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"...and we did not come from Islam nor do we subscribe to the ideology of the United Nations or want to take part in any of Obama's plans..."

The following two editorials were posted in 2008 at Maggie's Notebook and are re-posted here to serve as reminders to Americans...aah, I should say "real Americans", for there are many who forget from whence we came...and we did not come from Islam nor do we subscribe to the ideology of the United Nations or want to take part in any of Obama's plans to subjugate us to the UN, the most corrupt organization ever devised by man. ~ Norman E. Hooben [ps: The video that follows the TREASON paragraphs should wake Americans up to what is happening in Great Britain is also happening right under your complacent noses!]

From Lionheart: Islamic Militants on UK Streets

From Maggie:
The following quote is from Britain's equivalent of America's Homeland Security:

"Islamic terrorism is anti-Islamic activity"
"Moslem and terrorist are two words that do not go together"

A question: When a country's military is actively fighting terrorism on the homeland, and the Government gives aid and comfort to the enemy, what do the people do?

This from Lionheart:
What happens on the ground within Great Britain has a direct influence on the American homeland because we are the stepping stone into what the Islamic Worlds perceives as the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century, the Great Satan...

All emphasis is Maggie's in red text

Cross posted from Radarsite

Afghani Islamic militants on UK streets

Trained British born Moslem Al Qaeda terrorists and foreign fighters from the War zone in Afghanistan are now walking British streets, actively engaged in their Jihad against the West from the safety and security of British society.

It has been revealed that the British Security Service MI5 are now using spy planes over densely populated Moslem strongholds within Great Britain in an effort to try and pick up voice signatures of Islamic militants on the ground there whose voices have been recorded in the war zone of Afghanistan fighting alongside Al Qaeda and the Taliban against Coalition troops.

It was reported that Islamic militants on the ground in Afghanistan were breaking into broad Birmingham and Yorkshire accents whilst speaking Pashtun and Urdu which proved that British Moslems were leaving Britain to fight for the Taliban, and now we know that they have returned.

We even have British Moslems who are claiming benefits from the State going door to door amongst their communities to raise funds for Moslems to fight against Coalition troops in Afghanistan – What do you think about that?

A pause for thought.

Military spy planes flying over areas of Great Britain in a desperate search for Islamic terrorists on the ground?

Sounds like something that happens over in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan as spy planes search for Islamic militants on the ground there amongst the civilian population, not the once safe shores of England where across the land "Islamic terrorism is anti-Islamic activity" as prescribed by the Home Secretary who is in charged with over seeing the National Security of the British homeland, and "Moslem and terrorist are two words that do not go together" as prescribed by Brian Padick Deputy Commissioner of Scotland Yard.

Islam's Holy War against the Western World is well and truly upon our British shores now make no mistake about it. There is a 3+ million strong Islamic Kingdom camped the length and breadth of the Nation that has a military wing assigned to it that is comprised of the British born Moslem youth who believe that fighting and dying in the way of Jihad for Allah and their religion is the highest obligation for any Moslem and the only sure way of attaining their paradise with the 72 Virgins who will be waiting there for them as martyrs. This same military wing of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain is joined to the global military wing of the Islamic religion that has declared, and is at War with our Western Civilisation.

Wake up!!!

Pretty serious stuff to have spy planes flying over Great Britain searching for Islamic militants from the war zone in Afghanistan on the ground don't you think?

The real urban guerilla Civil War within Great Britain has not even started yet, the Islamic militants on the ground spread throughout the Country are just in preparation stage, recruiting, training, raising funds and preparing their Moslem brothers and sisters for what is to come.

Digging in and fortifying their positions through the street Jihad and cultural Jihad for the future Civil War against the kuffar for rule of the British Isles, and they are plundering and raping society at every turn to finance their Holy War against us.

The rich pickings of Jihad from soft touch Britain.

Where as the British non-Moslem population like myself cannot even talk about this Islamic enemy that has surrounded us who is already conducting a low level Civil War against them without the fear and threat of arrest because the days ruling Liberal Elite tell everyone there is no problem in our society with regards to Islam's Global Jihad, and that the British citizens who say there is are racist right wing bigots who should be locked up.


