Friday, March 11, 2011

Karzai's cousin killed 'in the dead of night'...Where's John Kerry?

The following from: WSJ
The Wall Street Journal 

U.S. Raid Kills Karzai Cousin
Afghanistan Criticizes American-Led Assault; Incident Heightens Tensions Over Civilian Deaths

KABUL—An American-led special forces team killed an older cousin of Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday in a night raid that aggravates tensions between the Afghan leader and the U.S. over civilian deaths.
Mr. Karzai's office criticized the assault and renewed a call for U.S. forces to end night raids, a sensitive issue in Afghanistan. "This case reaffirms the fact that night raids can be very devastating to the cause that we all jointly pursue," said Waheed Omar, Mr. Karzai's chief spokesman.
The killing of Mr. Karzai's cousin came days after the U.S.-led military sparked an outcry with an errant airstrike in eastern Afghanistan that killed nine Afghan children cutting firewood. Defense Secretary Robert Gates made a personal apology for the incident after an angry condemnation by Mr. Karzai.
American and Afghan officials said they were trying to figure out what happened early Thursday morning when U.S. and Afghan special forces conducted the deadly raid in Mr. Karzai's ancestral village of Karz, south of Kandahar city.
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