and yet refuse to give in. Who cling to their tiny patch of land, more than you would ever cling to your Connecticut estate. See the 'Other' in murdered family beneath your regard.
Family members have released photos of their children lying in their blood, but I don't think you will want to see them. They are too far outside your comfort zone. There is plenty of blood and gore in your movies, but this is different. These are the bodies of inconvenient children. Their deaths don't fit into your ideological framework. You know quite well that Muslims are good people, and Jews who live on land claimed by the Muslims, are bad people. If they are murdered it is inconvenient because it retards the peace process. The process by which terrorists climb through living room windows and slash the throats of children. Until whole families are at peace.
The Fogel family is at peace now, for the most part. They have found the only form of peace that the terrorist gangs have ever delivered, in return for land, money, weapons and international legitimacy. Not the entire family of course. Three children survived. Three settlers. Three obstacles to peace.

he oldest daughter returns home to find the door locked. She goes to her neighbor's house for help. Her neighbor, Rabbi Cohen returns with her carrying a gun. Have you known many Rabbis who carry guns, Harvey? You probably haven't. But in the Samarian mountains, Rabbis and farmers and everyone else carries guns. Because sometimes men with knives come through your living room windows. If you're lucky, then you will see them coming and you will shoot them. However if you aren't lucky, then your neighbor will have to open the door for your twelve year old daughter. And then she will scream, as twelve year old girls do when they see entire family butchered. You have probably auditioned plenty of girls and listened to them give their best Fay Wray scream. But this is a different thing, Harvey. It is real. You will not hear this at an audition anywhere. It is the sound a twelve year old girl makes when the PLO fighters that movies like Miral glamorize have murdered her entire family.

