Friday, November 19, 2010

↓Don't go some neat stuff here ↓ one special request

I'll be traveling for the next few days so I'll leave you with some interesting reading/viewing or an action movie...take your pick:
1. FBI memo, photo link Bush Sr to JFK Dallas murder scene ←Is it all true?  Pretty much...
2. One of the best educational speeches on education and the U.S. Constitution ←a must see↓
3. Russian Activist Disappears + Problems Facing The U. S. ...and nobody is facing realty
4. Click here then move your cursor up an down the picture you get←How'd they do that?
5. A Drill Team Like You've Never in full screen!
6. My Entire a nut shell
7. Meet A Young Boy Who Met God
8. This ought to make you feel good.
9. And lets not forget flag boy and here
10. Action movie ↓ ↓

As you can see my inbox is on the plus side of 5,000 (not a problem, its been over 10,000) and at this time of year I will be zero-ing it out  (I do this several times a year).  So if I've not replied to your comments or emails you may have to write again.  It doesn't matter which address you use (either the or the all my mail arrives in one box (saves me time of hunting all over the place). 
Meanwhile, may I ask each and everyone of you to keep our friend Joan in your prayers.  Joan has been a friend of the family for almost forty years and has recently been diagnosed with multiple myoloma...please pray for her recovery.

Be back in a stop, Cape Cod...see ya!

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