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If You Think You're Poor haven't seen nothing yet!

Obama Administration Seeks World Currency
Obama Administration Seeks World CurrencyApril 13, 2009Tax cheat Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner has indicated support for a world currency to be managed by an international group. This is after he testified before the House Financial Services Committee and said he would renounce any attempts to have America move away from the dollar.

After giving Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) assurances he would not support a global currency to replace the dollar, Geithner spoke before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York and responded to a question about whether the dollar could be replaced by a global currency. His answer:

…we’re actually quite open to that suggestion” and added that this would be “evolutionary” and “building on the current architecture” of the world’s currency.
Appearing on Sean Hannity’s program, Bachmann noted: “Secretary Geithner has left the option on the table. I want to know which it is. The American people deserve to know.”

While in London, Geithner expanded on his views by stating: “Our hope is that we can work with Europe on a global framework, a global infrastructure which has appropriate global oversight, so we don't have a Balkanized system at the global level, like we had at the national level.”

These summits are merely formalities with photo ops and fancy dinners. All the negotiating is done prior to the summit so Secretary Geithner knew what would come out of the summit ahead of time. Government officials negotiate these agreements ahead of time. His statement to Rep. Bachmann was dishonest. He had to have known that the global currency discussion was part of the pre-summit talks.

President Obama agreed to place our free enterprise system under the control of socialist bankers in Europe. A global currency would fit right into this new scheme.

Rep. Bachmann has introduced House Joint Resolution 41, an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would prohibit the President of the United States from signing any treaty or international agreement that will force the U.S. to adopt as legal tender any currency other than the dollar. Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL) has called for the resignation of Geithner over his handling of questions about the dollar and a world currency. According to Mack:

It’s shocking how Secretary Geithner, all by himself, continues to tear apart his national and international credibility.

Just when the American people thought our confidence in him couldn't sink any lower in the wake of the AIG fiasco, Secretary Geithner's multiple changing stances this week on China's calls for a new international reserve currency have raised even more questions about his on the job performance and his inability to inspire any confidence in his leadership.

What does Secretary Geithner really believe? Does he support China's call to abandon the U.S. dollar in favor of a new international reserve currency? Does he understand that a strong dollar is essential to America's economy, and that our freedom and prosperity are directly tied to the dollar's value?

The American people deserve clear and articulate answers from Secretary Geithner. His failure to answer these simple questions will only further erode his standing at home and abroad.

When you convert from dollars to the funny money mentioned above

you will lose!

You will lose from anywhere between forty-five percent to ninety percent of your purchasing power!

ps: How many years ago did I warn you about this?


The Boycott With A Twist...maybe we need more like this!

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An Interesting Event In Victoria Texas
Source: Various Sources. This story came out about a year ago but still relevant to those who may have missed it.
Victoria, Texas (pop. 55,000) is a town about 80 miles west of Houston.
Local Hispanic leaders there, in opposition to pending Immigration Legislation, boycotted all Caucasian owned businesses in the Victoria area this past weekend as a demonstration of their economic impact on the community.. The boycott was declared a success by the Hispanic community, noting that revenue in Caucasian owned businesses was down by 19%.

Business owners declared the boycott a success as well, pointing out that shoplifting was reduced by 77%, money orders sent out of the country were down by 97%, and the cost of daily clean-up and trash collection was down by 84%. Shoppers reported that they could actually hear English being spoken throughout the community for the first time in recent memory, and customers actually paid for purchases with real money, not government debit cards.

Friday, April 24, 2009

State Threatens Good Citizens...a state of the state, by the state, and for the state

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State threatens locals: Marry 'gays' – or else

Attorney general: 'We must live by and follow what the courts decide'

Posted: April 24, 2009
12:10 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is warning the county recorders' offices in his state that workers must process "marriage" licenses for same-sex duos or face possible charges in a court of law.

"If necessary, we will explore legal actions to enforce and implement the court's ruling, working with the Iowa Dept. of Public Health and county attorneys," he warned on his website.

But an announcement today from a statewide pro-family organization and a public interest law firm with a reach that goes around the world means the issue of same-sex weddings eventually could end up back in court.

The statements from Miller relate to the state Supreme Court's decision that Iowa must provide same-sex couples access to the state's marriage processes.

Miller praised the decision as "clear and well-reasoned" and explained it is expected to take effect April 27, since court offices are closed tomorrow.