Wait here while she goes to get her neighbor. She doesn't know that anything is wrong yet, but she is about to find out. And meanwhile you can stay and observe. Listen to her pounding heart, to her thoughts as she reassures herself that everything is alright. That her parents had a sudden invitation to an engagement and left in a hurry without leaving a message. The sort of things we tell ourselves when we know something terrible has happened. It is a pleasant night. While we stand here, the terrorists are slipping away to a nearby Arab village. From there it will become very difficult to track them. While that twelve year old girl stands waiting for Rabbi Cohen to get his gun, they are whooping on a dark road somewhere. Their mission was a success. A mission for which they have been training all their lives. Not this specific night of butchery, but the idea of it.
When the Peace Process allowed Arafat to take over the educational system of Gaza and the West Bank, the schools there have focused on one subject. Martyrdom. In this country, that is a fancy word for killing Jews. The Nazis called it, 'Die Endlosung". But the Muslims call it "Martyrdom" because they are not as good at it. When you fight war after war, and lose hundreds of tanks trying to drive the Jews into the sea, then you must resort to climbing through living room windows and hoping that no one hears you slashing a baby's throat in the dark. And if they do, they might come and kill you. And then you will be a martyr, climbing to paradise on a ladder of murdered children.
I don't mean you, Harvey, of course. You are not the man who climbs through windows and slashes throats. You are the man who is marketing a movie about terrorists. Not the bad kind of terrorists who murder children in their sleep. It would be hard to empathize with that. No, your terrorists are the good kind of terrorists. Hurt and misunderstood. Forced into it by their circumstances. The balance of suffering always on their side. Even when they kill, they are still the victims. While you were hard at work pitching Miral, the real terrorists were hard at working murdering a family. That is the difference between entertainment and reality. It is the difference between what you do and what they do. It is not so different. You trade in lies. They trade in murder.
What shall we do while we stand here waiting for that girl to get her neighbor and his gun. You are a Hollywood magnate, so why don't we watch some television. Not any of your stuff, but try some of the local programming. Maybe something will catch your eye that you can develop. How about this show from Palestinian Authority television, "The Prophet says: 'You shall fight the Jews and kill them, until the tree and the stone will speak and say... 'Oh Muslim, Oh servant of Allah - there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'" It is exciting stuff, isn't it. The killers certainly thought so, and while no rocks or trees spoke to them, the television programming paid for by American money did.
These are not the words of some mad lunatic, or a tiny extremist minority, but of the Sahih Bukhari, the second holiest book of Islam. You denounced Congressman King for making inflammatory statements about Islam, but what of the inflammatory statements of the Sahih Bukhari? Denouncing a Republican congressman is easy, but Islamic holy books aren't safe to tweak. Just ask Salman Rushdie or Molly Norris, if you can find either of them. Or ask Theo Van Gogh, if you can use a Ouija board. But you're getting bored. I know. These are technical things. And all the Muslims you know are very good people. So what if their belief calls for the genocide of the Jewish people. You still have fun hanging out with them at parties. And the only people who think there is anything wrong with Islam are crazy right-wingers who are just like McCarthy, and a child whose throat is being cut by a Muslim with a knife who thinks that dead Jewish children are his ticket to heaven.
In poor starving Gaza, candies and sweets are being handed out to celebrate the courageous murder of a baby. A baby who will never grow up even enough to taste a candy. Cries of "Allah Akhbar" fill the air. But who is this Muslim deity greater than, a 3 month old baby whom his followers had to murder in the dark. What a mighty deity this Allah's worshipers must think he is, that he cannot even murder babies himself, but must rely on his cowardly followers to sneak into their homes and cut their throats. Jackals serving a jackal headed god. The old Anubis with his black grin. The joke as always on his followers, trying to bargain for their afterlife, with death clutched in their hands. 
Out here in the night, the iron smell of blood in the air, in front of a house smaller than your office bathroom-- this isn't your kind of place. I know. But it is real. That 12 year old girl screaming, she's real too. The two and a half year old screaming for his father, his clothes drenched in blood. He is very real too. There is no makeup here. No sets. No one will yell cut. The movie will never end. It has never ended for thousands of years. While you settled into a lavish life at your Westport estate, they go on living and dying here. No matter what the diplomats decide, or the UN proclaims or the EU demands or the US pressures, no matter how many movies you release, they will go on dying. That is the ugly and unbearable truth here.
While they die, you have scored a coup. Your propaganda flick, Miral, will be the first movie screened in the UN General Assembly's main hall. No word on whether it will be part of a double feature with Der Ewige Jude. And if the scene feels a little too much like the conclusion of your own studio's Inglourious Basterds, with all the elite lining up to attend the showing of an anti-semitic propaganda flick, then that's just irony. An irony you are unaware of, because surely you have nothing in common with the toadish little men who catered to the bigoted appetites of the Third Reich. Nor does a UN which in the midst of civil war in Libya and a nuclear meltdown in Japan finds it more important to stage a showing of a movie whose only real purpose for existing is to further demonize Israel, have anything in common with the leadership of the Third Reich, which diverted trains carrying war materials to drive more Jews to the death camps, even as Berlin burned.
"Unless the Palestinian narrative is finally understood and acknowledged by Israelis and their American supporters, there will never be peace in the Holy Land," you say. As if peace were in your hands to give. But we understand the Palestinian narrative all too well. The real one and the fake one. We know the olive groves, the bulldozers and the keys. And we also know the terrorist gangs trained by Islamic fanatics and Socialist dictators to seize the land and murder its inhabitants. The gangs whom Moscow gave a nationalist gloss calling them the Palestinian people, the smirking thugs on whom President Clinton and European leaders bestowed legitimacy and billions of dollars. The gangs who have remained terrorists, thieves and rapists, fanatical killers when stoked with enough hashish, no matter how much people like you are willing to embrace and retell their narrative. Their lies.
If you want to know the real narrative, then put Miral on a shelf and ask where the Christians of the region have gone. Where have the Zoroastrians gone? Why are there so few left? The answer would make for a much better movie, but it is not a movie that you will ever make. It is not a movie that any theater would ever show. It is a story of bigotry and genocide. It is an old story and a new one. You can find its oldest chapters in the Koran, along with the graves of the Jews of what is today Saudi Arabia. Its latest chapters are being written in Europe, where Jews once again flee European cities, not from men in uniforms, but in long robes. And unless that narrative is understood, there will be no peace in the Holy Land, or anywhere else.
I know that none of this will move you. Controversy is your bread and butter. The more you hear cries of pain, the more you count the cash. Miral will make you money. Just as Der Ewige Jude made money. And you will protest that there is no comparison between the two. Miral is only giving the Palestinian narrative, just as Der Ewige Jude gave the Aryan narrative. It is more subtle, I'm sure. The audiences you count on are liberal and sophisticated. They won't be taken in by gutter propaganda. A hint of controversy ads savor to their intellectual appetites. They are eager to confront the other in themselves. That part of them which would kill and maim with enough justification. The shadow side of their hearts which their minds use to explain the actions of men who burst through living room windows to slash children's throats.
You will dismiss this as, what you describe in your article, being, "smeared by those who insist on reducing this conflict to us vs. them." So stand outside while Rabbi Cohen walks with his gun, a twelve year old by his side, her heart beating almost as hard as her little brother's did when the knife came down on it, and wait while she goes inside. And then answer her this, if you truly believe in not reducing the conflict to 'Us vs Them' then why are you telling the story of Miral and not her story?
You have chosen a side. Our 'Them' is your 'Us'. Soon that girl will leave the house again, along with her younger brothers. Three children who somehow survived. Look her over carefully. She is your 'Other'. The story you do not want to hear. The face you do not want to see. She survived tonight. So did two of her brothers. Next time they might not. No movie is needed to tell her story. Her life is her story. Her survival a testament.
The Prime Minister of Israel and the Knesset Speaker have vowed revenge for this attack. Their revenge is of a wholly different brand that that of the Palestinian Authority terrorists. "We will live, we will continue to build and to plant". So too the surviving Fogel children will go on living. They will be 'settlers', obstacles to the terrorist peace that slits children's throats at night. And we know which the world hates more, the builders or the throat slitters. Even know as children are being lowered into the earth, the world fumes at this particular Hebraic vengeance. Its constructive perversity. To build in the face of destruction. To defy death, not with murder but with life.
This has always been our revenge. To survive. Not yours, Harvey. You are the second son at the Passover Seder. The one left behind in Egypt. The one we forget about as the generations march on. Whose name turns to dust and blows away on the wind. That is our revenge on you, but it is you who carry it out. Who go in search of the 'other' and find nothing there but the hole inside yourself.

