Friday, May 7, 2010

They Walk Among Us...really!

Courtesy of Politics Alabama

Would You Like To Watch A Crazy Person?

Today I'd like to present a pair of video's showing how... well, crazy left-wing extremism can get.

The first is a video of some "environmental activists" gathering in the woods to scream and cry over dead trees. One actually told the trees she wants them to know she cares.

If the player doesn't work, try this link:

The second video shows a woman crying about how the earth will die because of the BP oil spill. She cries, her mascara smears, she is scared of them nuking the leak. (I haven't heard of THAT serious proposal, have you? Anybody?) Her message to the world is that they're killing our planet, and "they" killed anybody who tried to "give us alternate energy." If "they" hadn't killed Tesla, she says, we would all have free energy right now. It's something to watch, I'm telling you...

If the player doesn't work, try this link:

So. That's what liberal wackos look like. It's not a pretty sight.
Question? How do these people make it through school...any school? ~ Storm'n Norm'n

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