Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have We Gone Too Far?


Free Cell Phones for Unemployed 

Unemployed people have many financial difficulties.  They need to save as much money as they can for just basic necessities such as food and shelter.  When people are unemployed, luxury goes out the door first.  Then gradually other things begin to go too such as a cell phone plan.  Although a few people may consider cell phones a luxury, it is actually a necessity.  Without a cell phone, unemployed people have a harder time getting a job.  When people apply for jobs, they need to leave a phone number where they can be reached.  Without a cell phone, a job opportunity would be missed. 
Fortunately for unemployed people, they can get free cell phones for unemployed people.  These free cell phones are supported by the federal government and provided by Safelink Wireless.  Along with the free cell phone, they also provide free airtime as well.  This government supported cell phone program is similar to other income based programs.  There are a few things you need to have in order to qualify for free cell phones for unemployed people. 
First, if you are already participating in other state or federal assistance programs such as food stamps or housing assistance, then you would qualify for a free cell phone.  Your household income should also be 135% or below the poverty guidelines.  Finally, you must also be living in a state that currently offers this program.  
Go to Safelink Wireless and fill out the applicable applications.  Submit proof that you are eligible for free cell phones for unemployed people.  You should be getting your free phone soon after.  Remember that you only get about 60 to 70 minutes of free airtime each month.  So don’t go using up all your minutes on chatting.  It should be used for real emergencies or for your job search.  Also, any minutes that you save from that month rolls over to the next month.  Each household is only allowed one free cell phone.  Should you cancel the contract later on, you can still keep the phone for free.  Safelink Wireless also needs to check your eligibility every year before you sign again.

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