Thursday, July 15, 2010

United States Military and Economic Superiority Becomes An Also Ran...says so right here!

It is an established fact that John F. Kennedy and Edward M. Kennedy (Teddy) held different political views.  So it stands to reason that if you voted for one you would not vote for the other (of course logic doesn't come into play when it come to politics...people sometimes go through temporary insanity inside the voting booth).  Many (and I do mean many) of JFK's supporters voted for the Muslim-In-Chief Barack Husein Obama and yet JFK stood for everything opposite BHO.  Where's the logic there?  Has America gone over the thinks this is true!
Meanwhile I found this summary of some of Obama's misguided anti-American policies written by John R. Houk over at  (ps: John is experiencing some medical problems (link), say a prayer or two for him to get well...we need his editorial expertise) ~ Norman E. Hooben

Obama: Transforming U.S. to Global Sick Man

How does America move from a Hyper power nation back down to a Super Power nation? Potentially worse is the question: How does the Super Power America in military and economic superiority become the also ran weak Sick Man of international nation-states?
America elects a European minded Socialistic President who has been influenced by Marxist Revolution and Leftist Black Liberation Theology. That self-destructive President of course is Barack Hussein Obama.
Obama foreign policy curses the only stable Western style democratic Republic in the Middle East – Israel.
Obama foreign policy of engaging diplomatically with Iran concerning nukes has emboldened Iran to pursue nuclear WMD. Iran threatens Israel’s existence, captures British military personnel in the international portion of the Strait of Hormuz, Iran shoots and tortures its unhappy citizens concerning the election of psycho-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran and Turkey become cozy militantly against Israel, Iran arms Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists, Iran has been known to support anti-American terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran blatantly disregards U.N. Security Sanctions to scale back its nuclear energy program because of the threat of WMD, Iran threatens to blockade the Strait of Hormuz if any nation (viz., the USA and/or Israel) militarily acts against Iranian nukes, Iran has threatened to unleash their psycho-Revolutionary Guard (Pasdaran) including suicide bombers over military action AND I probably missed something.
Russia and China utilizing their permanent status on the U.N. Security Council has effectively blocked any Sanctions with teeth to bring global pressure economically on Iran. Russia has enabled missile defense systems for Iran while pressuring BHO to abandon the G.W. Bush initiated Missile Defense Shield to counter Iranian ICBM capability toward Europe. China sells weapons for oil to Iran (probably Russia too).
North Korea has promised to reengage their nuclear weapon program and in the process sank a South Korean Naval vessel killing over forty sailors. AND now the Peoples Republic of China is defending North Korea’s actions of war and even sailing military vessels close to supposedly American protected Taiwan and Japanese Islands.
I have probably left out loads of foreign policy ineptitude on the part of President Barack Hussein Obama. William R. Hawkins provides a scenario that could lead China to be the Power that runs the Pacific and Asia without any fear of anyone let alone the USA to curb Chinese Communist repression.  
JRH 7/9/10

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