In a series of messages on his website, he first "advised" recorders and registrars to provide "full access" to marriage.

Then he instructed: "A county registrar should furnish the forms in the same manner as in opposite gender applications."

"The Supreme Court's decision … does change state law: the decision expressly strikes from Iowa Code chapter 595 the language which limits civil marriage to a man and a woman," he ordered.

Then came the warning that "legal actions" could be pursued.

"We must live by and follow what the courts decide," he said.

However, a letter sent to county recorders by the Alliance Defense Fund says Miller is forgetting completely about "one of the most foundational rights and liberties we enjoy as Iowans" … "the right of conscience."

That right, the letter says, is codified in Iowa Code 146.1.

"This right is based upon the simple truth that it is wrong to force anyone to violate his or her conscience," said the letter, also from the Iowa Family Policy Council.

It cites the motto on the seal of the state, which reads, "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain."

"This noble motto … is emblematic of the moral sentiments of Iowans from the banks of the Missouri to the waters of the Mighty Mississippi. … As citizens of the State of Iowa and thus, the United States, we enjoy the protections of this right guaranteed in the U.S. and Iowa Constitutions. This right of conscience protects individuals against coercion by the state authority, and serves as the first line of defense against the cancer of tyranny."

The letter suggests counties adopt policies that ensure no one will be required to "issue or process a marriage license, or to perform, assist, or participate in such procedures, against that individual's religious beliefs or moral convictions."

The suggested policy continues: "A person shall not discriminate against any individual in any way, including but not limited to employment, promotion, advancement, transfer, licensing, education, training, or the granting of employment privileges or conditions, because of the individual's participation in or refusal to participate in the issuance of a marriage license."

If Miller does not like that, the ADF "will defend this policy language and will provide free legal review and defense if this policy is challenged on the basis of its content."

"This policy would protect objecting employees from being forced to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples if doing so would violate the employee's conscience," the ADF said.

Doug Napier, ADF senior legal counsel, said government employees who believe in marriage as the union of one man and one woman should not be penalized for abiding by their beliefs.

"This policy allows an employee who does not wish to violate his or her own conscience by issuing a marriage license to a same-sex couple to abstain and allow the transaction to be performed by someone who is willing to do it," he said. "Forcing them to participate in offensive acts contrary to their deeply held beliefs in order to remain employed is unconstitutional.

"Contrary to the threatening statement issued by Attorney General Tom Miller on April 21, the citizens of Iowa enjoy the protections of the right of conscience guaranteed in the U.S. and Iowa constitutions – the very constitutions that county recorders swore to uphold when taking office," Napier said. "Mr. Miller conveniently omitted any discussion of their rights of conscience or the recorders' duty to protect the rights of their employees.

"This right of conscience protects individuals against heavy-handed coercion by the state, including the attorney general," he said.

Napier said the Iowa marriage law was settled and supported by Iowans, but then the court justices "stepped outside of [their] proper role of interpreting the law and has instead overruled the will of the people and created new law."

Miller, on his web page, affirmed that the justices were creating new law.

Napier said the solution would be for the state legislature to allow state residents to vote on the issue. The Iowa Family Policy Council already has begun work on that effort at a website promoting a marriage amendment.

A spokesman for the state organization said it had been contacted by a number of recorders or their employees expressing concern that the state's orders on a moral issue would violate their religious beliefs.

The same issue arose when a state court in California last year ruled there that county offices must issue same-sex "marriage" licenses. Several county officials were in the position of developing a challenge to the orders when voters took the issue in hand and in November overruled the court.

The voters in California embedded in their state constitution the definition of marriage limited to one man and one woman.

In California then, as in Iowa now, state officials rewrote state forms and procedures even though the legislatures are the only agencies authorized to write state law.


Is America Going To Hell? - No not just yet. I say we're headed for a beheading if we don't support Allah and his messenger, Obama!

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Judicial Nominee Says Prayers To Allah Okay, But Not To Jesus

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Judicial Nominee Says Prayers to Allah Okay, But Not to JesusMarch 26, 2009True to his campaign promises, President Barack Hussein Obama has picked a rabid judicial activist as his first federal court pick. Judge David Hamilton has been chosen by Obama to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit.