For Brigadier Ed Butler who was former head of the SAS to say: 'There is a link between Kandahar and urban conurbations in the UK. This is something the military understands but the British public does not,' means there is a very serious threat to the life of the Nation from a hostile military force in our midst do you not think?

The urban guerilla Islamic militants are out there.

We have our hands tied behind our backs by British law while the Islamic enemy seeking our conquest digs in and prepares for an all out assault and Holy War for the future conquest of our Nation, so it does not bode well for the British people in the days that lay ahead does it when we cannot even prepare for what is coming.

We have to keep out heads down and our mouths shut, or we become outcasts in society, possibly arrested by our own people for speaking out, or murdered by some raging lunatic Moslem.

In any conflict zone the one who controls specific areas on the ground is the one who is in charge in that locality, winning that part of the War front. Across Great Britain it is common knowledge amongst the population that the Islamic Kingdom controls large parts of our land, living as a State within a State, with a paramilitary wing on the ground that is made up of trained terrorists, criminals, drug pushers and the wider community who support this part of the Jihad, then you have the ruling religious authorities and then those who are playing politics within the democratic system, all with the one aim in mind which is the furtherance of the goals of their Islamic religion within our British non-Islamic society.

There can only be one winner in war, them or us no middle ground, so what do you want it to be for the sake of your children and grandchildren.

There hasn't been all out Civil conflict yet because the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain is taking our Country over without a fight, we have had Abu Qatadar and another Al Qaeda terrorist freed from prison with Abu Hamza on his way to being freed after threats of violence from the military wing of Islam, we have some of the top voices in the land saying we must adopt Sharia law into our legal system, and wherever there is a large encampment of Moslems they control the ground through their criminal networks and the drugs trade, namely heroin from the fields of Afghanistan. These are just a few examples of the Islamification and take over of the British homeland.

Why rock the boat when its sailing just fine?

It is only a matter of time though until it all blows up and when it does the British people are not ready.

What happens on the ground within Great Britain has a direct influence on the American homeland because we are the stepping stone into what the Islamic Worlds perceives as the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century, the Great Satan, unless you close your borders to those entering your shores with British passports that is, but I cannot see that happening in the immediate future can you. So the American borders are porous to Islamic militants entering your shores originating from Great Britain who carry the Queens Crown on their passports.

To think that no attacks have been planned against America or no terrorist activity facilitated from Britain that has escaped the eyes of the Security Services both sides of the Atlantic is naïve.
In December 2007 there was a News of the World undercover investigation into a passport scam involving Moslems working as British lawyers within the justice system. This group of lawyers offered to sell fake passports to undercover reporters who were posing as Islamic militants which shows how easy it is if you know the right people, for international Islamic militants to obtain British passports and then enter the American homeland at will. Look at Diren Barot for example, Al Qaeda's British General who is now serving 30 years for terrorist activity who amongst other things had planned to blow up the American stock exchange, or Richard Reid the shoe bomber, both Moslems originating from Great Britain intent on harming the American people as part of the global Jihad.

There is no National Security within Great Britain, the heart of the Nation has been penetrated and we now endanger the international community because of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain that currently resides within our land and their Liberal Elite State facilitators who are nurturing their growth in our midst, denying there is a problem and handing the Nation over to the Islamic religion bit by bit, piece by piece.

The Russian government told the Liberal Elite who are in power that the British Moslem community in the UK were raising funds and recruiting for the Jihad in Chechnya against the Russians and they denied it. They said that if it was true they would shut it down. Then the video evidence emerged that the likes of Abu Hamza, Abu Qatadar, Omar Bakri and Abu Izzadeen where in fact recruiting and raising funds for the War against the Russians, thus exporting Islamic terror to Russia with a British trade mark.

