Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The List

I don't know when this list was compiled nevertheless it should come under the scrutiny of people that refer to themselves as Democrats for most Democrat voters are not aware of the ideology behind the fa├žade of their party's designated candidate.  A case in point...Democrat voters who voted for John F. Kennedy and also voted for his brother Edward 'Ted' Kennedy obviously were ignorant of either's political desires for we the people.  John was very anti-Communist whereas Ted was pro-Socialist and even conspired with the Communists in his efforts to downplay Ronald Reagan. Obviously the list was compiled while Ted Kennedy was still alive else he would not be listed.  His death was anti-climatic for me; I would have much rather had him live and suffer the slings and arrows of a long term prison sentence...but the ignorant voters kept him free for 'way too long!  Whatever good John F. Kennedy did for we the people brother Ted took it all away. ~ Norman E. Hooben
The following from: Discover The Networks

One of the great myths of the left is that socialism is a movement of the people, the working classes, or the poor. In fact -- as Frederick Hayek pointed out long ago -- all socialist movements are the creation of intellectual elites, liberally pollinated by millionaires.  Karl Marx was the kept intellectual of factory owner Frederick Engels; Bill Ayers, a leader of the terrorist cult called the Weatherman, was a scion of the American upper class; Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, is a multi-millionairess; Michael Moore, leftwing propagandist, is a multi-millionaire who has profited handsomely from the "struggle." The Leftwing Millionaires Club is a very incomplete list designed to illustrate this point and to serve as a reminder that everything is not always what it appears. (Text: Frederick Hayek "The Intellectuals and Socialism," in Hayek, Socialism and War, University of Chicago Press, 1997)


  • Anagnos, Aris

  • Arafat, Yasser

  • Baldwin, Alec

  • Baron, Fred

  • Belafonte, Harry

  • Benjamin, Medea

  • Bing, Stephen

  • Castro, Fidel

  • Cher,

  • Chomsky, Noam

  • Clinton, Bill

  • Clinton, Hillary Rodham

  • Clooney, George

  • Couric, Katie

  • Donahue, Phil

  • Ehrenreich, Barbara

  • Evans, Jodie

  • Farrakhan, Louis

  • Farrell, Mike

  • Fonda, Jane

  • Friedan, Betty

  • Geffen, David

  • Ginsburg, Ruth Bader

  • Glaser, Robert

  • Glover, Danny

  • Goodman, Amy

  • Gore, Al

  • Hayden, Tom

  • Jackson, Jesse

  • Jennings, Peter

  • Jong, Erica

  • Katzenberg, Jeffrey

  • Kennedy, Edward (Ted)

  • Kennedy, Jr., Robert F.

  • Kerry, John

  • Kerry, Teresa Heinz

  • Kirsch, Steven

  • Kirsch, Michele

  • Leno, Jay

  • Lewis, Peter

  • MacArthur, John R.

  • Maher, Bill

  • Mailer, Norman

  • McKay, Robert

  • Moore, Michael

  • Moyers, Bill

  • Navasky, Victor

  • Obama, Barack Hussein

  • Penn, Sean

  • Pot, Pol

  • Raitt, Bonnie

  • Rappaport, Andrew

  • Rather, Dan

  • Redgrave, Vanessa

  • Reiner, Rob

  • Robbins, Tim

  • Roberts, Julia

  • Rockefeller, Wendy Gordon

  • Sandler, Herb and Marion

  • Sarandon, Susan

  • Scheer, Robert

  • Seeger, Pete

  • Sheen, Martin

  • Smiley, Tavis

  • Sontag, Susan

  • Soros, George

  • Spielberg, Steven

  • Springsteen, Bruce

  • Stone, Oliver

  • Streisand, Barbra

  • Turner, Ted

  • vanden Heuvel, Katrina

  • Vidal, Gore

  • West, Cornel

  • Zinn, Howard


    Findalis said...

    Knew this about most of the names on the list, but not all of them.

    You notice not one Republican is on that list.

    Storm'n Norm'n said...

    Not even Richard Lugar! Certainly deserving of being on the list...but maybe they don't consider him a multi-millionaire.