Hamilton is precisely what Obama wants in a judge: Someone who ignores the Constitution and imposes his own liberal ideas on each case. Hamilton will have what Obama calls “empathy” for the poor, child molesters, abortionists, murderers, etc. Read more at Traditional
And from World Net Daily :

Judge Hamilton wrote: "The injunction orders the Speaker...that the prayers should not use Christ's name or title or any other denominational appeal...If those offering prayers in the Indiana House of Representatives choose to use the Arabic 'Allah'...the court sees little risk that the choice of language would advance a particular religion or disparage others.

In other words, Judge Hamilton ruled the words "Jesus" or "Christ" are illegal words, prohibited for public speech, banned by the First Amendment, which somehow prohibits freedom of religious expression, and makes Christian prayers ILLEGAL in a public forum. (What crazy version of the First Amendment is he reading?)

S834 - Senator Jeff Sessions Needs Your Support

Money Trimmed From Budget Should Go To Debt Repayment

WASHINGTON—Just hours after President Obama charged his cabinet to find $100 million in budget cuts, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) offered legislation in the Senate directing such savings to be used to pay down the national debt.

Sessions’ bill would mandate that any funds left over at the end of the year due to reductions in spending or waste be used to pay down the United States’ $6.6 trillion debt. Under current law, unused funds can be returned to the Treasury to be spent by other parts of the government, removing an incentive for budget-conscious government officials to cut costs or reduce inefficiencies in their departments.

Sessions, a senior member of the Senate Budget committee, said his legislation would encourage frugality and fiscal responsibility among Executive Branch officials.

“Anyone who has worked in government knows the old rule that you either spend all of your department’s money or risk losing the funding. That system begs for a wasteful end-of-the-year spending spree,” Sessions said. “This legislation would allow department heads to cut unnecessary spending and fight waste with the knowledge that every penny saved will help pay down our debt.”

At a White House cabinet meeting today, Obama ordered his department secretaries to find a combined $100 million in budget cuts. It was not immediately clear where those funds would be reallocated, but it is likely the savings will be spent on other domestic programs.

“$100 million is just a drop in the bucket compared to the $1.8 trillion deficit that we will see this year and is a minuscule fraction of our national debt. Even so, as stewards of taxpayer money, both Congress and the Executive Branch must have the mindset that every penny should be spent wisely,” Session said. “If government managers identify areas to save money, eliminate waste, or trim their budgets, they should do so with the certainty that the money saved will go to good use paying down our growing debt and not spent by some other irresponsible department.”

The Congressional Budget Office predicts that the U.S. will overspend by $1.8 trillion this year, a postwar record. Both chambers of Congress recently approved a $3.5 trillion budget that calls for deficits averaging nearly $1 trillion a year for the next decade.

Under the plan, which will likely be finalized by Congress later this month, the national debt will double in five years and triple in ten. According to the Senate Budget Committee, the annual interest payment on the debt will soar from $170 billion this year to $806 billion in 2019, consuming 20 percent of all federal revenue.

Source: with a H-T to Smart Girl Politics
******* *******
Sen. Jeff Sessions with Norm Hooben

That's's got to be a miracle!



Fw: ... ...sincerely, Every Real American

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April 17, 2009

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Mr. Obama:

I have had it with you and your administration, sir. Your conduct on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that you are not an adequate representative of the United States of America collectively or of me personally.

You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the Muslim world that you have abdicated the responsibilities of the President of the United States of America. You are responsible to the citizens of the United States. You are not responsible to the peoples of any other country on earth.

I personally resent that you go around the world apologizing for the United States telling Europeans that we are arrogant and do not care about their status in the world. Sir, what do you think the First World War and the Second World War were all about if not the consideration of the peoples of Europe? Are you brain dead? What do you think the Marshall Plan was all about? Do you not understand or know the history of the 20thcentury?

Where do you get off telling a Muslim country that the United States does not consider itself a Christian country? Have you not read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States? This country was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and the principles governing this country, at least until you came along, come directly from this heritage. Do you not understand this?

Your bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia is an affront to all Americans. Our President does not bow down to anyone, let alone the king of Saudi Arabia. You don?t show Great Britain, our best and one of our oldest allies, the respect they deserve yet you bow down to the king of Saudi Arabia. How dare you, sir! How dare you!