Watch now as the sun rises over the Samarian mountains, see as the men walk with their guns, as their ancestors did with sword and spear right in this place. This town where the son of Aaron, brother of Moses, was buried. They have come out of Egypt again. As the living, so the dead. There is death, but amid it is joy. For they died not in Auschwitz, Madrid or Medina, or a thousand other foreign lands, but on the soil of their forefathers. This is a mystery you cannot touch, for you are not a part of it.
Roll the projector in the UN General Assembly. Beam at the compliments for your willingness to distribute a movie whose inherent bias justifies the murder of Jews. And yet in that small town so hated by the world, men and women will rise with the sun, carrying their guns and their determination. Before them lies the future, behind you the past. They live in the answer to the mystery. Those children are dead, yet they live. They died in pain and horror, yet they live. They are buried now, yet they live.
And in the town of Ithamar, named after one of his ancestors from thousands of years ago, Rabbi Cohen will walk back to his own home, and hug his own children. And he will stand watch over them. While the UN cheers your movie, he will go on carrying his gun and looking after his own land, though the world hates him for it. He is a free man born of a free nation. And when he sits down at his Passover table to thank his G-d for his freedom and his land, he will be free as few are. As you with all your wealth can never imagine. And though he will one day die, like Ithamar and those children, he will live forever. Go now, Harvey. This is no place for you to be. It is his home. It is his land. Not Miral's and not yours. Go.

Obama Assumes Supreme Dictatorial Powers...and good people did nothing

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

Click lower left corner of video to start.

Update: The video was removed but not by me...I guess somebody out there does not like the truth.
Meanwhile check out this: The Dictator Hath Cometh

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Hydrogen Explosion Reportedly Rips Through Reactor at Fukushima Daiichi Plant in Japan

Source: ABC News

not what our founding fathers intended... YOU GOT THAT RIGHT !!!

The sad truth is that America is no longer "the land of the free". The government has decided that in order to keep us "safe", everything that we do must be watched, tracked, traced, recorded and controlled.
Source: Before It's News 

A National ID Card For American Citizens? Get Ready – The Real ID Act Goes Into Effect On May 11

