Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Storm'n Norm'n...taking a look at Texas...and supporting Kathie Glass! Don't you think everyone should !!!

I was just over to Texas Fred's place and saw that he was giving his all out support to Kathie Glass for governor of Texas.  Fred went on to explain some of the reasons why he supports her...and that was good.  Now I'm not a current resident of Texas (a former resident, you bet!) so why should I ...make that we... be concerned about a governor in a state some distance away.  Although Texas Fred was not too specific about Kathie...here's his quote:

I have liked everything I have heard Kathie Glass say, everything I have read about her and last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet her in person, and I am even MORE impressed.
Well that lead me onto my own search for a little more detail and I didn't have to go too far.  A simple click onto Kathie Glass For Governor  (kathie4guv.netboots.net/issues) brought out some (or at the very least one) most interesting detail.  See if you can point it out...


★    TEXAS 9TH AND 10TH AMENDMENT SOVEREIGNTY:  Use nullification and interposition to refuse enforcement by Texas of unconstitutional  federal  laws like EPA Cap & Trade and Obamacare, and United Nations power grabs like the Law of the Sea Treaty and the Small Arms Disarmament Treaty.

★    LOWER TAXES:  Eliminate school property tax. Eliminate franchise tax which acts as a personal income tax.  No income tax!  Reduce other property taxes and strengthen taxpayer protections such that no one loses their house due to unpaid property taxes.

★    LOWER SPENDING:  Reduce government education spending to the bare minimum required by our Texas Constitution.  Eliminate state Medicaid expenditures.

★    PROTECT OUR BORDER:  Use our Texas State Guard.  Limit all government spending on education and healthcare to citizens of Texas and the United States.  Border enforcement will reduce demands on our education, health care, and criminal justice systems.

★    SUPPORT PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS:  Strengthen eminent domain protections.  Oppose boondoggles like the Trans Texas Corridor and other destructive public/private projects.

I didn't have to read beyond the first point in her 5 star plan...and it is a star plan not just a Lone Star plan.   It is a plan every politician that is concerned about America's future should take note of...it's the very first time I've seen anyone (anywhere!) include in their outline for election anything about LOST!  That's the Law Of The Sea Treaty for those not in the know.  

LOST?  What's the big deal?  The Law of The Sea Treaty is by far the worst treaty ever signed by a president of the United States.  Traitor Bill Clinton (dare I call him president) signed this treaty in the early 90's and if it were ratified you can kiss your country and it's flag goodbye!  We would become just one state of the 192 member states of the United Nations.  Each administration since the signing has attempted to ratify this surrender document but we have prevailed so far.  Just this year Obama has, by the use of Executive Order, attempted (or has already done, but illegally) to piecemeal LOST into this country by establishing the National Ocean Council which will affect 30 states...Texas included!

Just as an observation has anyone ever ran for office promoting the G8 or G20 Summit...or the Law Of The Sea Treaty?   No!  Not anyone!  But that's the first thing on their (presidents that is)  agenda once they're in office.  It's all part of the New World Order...c'mon now, if you haven't heard of the NWO yet you shouldn't be allowed to vote.  So if a governor of a state such as Texas stands up for the Constitutional rights (states rights) guaranteed by the 10th amendment and blocks any attempts by the Obama administration to enforce some foreign government's (the UN foreign!) dictates then I'll vote for that governor...guess I'll have to move back to Texas.  ~ Storm'n Norm'n

ps: all of the other five points are excellent


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