You can?t find the time to visit the graves of our greatest generation because you don?t want to offend the Germans but make time to visit a mosque in Turkey. You offended our dead and every veteran when you give the Germans more respect than the people who saved the German people from themselves. What?s the matter with you?

I am convinced that you and the members of your administration have the historical and intellectual depth of a mud puddle and should be ashamed of yourselves, all of you.

You are so self-righteously offended by the big bankers and the American automobile manufacturers yet do nothing about the real thieves in this situation, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Frank, Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelic, the Fannie Mae bonuses, and the Freddie Mac bonuses. What do you intend to do about them? Anything? I seriously doubt it.

What about the U.S. House members passing out $9.1 million in bonuses to their staff members ? on top of the $2.5 million in automatic pay raises that lawmakers gave themselves? I understand the average House aide got a 17% bonus. I took a 5% cut in my pay to save jobs with my employer. You haven?t said anything about that. Who authorized that? I surely didn?t!
Executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be receiving $210 million in bonuses over an eighteen-month period, that's $45 million more than the AIG bonuses. In fact, Fannie and Freddie executives have already been awarded $51 million ? not a bad take. Who authorized that and why haven?t you expressed your outrage at this group who are largely responsible for the economic mess we have right now.
I resent that you take me and my fellow citizens as brain-dead and not caring about what you idiots do. We are watching what you are doing and we are getting increasingly fed up with all of you. I also want you to know that I personally find just about everything you do and say to be offensive to every one of my sensibilities. I promise you that I will work tirelessly to see that you do not get a chance to spend two terms destroying my beautiful country.


Every Real American


Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Were Not Born Here! Cicero was right!

Source: Stop Socialism
Hospitals In Hawaii To Obama:
You Were Not Born Here!

Obama birth certificate deadline

Supposed Conspiracy Claim Turns REAL on Obama

It is becoming painfully obvious that we may very well have a criminal President in 2009. No this isn’t a joke. What I speak of is the curious developments in the supposedly racist, biased, dumb, as well as insane case of where Obama was born. Why the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue Is Legitimate

A strange development indeed is how it is that every time Barack Obama or a family member tells of where Obama was born, they seem to have no idea as of December 2008.

They seemed to know what hospital quite a few times months ago when it was claimed that Obama’s mother gave birth to him at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu - Obama and Mom Never Here

The Queen’s Medical Center
1301 Punchbowl StreetHonolulu, HI 96813 Link to Site
Phone number 808-538-9011 General Medical Records 808-547-4361.

After it was concluded that Obama and his mother were never there, his sister was in an interview (Mary) and claimed that Obama was born at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children - Obama and Mom Never Here 1319 Punahou StreetHonolulu, Hawaii 96826(808) 535-7000 Link to site

Hospital after Hospital - all Have No Record of Obama being born or Mom Ever being There.

Obama birth certificate deadline

Hospital after hospital in Honolulu all have NO RECORD of Obama or mother ever being there. Is this some state secret? Are we to believe that even the hospital that he was born in should remain secret? Why lie to us as if it matters I mean the man did win the Presidential vote? Why the lies and secrecy?

We already know that Obama’s family and the entire nation of Kenya (which is about to have a national holiday for Obama) know that Barack Obama was born in Mombasa Coastal Hospital in Kenya. The government of Kenya has sealed these records. More and more secrecy due to the fact that once proven, Obama will not be constitutionally allowed to become President of the United States!

All of these were called or visited from November 20 - December 2nd 2008. It is confirmed, OBAMA was not born in any hospital in Honolulu County! NONE AS A FACT!
Hospital employees were bribed, some gave info for free.

Hospitals you can check yourself (Hint on the process: Most of the following Hospitals didn’t exist in Honolulu County at time of Obama’s birth so this was an academic exercise) The main two hospitals claimed that definitely existed are above and both have no record of Obama or Mother Ann in either of them.

We were pretty detailed in our calls and visits thanks to dozens of native Hawaiian patriots! To the College Republicans all over the Island kudos!. You can look at every hospital here and call or visit any of them. Everyone has a family member working in a hospital. Talk, pay and bribe. You can file freedom of information acts, you can do everything and anything you wish. Barack Obama was never born in a hospital in Hawaii as claimed.

Only his original that he has sealed will have this info. Will the Supreme Court force it open and thus preserve the Constitution of the United States?

Why the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue Is Legitimate

Hawaii Issues Birth Certificates to Foreign Born Residents!