For a moment, imagine a future where you are not able to drive a car, get on a plane, get on a train, vote, enter a federal building, open a bank account or get a job without a national ID card. You don't think that could ever happen in America? Well, you might want to brush up on the Real ID Act because it is going to go into effect on May 11, 2011 unless something is done to stop it.  When I first learned this, I was absolutely stunned.  After all, wasn't the Real ID Act supposed to be "dead"?  A few years ago state legislatures across the nation were in an uproar over this law.  The Department of Homeland Security was forced to delay implementation of it several times.  But now it is back.  You see, this is what the federal government often does.  They will try to push something very unpopular through, and if they meet resistance they will "play dead" until the uproar has died down and then they will come right back and implement it anyway.  This is what is happening with the Real ID Act.
As of May 11, all driver's licenses across the United States will be required to conform to federal national security standards.  In essence, our licenses are now going to be federalized.
Yes, this is really happening.  A Fox News article from a couple weeks ago confirmed that these "national ID cards" will be required to board airplanes and enter federal buildings....
States must be in compliance by May with the regulations laid out in the 2005 REAL ID Act. The law, a recommendation of the Sept. 11 commission that investigated the 2001 terror attacks, creates a national security standard for state-issued identification cards to be used for purposes like boarding airplanes and entering federal buildings.
Isn't that great?
Now security goons will be able to ask us for our "papers" just like they used to do in Nazi Germany and the USSR.
Back in 2008, former U.S. Representative Bob Barr wrote the following about how not having one of these new national ID cards will automatically strip us of some of our most fundamental rights....
"A person not possessing a Real ID Act-compliant identification card could not enter any federal building, or an office of his or her congressman or senator or the U.S. Capitol. This effectively denies that person their fundamental rights to assembly and to petition the government as guaranteed in the First Amendment."
Of course the Department of Homeland Security insists that the Real ID Act is just here to "help" us and to make life "better" and "more secure".  According to their website, some of the goals of the Real ID Act are "to help prevent terrorism, reduce fraud, and improve the reliability and accuracy of personal identification documents."
But is this really what we want America to become?
A nation where we are constantly passing through checkpoints and where security goons are constantly checking our national ID card?
What kind of liberty and freedom is that?
Eventually these national ID cards will likely be required for virtually every single interaction that we have with the federal government.
Can you imagine the kind of power that the federal government will have to watch us and track our activities if this thing gets fully implemented?
The more you really think about the notion of a national ID card for Americans the more repulsive it becomes.
Eventually, without a "Real ID" you will not be able to be hired by most employers.  So in essence, you will be required to get the permission of the federal government before you can work.
Without a "Real ID", your ability to travel will be greatly restricted.  Eventually there will be very few modes of public transportation that you will be able to use without having a national ID card.
And what if you lose your national ID card?  Talk about a headache!
Hey, eventually they might just decide to solve that problem by putting a microchip directly into our hands.
Wouldn't that be convenient?
Can you see where all of this is headed?  Many of the people that are attempting to implement this thing may have "good intentions", but we all know what they say about "good intentions".
We do not need a national ID card to have a nation that is safe and secure.
Please contact your representatives in Washington D.C. and let them know that you want the Real ID Act repealed once and for all.
If we put up with a national ID card, then the Obama administration will be emboldened to try to implement the "universal Internet ID" that they have been talking about.
The sad truth is that America is no longer "the land of the free".  The government has decided that in order to keep us "safe", everything that we do must be watched, tracked, traced, recorded and controlled.
It doesn't matter whether the Democrats are in power or if the Republicans are in power - every year the United States becomes even more like a prison camp.
Hopefully the American people will wake up and will realize that this is not what our founding fathers intended.

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ps: Ask yourself this question? "Why did Obama select Brzezinski as an advisor?"  The answer is in the video.

2.  BUNKERVILLE God, Guns and Guts Comrades!
Why aren't you screeming, "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore?

Japan tsunami

Japan earthquake: Footage of moment tsunami hit

Newly emerged footage shows the force at which the tsunami struck Japan's coast.
In the fishing port of Miyako, in Iwate prefecture, boats were overturned, while video from Kamaishi city shows cars being dragged down city streets by the water.
The tsunami that followed the 8.9-magnitude earthquake wreaked havoc along a huge stretch of Japan's north-east coast, sweeping far inland and devastating a number of towns and villages. Powerful aftershocks are continuing to hit the region.
Footage courtesy of TV Asahi and TBS

The Media: outted as this century's nazi enablers

Source: Atlas Shrugs
I am ashamed to say that for decades now the BBC has been one of the least reliable sources of news or anything that approaches objective journalism. ~ Paul Schnee

Israel demands CNN Apology over Attack CoverageBBC Prostrates Itself for Muslim Murderers

Medai scrubs Islamic Jew hatred. Photos of Muslim massacre of Jewish family of Five. Three Year Old stabbed in the heart, baby's throat slashe.
The media is aligned with the jihad force. May they rot in hell - the whole lot of leftist leeches and Jew haters. Congratulations as they are outted as this century's nazi enablers.
And may the Jews build and build and build.
Israel demands CNN apology over attack coverage YNET News