Great Britain is headquarters for the global Jihad within the Western World, all known international terror groups have headquarters and networks in place here, including at one time Osama Bin Laden who had a headquarters in London. The Liberal Elite did a deal with the devil where they promised a safe haven to Islamic militants fleeing their terror exploits in other lands within our Country just so long as the militants did not attack Great Britain. This worked for a time when they had a free reign to recruit and raise funds upon our soil for the global Jihad but then that all back fired on 9/11 and 7/7 with the British people now paying the price for this National disgrace with an uncontrollable blood thirsty Islamic beast now in our midst just waiting for the right time to unleash hell upon the British people.

It is a lot wiser if you are a Moslem to fight Great Britain from within the safety and security of the Nation than to travel half way around the World and be bombed by the most advanced weapons known to man don't you think.

The danger the British homeland now faces is unquantifiable with the Security Services having absolutely no control over it – Civil conflict unfolds daily

For me as a British citizen what am I meant to do in relation to Islam's Holy War against my Country? Just sit back, keep my head down and my mouth shut about what is happening?

I hope that it is not too late before people realise the imminent threat we face.

A note from Radarsite: "Islam's Holy War against the Western World is well and truly upon our British shores now make no mistake about it." This is one of your most powerful and frightening posts Lionheart. This has now gone well beyond the stage of 'alarming'; it is now becoming desperate. If your own government won't protect you, if your own government works in concert with your enemies, where can you turn? Who can you turn to if your own government is bound and determined to capitiulate. It's 1940 Vichy France all over again.

God help you and all true Brits. - rg


Obama's Global Poverty Act - Here's the Evil in S.2433

The issues are staggering, and while we might be compelled to believe that these things can never happen to America, read the following and see if you still feel that these evils cannot surmount our freedoms.

Barack Obama's Global Poverty Act will undoubtedly cost the U.S. billions in new monies for foreign aid, but that' not the most important issue.

All text in red and all bold text is Maggie's emphasis.

Is Senator Obama's Global Poverty Act (Senate Bill 2433) tied to the United Nations, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) or the U.N.'s Millennium Development Goal (MDG) in anyway?

Yes. S.2433, the language of the Bill says: "A bill to REQUIRE the President to develop and IMPLEMENT," "the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal." Senator Obama's S.2433 cannot be separated from the U.N. Millennium Development Goal.

Who implements S.2433 after the President "creates" a plan? The Secretary of State, Condoleesa Rice, her appointees with Congressional oversight by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Senate Appropriations Committee, the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Appropriations Committee.

What do we know about the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)?

Follow the links and be prepared for sudden nausea.

Does the United Nations Accept the Rule of Law?

The UN's Gravy Train to Iran

Ros-Lehtinen Statement on UNICEF Ties to Saudi Extremist-Linked Charity Report Shows U.N. Development Program Violated U.N. Law, Routinely Passed on Millions to North Korean Regime

The UN Corrupting Itself - A Chavez Connection

Does S.2433 require a specific strategy (some believe that it does not)?

The Bill says that we [the U.S.] will IMPLEMENT the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal? Can it be any clearer?

Does The Global Poverty Act subjugate the United States to the will of the United Nations? Yes, and it does so through the United Nations' Millennium Development Goal. It is important to remember that the MDG is a U.N. program. The following is the proof that the MDG is a "tax on the world" levied by the United Nations. The text addresses only the requirements to be placed upon the U.S. and other countries, it leaves out most of the goal of eradicating poverty and disease, and focuses on how that eradication will be accomplished. Text taken directly from the U.N. General Assembly Millennium Forum.
The Forum (urges, advocates, calls upon or insists): The United Nations To introduce binding codes of conduct for transnational companies and effective tax regulation on the international financial markets, investing this money in programmes for poverty eradication.
Here's a tax on international finances! Who are transnational companies?
To explore the feasibility of a legally binding convention on overcoming poverty, to be drafted in effective consultation and partnership with people living in poverty themselves.

To carry out the objective of moving towards the abolition of war by practical means, the United Nations Secretariat and interested Governments, or a separate group of Governments, should develop a draft proposal for global disarmament to be discussed in a fourth special session of the General Assembly on disarmament.
Someone, I think Orwell, said War is evil, but it is often the lesser evil. The U.N. plans for globalism, with the U.N. at the head of the snake, to abolish war. They think they are God.