Here’s Hawaii saying it like it it. All Doubts Cleared my Friends.

A. From Hawaii’s official Department of Health, Vital Records webpage: “Amended certificates of birth may be prepared and filed with the Department of Health, as provided by law, for 1) a person born in Hawaii who already has a birth certificate filed with the Department of Health or 2) a person born in a foreign country (applies to adopted children).
B. A parent may register an in-state birth in lieu of certification by a hospital of birth under HRS 338-5.
C. Hawaiian law expressly provides for registration of out-of-state births under HRS 338-17.8. A foreign birth presumably would have been recorded by the American consular of the country of birth, and presumably that would be reflected on the Hawaiian birth certificate.
D. Hawaiian law, however, expressly acknowledges that its system is subject to error. See, for example, HRS 338-17.
E. Hawaiian law expressly provides for verification in lieu of certified copy of a birth certificate under HRS 338-14.3.
F. Even the Hawaii Department of Home Lands does not accept a certified copy of a birth certificate as conclusive evidence for its homestead program. From its web site: “In order to process your application, DHHL utilizes information that is found only on the original Certificate of Live Birth, which is either black or green. This is a more complete record of your birth than the Certification of Live Birth (a computer-generated printout). Submitting the original Certificate of Live Birth will save you time and money since the computer-generated Certification requires additional verification by DHHL.”

Now that we all understand that you can be born in Madagascar, Russia, Norway, Brazil or even Kenya like Obama and still have a REAL birth certificate that both Snopes and Factcheck would say was real since they are real. That doesn’t mean you were born in Hawaii. Does this matter to America?

Barack Obama has as of November 27th 2008 spent over$500,000 U.S. to prevent others from seeing it. Why? Didn’t he already win the vote?

Please don’t bring up Snopes (link) that says THEYVE SEEN Obama’s birth certificate and it is the one on his site called Fight the Smears. That is just plain garbage as it has a 2007 border and doesn’t list the hospital, Dr. or place of birth! Plus they say they’ve seen his real birth certificate (you know the one that we the people aren’t allowed to see) .

All of the people born in Korea, Kenya, Mongolia, Australia and who also have Hawaiian birth certificates also have REAL birth certificates.

This does not mean they were born in Hawaii. Get it?

barack Obama supreme court deadline

The following is what Obama has on his site as his real birth certificate authenticated by Snopes and Factcheck. Hmmm - 2007 borders, no info on original at all? What’s wrong with this picture? Yes it is a real birth certificate, so are the tens of thousands of other birth certificates given to people born in other countries.

Barack Obama birth certificate supreme court

Please don’t bring up Fact Check either (link) as they and Snopes can literally LOOK AT the thousands and thousands of birth certificates in Hawaii from people born in Korea, Australia, Germany and even Kenya like Barack Obama! They are all REAL and Authentic birth certificates, but that doesn’t mean Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

Snopes and FactCheck aren’t lying when they say the 2007 birth certificate on Obama’s site is real. So are the thousands and thousands of birth certificates in Hawaii from people born in Korea, Australia, Germany and even Kenya like Barack Obama! They are all REAL and Authentic birth certificates, but that doesn’t mean they or Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. (Document currently on Obama’s site is a forgery though. I’m sure the Factcheck one that America may not see is real - just like all of the others?)

This is the whole point my friends. That is why many of us are incensed that Obama is about to become the President and may not even Constitutionally qualify to be one!

This is unacceptable to every American who understands that Hawaii issues birth certificates to those born in foreign nations.

Yes - it is a proven fact that Hawaii grants birth certificates to people born in other nations! If you or I want a copy, they produce the document that you see on Obama’s site. Why then many ask does Obama currently have a forgery on his site? Another mystery that needs to be answered. That is NOT the one that has what we need to see to have Obama become President of the United States.

To become President of the United States one must meet 3 criteria.

  • You must be 35 years of Age
  • You must be a resident for 14 years
  • You must be a natural born citizen - this is the one that someone born outside of the United States would obviously spend hundreds of thousands $$ to prevent us from seeing his birth certificate, just as Barack Obama has done. Hint Hint.

What is Barack Obama Hiding? Can anyone answer the question as to where and what hospital he was born in?

Time is ticking and it looks like all hope is on the Supreme Court on Friday when they review a case before them designed to force Obama to release his birth certificate. December 5th 2008 is the deadline for them to meet.

