Thursday, April 8, 2010

Obama The Imposter - "...why has this man published two books but has written NOTHING else?"

The following comment came from a practicing attorney.  You can find the full story here: To be (a lawyer) or not to be...

The license stuff is interesting. Would have been nice to have the media actually, you know, look in to Obama's history with a tenth of the intensity with which they looked through Sarah Palin's garbage.
I'm a practicing attorney who went to a top-ranked law school. And this whole "Professor Obama" thing really grinds my gears. Always has. Here's why:
Lawyers write. That's what we do. Pleadings, motions, briefs, memos -- we get paid to write. With a few exceptions (low-level criminal defense) you're writing regularly.
So it's absolutely incomprehensible to me that someone would spend as much time teaching law as Obama did without publishing anything. He never even jumped on someone else's paper as a second author. We're told that Obama's a brilliant writer, that Dreams from My Father is so well-crafted... but Obama doesn't have a shred of legal writing to his name.
I doubt that adjuncts ever had an official publication requirement, but Obama still could have published something at some point. Hell, I have, and I don't claim to be a brilliant writer or thinker. It's just that... when you practice in any area of law for more than a year or so, you probably become the world's foremost expert on some extremely narrow area of the law. It could be mechanic's liens in Texas, or Massachusetts public procurement law. But there's an area where you know all the important cases and all the little tricks, traps, and pitfalls. You certainly amass enough knowledge to put together thirty double-spaced pages on the topic, enough for a short article.
The fact that "Professor" Obama never published ANYTHING, not even for a boring trade publication or bar association newsletter should astonish anyone who ever practiced law or went to law school. It's just so weird.
I suspect that he hasn't written under his own name because he either cannot, or just isn't interested in doing it. And I'm going to lean towards the former, because the latter would certainly have burnished his intellectual credentials in advance of his run for national (or even state) office.
An aggressive independent news media would have asked the questions "why is there no paper trail from Obama's career, which is writing-intensive?" and "why has this man published two books but has written NOTHING else?" Alas, we don't have an aggressive independent news media.
Full Article Here: To Be (a lawyer) Or Not To Be...

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