Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Will flag waving become shameful?

"...yet we close our eyes to a daily onslaught of foreign invaders"

Mending Our Flag

Source: Planck's Constant
Here we see Norman Rockwell’s cover illustration for the Literary Digest celebrating Memorial Day, 1922, entitled “Mending the Flag.”
I doubt if anyone mends flags anymore; hell, another few years of Liberals like Obama in the White House and flag-waving itself may be looked upon as a shameful thing.
On this Memorial Day, I believe this nation needs mending. Our country is broken. Liberal policies, entitlement programs, confiscatory taxes, support of unions, etc., are bankrupting cities, states, and this nation.
While I myself will profit immensely from the coming economic collapse (see my articles Why I`m a Gold Bug and President Barack H. Obama will make me Rich), it does sadden me that our fallen heroes gave their lives for a country that in another few decades may no longer exist.
They gave their lives to prevent foreign invaders from reaching our shores yet we close our eyes to a daily onslaught of foreign invaders although today we call them undocumented aliens.
Hitler wasted time, money and effort building up a military to take over the world. Instead all he needed to do was donate to the campaigns of Liberal Democrats who would have gladly done the business of destroying our country as they are doing now.

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