No One Checks these People’s backgrounds at all?

There is in fact NO ONE that checks. That is part of the lawsuits before the Supreme Court against the DNC as well as Obama. All they do is ask the state of birth if they have a real birth certificate on file and what the date of birth is. That is ALL! This is the whole point of the matter.

Other candidates for Presidency in 2008 NOT Qualified

We even had other candidates run for the Presidency in minor parties like this guy - who ran for President against Obama and McCain but WAS BORN IN NICARAGUA.
Understand that there is no one that makes sure like a national HR dept that candidates are qualified. Róger Calero was the Socialist Workers Party Candidate.

He Ran and no one checked on his background either

Róger Calero was also arrested for felonies - another reason that he should not have even been allowed to even run for the Presidency in America. FACT. By the way he (Róger Calero) was on the ballot in five states, where he received 7,209 votes. Coupled with the 2,618 votes received in the five states where Harris was on the ballot, the Socialist Workers Party received 9,827 votes. No one checked his qualifications either. No one does!

We need to see Obama’s ’sealed’ birth certificate to clear all of the lies. Thank You Earth Frisk

The following has no connection with the above post.

Click on picture to enlarge.

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Obama! Lay Off Our Troops


Barack Obama May Subject US Troops To International Court
Posted By: Gerald Warner - Mar 6, 2009

They are feeling good just now at The Hague, as the judges and pen-pushers of the International Criminal Court (ICC) adjourn to smart restaurants to celebrate the latest gesture-politics flexing of their muscles by issuing an arrest warrant for Omar al Bashir, the President of Sudan. They are feeling less good in Darfur, from which 10 international aid agencies were expelled in retaliation within four hours of the ICC initiative, cutting food supplies and closing clinics. One man's ego trip is another man's starvation.

But the people who should be feeling really nervous about this development are the citizens of the United States and more especially their armed forces. The signs are that the grandstanding Barack Obama is preparing to subject the United States to the jurisdiction of the ICC. In May, 2002 President Bush withdrew the United States from the Rome Statute which established the ICC. With America heading into global conflict, he had no wish to see US troops arraigned for alleged war crimes before a kangaroo court.
That was a wise decision and probably required in terms of the US Constitution. Already, however, the Obama administration is sending out very different messages. America helped defeat a proposal that the warrant for Bashir should be suspended for 12 months - which would have been a welcome respite for the soup kitchens of Darfur. This is a policy change of considerable significance.
Nor is it the only straw in the wind. Last month US Ambassador Susan Rice, in a closed meeting of the Security Council, supported the ICC, saying it "looks to become an important and credible instrument for trying to hold accountable the senior leadership responsible for atrocities committed in the Congo, Uganda and Darfur". A week later Ben Chang, spokesman for National Security Advisor General James Jones, took a similar line, telling the Washington Times: "We support the ICC in its pursuit of those who've perpetrated war crimes."
The next logical step is for the United States to sign up to the ICC. That would flatter Obama's ego as the conscience of the world. It would also put US servicemen at the mercy of any American-hating opportunists who might choose to arraign them on trumped-up charges before an alien court whose judges are likely to be ill-disposed towards America too.
In a joint analysis by David Scheffer (who helped set up the ICC) and John Hutson (former US Navy Judge Advocate General), the authors wrote: "If the United States were to join the ICC, one would have to accept at least the theoretical possibility that American citizens (particularly political and military leaders) could be prosecuted before the ICC on charges of committing atrocity crimes."
So, vengeful Democrats could facilitate the indictment of President George W Bush and all his senior commanders in Iraq. American troops on active service have been shown in polls to have little confidence in Barack Obama. His overtures to the ICC will hardly reverse that tendency.


What others are saying...

Obama May Subject US Troops to International Criminal Court

Let’s Impeach Obama Before this Can Happen

Posted on March 7, 2009. Filed under: Military, Obama, Politics by Don't Get Me Started

Obama has proven that he is more concerned about the rest of the world than he is about America!! He is NOT FIT to be president and if he follows through on this he deserves to be impeached. He is single-handedly trying to destroy this country and our military power. It DISGUSTS me!! Just goes to show what happens when someone who has loyalty to another country (or countries) tries to preside over this one. It doesn’t work!!!!! Let’s get him out of office. We still don’t have real proof that he’s a citizen (not surprising) and his actions since he’s been in office back up the fact that he doesn’t have any real loyalty to the US!! I disliked and disagreed with him before he was elected, but now he’s even worse than I thought!