To respect national sovereignty and the prohibition of the use of force, which are fundamental in the Charter of the United Nations. This principle must not be undermined. In the solution of conflicts, all peaceful methods in accordance with Chapter 6 of the Charter must be tried before measures of force are undertaken in accordance with Chapter 7. The General Assembly should set up a broad commission to analyse standards for forceful action in cases where crimes against humanity, war crimes or genocide are committed.
1) The U.N.'s "prohibition" of force is not to be undermined. 2) How does a global principle protect anyone's sovereignty? 3) "Peaceful method" means un-acted upon Resolutions - we have painful historical reminders. .
To expand the United Nations arms register in order to show the production and sale of small arms and light weapons. It should include specific names of their producers and traders.
Our Second Amendment rights monitored by the United Nations.
Together with nearly all Governments that participated in the recent Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference, Forum participants consider that unilateral deployment of nationwide missile defence by any country could have dangerously destabilizing effects and create pressures to permanently retain high levels of nuclear weapons or even to increase existing levels. The deployment of theatre missile defences in Asia or other regions could have serious regional destabilizing effects. Such plans should be relinquished in favour of a worldwide missile launch warning system and a conference to review methods of ending production of long-range surface-to-surface missiles and long-range bombers

To establish a commission at the United Nations to devise ways of stopping the technological development of new and more advanced weapons that create new imbalances in global power relationships. The Conference on Disarmament should also establish a working group on this subject.
The U.S. met their non-proliferation goals five years early, while the U.N. was enabling Iran to grow its nuclear program.

1) No long-range bombers for the U.S.

2) No surface-to-surface missiles for the U.S.

3) No missile defense for the U.S.

4) No new technological development

5) No more power to protect our nation
To initiate a worldwide freeze on armed forces and a 25 per cent cut in production and export of major weapons and small arms, and to that end to adopt an international code of conduct on arms exports, as the beginning of worldwide build-down of conventional forces.
That's a "worldwide freeze" on armed forces - on our Marines, our Army, our Navy, our Reserves, our Coast Guard! AND an international "code of conduct" to implement a "build-down" of conventional forces.
To increase their efforts to promote and to comply with international humanitarian laws, limiting the methods and means of war and protecting non-combatants, civilian populations and humanitarian personnel.

The international community civil society, Governments and the United Nations has a responsibility to stop promptly any genocide, war crimes or any massive violations of human rights. All those involved should seek to avoid any confusion between humanitarian help and military intervention.
Internationalism governs. Sovereignty is abolished. The United Nations Security Council reigns. Islam is implemented throughout the world.

If you are not familiar with the U.N. Security Council, here are some informative links:

Arabs Seek to "Halt" UN Security Council Meetings

The UN Security Council Takes Action Against Terrorism

Iran's 25-Year Atomic Program and the UN Failure to Launch Rape in War: Will the United Nations Walk its Talk?

For everything you need on the U.N. Security Council go to: Eye on the UN and UN Watch.
Globalization needs is transforming our world into a global village...We, of all ages, in particular our future generation the youth claim a space for that transnational civil society that even now is rising on the world scene with unprecedented ties, networking, exchanges and common action among peoples, groups, communities and organizations.
The youth of the world will "claim a space" for "that transnational civil society" in the world's "global village..." Where might that "space" be? Do the people in that "space" have a say about the youth's claims? Again, for emphasis: a transnational civil society
To develop a legally binding framework for regulating the actions of transnational corporations (TNCs), respecting the international labour, human rights, and sustainable environmental standards set by the United Nations and its relevant specialized agencies. The regulatory mechanism should include the active participation of workers and communities directly affected by TNC operations in order to prevent abuses and to subordinate TNCs to democratic civil authority and community-based modelling of socio-economic systems.
As I look around the web, I find no list of the evil-doing transnational corporations. If the U.N. plans to "subordinate" the transnationals to "civil authority" and "community-based modelling," we need to know who the culprits are. Could Google be on the list? Nah. Halliburton? I think so. "Big Oil" - oh yeah, but only careful "subordination" here, because the world needs "Big Oil" tax money, as well as its investment in exploration and drilling. Oh...there's always "nationalizing" the world's oil fields. The Islamic countries know how to drill for oil. They rule the U.N. Very convenient - but this is only a guess.
To examine and regulate transnational corporations and the increasingly negative influence of their trade on the environment. The attempt by companies to patent life is ethically unacceptable.
What does this mean, and who is patenting the life of others?
To move towards democratic political control of the global economy so that it may serve our vision.
The vision: The U.N. controlling a global economy - to serve the U.N.'s vision

