Friday, May 21, 2010

Thank you Mr. Speaker. I rise to take strong exception to the speech by the President of Mexico here in this chamber today...


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A few quotes from yours truly (they're always on the side bar but every once in awhile we need to remind those who claim we are racists that it is they who are blinded by their own prejudices.)
For those who promote a race they are called, "racists". For those that promote American they are called "American".  For 'American' is a 'concept' and no racial tones are tolerated either in shades or sounds. -Norman E. Hooben (In reference to Lourdes Galvan of San Antonio, Texas racial bigotry regarding American military heroes.) ...Back when I wrote that in An Open Letter To Lourdes Galvin in July of 2008 I wanted to add a few other statements one of which is: "Those hash marks on a veterans uniform sleeve are not hyphens."  I couldn't seem to make the words fit in their proper context so I let it be.  While at about the same time frame La Raza (That racist/bigoted organization headquartered in Washington, DC) was visiting this website which led me to make my hyphenated quote below. 

Note to NATIONAL COUNCIL OF LA RAZA (I know you're watching.)I'm not white, I'm not black, I'm not upper class, I'm not lower class, I'm not middle class, I'm not French, I'm not Irish, I'm not Asian, I'm not European, I'm not Hispanic, My children are not half Hispanic...They are and I am what I am, An American! And I'm not hyphenated! - N.E. Hooben
If La Raza and other racist organizations were not allowed to exist there would be less racism and more assimilation... Just like me!  I'm fully assimilated and never have to precede my identity with something hyphenated my grandfather tried to shred from his past...that's why he came here; to get rid of that restricted past associated with the country he came from.  I've never said, "I'm proud of my Irish heritage." or my French half... To say I'm half this or half that or even a quarter of something else is not something to be proud of but whatever the mix that makes you whole should make you proud to be an American and leave the hyphen back in the country of origin.  By the way, we speak English here.  No habla Irish or French. ~ Norman E. Hooben


TexasFred said...

Yep... Great speech, albeit AFTER the fact...

Where was he while Calderon was standing on the floor of the U.S. Congress lambasting America?

Rightwing Cowboy said...

Here's my comment: Every conservative sitting in that room should have gotten up and walked out. That would have really put the pressure on the Dimwitcrats and the president. It would have shown the American citizens looking for leadership what real leadership is all about...the rule of law and the constitution.