What bothers me tremendously about this Obama guy is that he has lied and cheated his way into the White House and yet all those Justices, Congressmen, and Secret Service personnel who swore to uphold the Constitution will do nothing...and they all have the power to do it! They don't even need to start impeachment proceedings! He has committed such treasonous acts that he fits the definition of an enemy of the state and he should be arrested and sent to jail for the remainder of his natural life...Guantanamo would be too good for him but it would suffice to teach him a lesson that we the people govern and we do not take kindly to dictators. - Norman E. Hooben


This just in...

-------Original Message-------
From: (link removed)
Date: 4/23/2009 5:37:38 AM
To: (link removed)
Subject: Very Important Notice:

Whether you are an Obama fan, or not, EVERYONE IN THE U. S. needs to know...

Something happened... H.R. 1388 was passed yesterday, behind our backs. You may want to read about it. It wasn't mentioned on the news... just went by on the ticker tape at the bottom of the CNN screen.

Obama funds $20M in tax payer dollars to immigrate Hamas Refugees to the USA. This is the news that didn't make the headlines...

By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in "migration assistance" to the Palestinian refugees and "conflict victims" in Gaza.

The "presidential determination", which allows hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas to resettle in the United States, was signed on January 27 and appeared in the Federal Register on February 4.

Few on Capitol Hill, or in the media, took note that the order provides a free ticket replete with housing and food allowances to individuals who have displayed their overwhelming support to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the parliamentary election of January 2006.

Let's review...itemized list of some of Barack Obama's most recent actions since his inauguration:

His first call to any head of state, as president, was to Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah party in the Palestinian territory.

His first one-on-one television interview with any news organization was with Al Arabia television.

His first executive order was to fund/facilitate abortion(s) not just here within the U. S., but within the world, using U. S. tax payer funds.

He ordered Guantanamo Bay closed and all military trials of detainees halted.

He ordered overseas CIA interrogation centers closed.

He withdrew all charges against the masterminds behind the USS Cole and the "terror attack" on 9/11.

Now we learn that he is allowing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refuges to move to, and live in, the US at American taxpayer expense.

These important, and insightful, issues are being "lost" in the blinding bail-outs and "stimulation" packages.

Doubtful? To verify this for yourself:

WE are losing this country at a rapid pace.

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Nancy Beats Harry...Who would have known?

Source: SayAnything

Sixty percent (60%) of U.S. voters now have an unfavorable opinion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, including 42% Very Unfavorable, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. A growing number of her doubters seem to be fellow Democrats.

Look for this to get worse, much worse, now that the Democrats are in charge. It’s about time that people pay attention to the disaster that these idiots are creating.

Oh and things are going so well for Dingy Harry either:

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While many of us have been disappointed in the leadership of the Republican party there’s no doubt that the Democrats are much much worse. What the Republicans need is some fresh leadership and to stop paying attention to the Washington power structure. If they do that they’ll be fine.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not All Of Us Are Hypnotized...and one thing more!

H-T to M. Harvey

I must have reviewed a hundred videos in the past week and certainly there were a lot of great ones, but somehow I stopped on these two...they just about sum it up.

...don't go away, there's one thing more.

The One Thing
Glenn Beck

How Sweet It Is...Freedom Watch will not rest until justice is done...Go get 'em guys!

Geithner, Paulson named in $200 billion lawsuit
AIG-related case claims they violated shareholders constitutional rights

Posted: April 10, 2009
10:45 pm Eastern

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Tim Geithner

A $200 billion lawsuit filed on behalf of shareholders of American International Group has been amended to include Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox as defendants.

The case, filed earlier by a public interest law firm, Freedom Watch USA, is on behalf of shareholders of AIG who have watched the value of the company plummet by some $214 billion.

The class action lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles is a "wide reaching" claim that will do what Congress cannot, said Freedom Watch USA founder Larry Klayman.

"The American people, not the compromised ruling elite in Washington, D.C., have begun a second American Revolution to take the country back from the con men on Wall Street, and on Pennsylvania Avenue – who under successive administrations played a central role in the meltdown of the U.S. financial system and economy," Klayman said.