American network reporters present tendentious coverage of Saturday's gruesome murder in Itamar, question fact it was a terrorist attack. Israel's Government Press Office 'dumbfounded, astonished'  Attila Somfalvi
Israel is demanding an apology from CNN over its coverage of Saturday's terrorist attack in Itamar claiming it was "tendentious and deceptive." Government Press Office director Oren Helman sent a letter to CNN's Bureau Chief Kevin Flower saying he was astonished at the network's coverage of the ruthless attack. A CNN website report avoided describing the event as a terror attack, noting that the Israel Defense Forces consider it an act of terrorism. "Only you decided to use the term terrorist attack in quotation marks, as if this were not necessarily the case," Helman wrote. "There is a limit to the extent of objectivity regarding such a horrific deed."

The CNN report. 'Family members killed in what military calls terror attack'
The CNN report stated: "Five members of an Israeli family were killed in the West Bank early Saturday morning in what the Israeli military is calling a 'terror attack.'" The report went on to say: "According to a military spokeswoman, an intruder entered the Israeli settlement of Itamar near the northern West Bank city of Nablus around 1 am, made his way into a family home and killed two parents and their three children." The IDF's official statement noted that forces were searching for a "terrorist" and not an "intruder" as the CNN report noted. The terrorist was also referred to as an "assailant" later in the report. There was no mention of the possibility this was the act of a Palestinian terrorist.

BBC report. 'Family members stabbed by an intruder'
The BBC also referred to the terrorist as an intruder in its report. "The family - including three children - were stabbed to death by an intruder who broke into their home, Israeli media reported," the BBC reported Saturday. Readers might deduce the family members died in a failed burglary attempt.
The BBC went further and evinced its stance on Israel's policy in the territories. "Nearly half a million Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel's 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem," the report stated. "They are held to be illegal under international law, although Israel disputes this."

Paul Schnee on the BBC coverage:
I am ashamed to say that for decades now the BBC has been one of the least reliable sources of news or anything that approaches objective journalism. It has reached the point where one may as well rely on Al Jezeera. However, the BBC does much more damage. Nobody expects objectivity from a source that is funded by Arab petro-dollars. Clearly, Al Jezeera is just one more of the propaganda arms of the Muslim world and carries water for Islam in much the same way as Izvestia did for Soviet communism. It employs journalists who have exotic sounding names and tony British accents in the anxious hope that these imagined assets will enhance and disguise its dubious credentials. The BBC, however, is still considered to be a trustworthy institution and a pioneer of honest broadcasting dispatching its journalists to every corner of the globe dutifully filing their unbiased reports with Broadcasting House. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The BBC has a long history of squelching facts and stories of which it disapproves. Its director general, John Reith, spent much of the late 1930s trying to muzzle Winston Churchill and prevent him from making radio broadcasts to the nation because he was critical of the government and even more critical of the swiftly rearming Nazi Germany.  In the august ivory tower of Broadcasting House policies have been formed and agendas drawn up  in a spirit of complete detachment from the facts. Occasionally when the BBC gets around to reporting the actual facts it uses them, as has often been noted, in much the same way as a drunk uses a lampost for support rather than illumination.  Malcolm Muggeridge once observed that in order to be successful as a journalist one had to appear regularly on the front page the way to which is often paved with bad intentions. This, alas, is the case with the venerable BBC which proves time and again the remark made by former British prime minister Stanley Baldwin: "The Press seeks power but power without responsibility which, of course, is the prerogative of the harlot."Broadcasting House opened in 1932. Above it's main entrance was a statue of Ariel, Shakespeare's invisible spirit of the air. Into this air truth, let alone objectivity, vanished many years ago to be replaced by the desperate quest for ratings, revenue and fame. How could accuracy and objectivity ever hope to compete with those three harlots? Well, quite frankly, not very well and this is when one starts to detect a whiff of sulfur as values become transposed, as facts become distorted or omitted, as photographs are deliberately altered, as reporters fail to perform their due diligence seeking to influence rather than to inform, as false conclusions are reached transforming themselves into conventional wisdom, and how the casual slander becomes accepted as journalism. This is how history is ignored and this is what has allowed the entirely false narrative and illegitimate claims of the Arab Palestinians to flourish. Their concocted story is merely an excuse for the destruction of Israel and the death of the Jewish people and this disgusting murder in Itamar proves it. Never in the course of recorded history has so much time, effort and money been spent and lives wasted in order to justify a lie and deny the truth. In this the BBC has played a shameful part. 
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