How is a democracy defined within the hallowed halls of the U.N.? You and I don't have a clue but we know such democracies will be "subordinated" to the U.N.'s "civil society"
To develop migration policies, both emigration and immigration, in conformity with human rights standards, particularly to respect the global principle of freedom of circulation for all.
This is terrifying, really. The goal is to remove the sovereignty of our borders. We need to get up each morning with the idea of the U.N.'s "global principle of freedom of circulation" vision, think about it again at noon, and let it be the last thing we think about before sleep, because surely we will offer up a prayer to the Almighty that our leaders will repel this disgusting organization.
To make serious commitments to restructure the global financial architecture based on principles of equity, transparency, accountability and democracy, and to balance, with the participation of civil society organizations, the monetary means to favour human endeavour and ecology, such as an alternative time-based currency.
Restructuring the global financial architecture? Alternative time-based currency?
Sustainable funds could be raised through a currency transfer tax,...which could also help to reduce currency speculation, and a tax on the rental value of land and natural resources.
Here's the tax on currency transfers and land. When has the MSM reported this. When has Barack Obama spoken of this?
Stop imposing economic sanctions, which deprive people of their basic economic, social and environmental rights and which make their struggle for survival, as well as for civil and political rights, more difficult.
We can make the case that sanctions are worthless, as it is the U.N. which strengthens them. Iraq and Saddam Hussein comes immediately to mind, especially the Oil-for-Food Program. Then and now, there's Iran. How does the U.N., always wanting diplomatic solutions to prevail, propose that we deal with tyranny ?
To fully incorporate women into leadership at every level and gender perspectives into all its operations; to hold Governments accountable for their obligations to promote and protect the human rights of women and girls; and to act as monitors of the implementation of commitments to end discrimination and violence against women and girls.
When it comes to Women's Rights, (or human rights for that matter) the worst offenders are Muslim countries. It's all is a matter of "degree," isn't it? I notice at the Millennium Development Goal monitoring sites, some Arab countries have shown some degree of improvement. What does that mean? How has it changed the life of women under the control of Islam and their Islamic male dominaters? The free world will finance achieving this goal? Think again.
To establish a global habitat conservation fund to purchase comprehensive protection of threatened, critical ecological habitat worldwide. The fund should accrue revenues from a nominal (0.5 -1.0 per cent) royalty on worldwide fossil energy production oil, natural gas, coal, collecting at least $5 billion to $10 billion annually.
Here's the tax on fossil fuels that is continually denied.

End of text from Millennium Forum.

A tax on fossil fuels, land, currencies, etc.? Investor's Business Daily didn't make it up, Lee Cary at American Thinker didn't make it up. You can "monitor" the Millennium goals by country beginning here, although you won't learn much. Most of what we want and need to know falls into the "Insufficient Information" category. I reject the U.N. and everything it stands for, because everything it stands for is against the best interests of Americans and freedom anywhere, and usually is intent on feathering the nests of a U.N. diplomat and a cozy relationship with the worst of the terrorizing scums on the face of the earth.

The usual RHINO's support this traitorous Bill: Susan Collins, Chuck Hagel, Richard Lugar, and Olympia Snowe. Gordon Smith (R-OR) is also a co-sponsor and I do not have much information on him. He's from Oregon, so...

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