Saturday, January 29, 2011

Armed Robber Won't Be Down For Breakfast...the guy just drops dead in front of a bunch of cops!

Source: Daily Mail UK  Not always the best writers but they somehow get the point across.  You can tell right away that something is amiss when they don't bother to identify the reporter.  Then they begin the commentary with, "A would-be armed robber...".  Excuse me!  Did you say, "Would be"?  How about, "An armed robber was shot to death in a hail of bullets..." And by the way, that line would have made a better headline than that run-on sentence you have below.  Sorry to criticize your writing ole chap, but anyone who writes poorer than me has got to be pretty bad.  Meanwhile, it looks as though this robber won't be down for breakfast. ~ Norman E. Hooben

The moment an armed robber slipped on ice, let his hostage get away, and was gunned down by SIX police officers
By Daily Mail Reporter
A would-be armed robber was shot dead in a hail of bullets from as many as six police officers outside a bank in Washington DC today.
The robber, who had taken a female hostage as a human shield, was staring down the gun barrels of a swarm of uniformed and plain clothes officers who had responded to the robbery-in-progress call.
He had earlier held up the Capital One bank on University Boulevard, Takoma Park - a suburb of the nation's capital - before his plan went horribly and fatally wrong.

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Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

The hostage will have no peace of mind for a very long time. She had to know the guy was so close behind her. It is always good when these vile creatures are cut down before a trial. There was no doubt what he did, and what he was trying to do.