Sunday, February 21, 2010

"We need a big tent..." "but we don't need handouts!"

Source: Pundit & Pundette

"What is this? The Nobel Prize!"
"Grow a spine and do the right thing."
(great one-liners from the speech)

Video: Beck's CPAC Speech

Mark Tapscott:

That was one heck of a stem-winder of a keynote address delivered tonight by Fox News' Glenn Beck at the Conservative Political Action Conference, so powerful that somebody out there right now is probably trying to figure out a way to get a grassroots presidential draft movement organized.

In the age of instant celebrity, it could happen, much as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's meteoric rise during her failed campaign with Sen. John McCain in the 2008 presidential race. Palin's continuing celebrity hood has been driven in no small part by the obsessive hate on the Left for her. They just can't stop talking about how terrible they think she is.

In any case, Beck's address certainly confirmed him as a front-rank figure in the conservative movement. But I think it will help define Beck as one of the narrative setters for the movement, not as a candidate. But of course, politics is the most unpredictable of endeavours, so who knows.

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Joe said...

What a powerful speaker is Glenn Beck! I think that everyone should listen to this and try to comprehend what this country is up against. Everyone I know is too wrapped up in political parties. They really need to pay attention to the candidates and their track records. As Beck pointed out in his speech, it is "Progressivism" that we need to fight, and today it exists in both parties. If John McCain had won the presidential election in 08, we'd still be fighting Cap & Trade, and this abominable health care, because McCain was for all these things. Maybe it was a blessing that we got stuck with Barack Obama because he has been trying desperately to change this country so fast that the people are finally starting to say, "hold it, what's the big hurry?" Transparency? 2000 page health care bills that no one seems to understand or explain what's in it? Tarps that have done nothing for the economy? 10% job loss nation wide? All this spending? The folks are finally catching on. Obama's credibility has gone down the toilet because his lies are finally catching up with him. 70% of the American People do not want his health care and he still does not "Get It." Obama and the Democrats are still going to try to force it down our throats whether we like it or not! Let's hope that Glenn Beck is right when he says,-- "It's still morning in America and we're going to get through this." I pray that he's right.