Monday, May 3, 2010

Why would Obama want to keep his visitors secret? ...we have the answer!

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Excel sheet:

Obama now wants to hide his scumbags.

Source: Pamela Geller

Obama's Secret White House Meetings: Seeks to Keep Visitor Logs Confidential

Despite the poo-pooing, it appears that those visitor logs and what they reveal are a bone of contention with the fascist in the White House. I suspect that the freedom of information act will become a relic of the past, much as freedom of speech will.
Judicial Watch had to sue to get the visitor logs made public. Why would Obama want to keep his visitors secret? Who is he meeting with, and why? He is meeting with worst scum of the earth. That's why. Enemies of America, haters of liberty, individual rights, haters of life and the pursuit of happiness.
WHITE HOUSE EXPOSED: Farrakhan, Ayers, Wright, Sharpton, Jackson are in da house
and this Frequent White House Visitors and Radical Hate Sponsors Code Pink to Muslims: ‘Help Us Cleanse Our Country’...
Obama lawyers want more secrecy at White House WND
Say court precedents over FOIA application to visitor logs 'decided wrong'
The federal government is arguing that previous court rulings applying the Freedom of Information Act to records such as the visitor logs at the White House are incorrect, and President Obama's administration should be allowed to withhold from the public the information it chooses.
A new government brief filed in a court dispute over the records argues, instead, that people with questions about who visits the White House should go to the White House website and ask for the information, and if the president agrees, it could be released.
The April 21 brief filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia insisted the court should hold that "visitor records are presidential records, particularly given the fact that the White House is voluntarily disclosing the records to the public."
Further, the records assembled and used by the United States Secret Service are not even in the "custody" of the federal agency, since they are transferred periodically onto computer disk and given to the White House, the filing said.
"The Obama administration would undermine a key transparency law in order to keep White House visitor logs secret," said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, which has been fighting for more than a decade over visitor logs.
"Only the Obama administration could offer to release pre-scrubbed White House visitor logs while withholding tens of thousands of other records and call it transparency," he said.
"President Obama has violated his campaign promises of openness and transparency. We hope the court will do what is had done on previous occasions and uphold FOIA law," he said.
This visitor-log dispute with the Obama administration began last year when Judicial Watch first requested records of who is coming in and out of the White House, then filed a lawsuit.
Judicial Watch, a nonpartisan, political watchdog group, originally began seeking public disclosure of White House visitors 15 years ago. Through multiple legal victories, Judicial Watch uncovered records of Monica Lewinsky's visits during the Clinton administration and of lobbyist Jack Abramoff's visits during the Bush years.

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