Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Clinton Crime Family...Chelsea picks a loser ...aah, that all depends on what side of the fence you're on.

posted by Norman E. Hooben

Not much here just another wedding announcement...but when Paul Craig Roberts poses the question, "Where did the money come from?" we should know the answer.  We can begin with the idea that Bill Clinton gets an embarrassing amount of money every time he speaks before a bunch of fools willing to part with their cash to hear one of the grand masters of deceit...a malady I could never understand (Who wants to listen to a known liar?)  Whether or not the declared sums (you can find a few million here and here ) are legitimate or not should be, I think, questionable to say the least. But for the most part (regardless of what Clinton says) the money comes from a secret slush fund that he (and Hillary) stole from the American treasury to the tune of trillion$...
In 1993, Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta met with Vince Foster in Geneva, Switzerland. Foster had traveled there to make a special pickup of a disbursement that had been formally requested by the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. According to Wanta, he had been working on "Seal projects" and had been requested to transfer $250 million to an account that was retrievable by Foster. The account was destined for the "Children’s Defense Fund," hardly a "Seal" project. Wanta arranged for three payments, approximately $81 million dollars each, to be made and converted to U.S. Treasury notes which were given to Foster, who then gave them to Hillary Clinton.  ...Read more here

Meanwhile, back to the wedding announcement... ~ Storm'n Norm'n

Source: Lew

The Clinton Crime Family’s Conspicuous Consumption

Writes Paul Craig Roberts:
Now comes the politicians’s daughter as celebrity. According to news reports, Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to investment banker Mark Mezvinsky on July 31 is costing papa Bill $3,000,000. According to the London Daily Mail, the total price tag will be about $5,000,000. The additional $2,000,000 apparently is being laid off on US Taxpayers as Secret Service costs for protecting former president Clinton and foreign heads of state, such as the presidents of France and Italy and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who are among the 500 invited guests along with Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner, and Clinton friend and donor Denise Rich, wife of the Clinton-pardoned felon.
Before we attend to the poor political judgment of such an extravagant affair during times of economic distress, let us wonder aloud where a poor boy who became governor of Arkansas and president of the United States got such a fortune that he can blow $3,000,000 on a wedding.
The American people did not take up a collection to reward him for his service to them. Where did the money come from? Who was he really serving during his eight years in office?
How did Tony Blair and his wife, Cherrie, end up with an annual income of ten million pounds (approximately $15 million dollars) as soon as he left office? Who was Blair really serving?
These are not polite questions, and they are infrequently asked.
Related...and maybe more explicit:  Chelsea’s father in law a felon dem congressman who did 7yrs prison time. From Chicago Ray

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