The amended complaint now alleges that the additional defendants violated the constitutional rights of the shareholders by denying them the right to their property, the shares themselves.

"The inspiration for this amendment was information disclosed by University of Missouri professor William K. Black on the Bill Moyers' PBS television show last Friday, where he implicated these government officials in a massive cover up of the banking scandal, mostly for the benefit of Goldman Sachs, the former employer of both Paulson and Geithner, in which they held a significant financial interest," Klayman reported.

"As for Cox, his reckless and intentionally impotent oversight at the SEC is the basis for the claim against him," he said.

Klayman noted that under precedent established by the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. vs. Bivens, the defendants can be named as individuals, as well as officials.

Klayman also decried the apparent attempt by AIG CEO Edward Liddy to avoid being served with the original lawsuit.

On at least three occasions already, he has "run," telling AIG security not to allow process servers into his office suite, Klayman said.

"This is an absolute disgrace," said Klayman. "It shows the complete lack of respect AIG and its directors have for the Rule of Law. Liddy can run but he cannot hide. It's only a matter of time before he and his co-horts, along with Geithner, Paulson and Cox, will be held accountable by the American people, not compromised politicians in Washington, D.C., like Barney Frank Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, who yesterday refused to answer a legitimate question from a Harvard student who inquired why he and his committee failed to oversee the banking scandal."

The complaint alleges the defendants "jointly and severally, have seriously undermined and damaged AIG's financial health and valuable past reputation by systematically causing and/or permitting the company to engage in a litany of highly risky, detrimental and reckless business dealings …. that have caused the company to verge on bankruptcy and which have required in excess of $190 billion dollars to date of government provided monies to prevent total company failure."

The action seeks judgments against defendants "for the amount of damages sustained by the shareholders as a result of the defendants' breaches of fiduciary duties, gross mismanagement and waste of corporate assets, causing a descrease in shareholders equity in an amount in excess of $200 billion dollars."

"Freedom Watch will not rest until justice is done and it won't come from the Obama administration, bent on deceiving the U.S. taxpayer that it intends to clean up this corruption, all the while lining the pockets of its friends at AIG with government bailout money, who gave handsomely to have the president elected," said Klayman.

The lawsuit alleges the defendants, also including Richard Holbrooke and Martin Feldstein of the Obama administration, have caused the company's value in 1990 to drop from "approximately $217 billion dollars" to today's estimated $3.5 billion, "a net decline of $214.5 billion based on the market capitalization rate formula."

AIG used "financially unsound" credit default swap derivative contracts and collateralized debt obligations to expose the company to "enormous risk," the suit says.

"After AIG posted a record breaking $62 billion dollar loss for the 4th quarter of 2008, the defendants, each and every one of them, incredibly paid out $165 million dollars in bonuses to its executives in March of 2009 and $55 million dollars in December of 2008 for this poor performance, and also paid out dividends when this was not reasonable or warranted under the circumstances," Klayman's case alleges.

Klayman said 400 workers each received between $1,000 and $6.5 million, and seven executives in the unit responsible for many of the losses each got more than $3 million.

"The bonuses were allegedly for retention, in part, and also performance based, but it has become clear that this was not the reason for the bonuses; rather looting of shareholder and government assets was the motivation," the case alleges.

It continues, "During this time of unprecedented wealth destruction for AIG shareholders, each of the defendants were compensated generously by way of handsome salaries and exorbitant bonuses and dividends, among other benefits and perks, despite their misconduct."

WND recently reported a poll indicated three in four Americans want members of Congress to return money they got from AIG for their political campaigns.

The poll from The O'Leary Report by Brad O'Leary and Zogby International showed 73 percent of Americans think politicians, including President Obama and Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., should not have profited from AIG and should return the money.

Obama and Dodd were the top recipients of campaign largesse from AIG over the past two years, with Obama getting $104,332 and Dodd taking in $103,900. Others received money, too, but in smaller amounts. All together, AIG donated $644,218 to federal politicians.

According to the Washington Post, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently confirmed that he had wanted to sue AIG to stop the company from paying out about $165 million in bonuses, but Fed lawyers advised against the litigation.

AIG CEO Edward Liddy told Congress last week that the Fed signed off on the bonuses before they became public. The company also has said some of the employees have promised to return the bonuses voluntarily.