Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The clairvoyant Post...The Washington Post !

Source of the article below: Washington Post

I was going to start out by saying, "I have a problem with..." but, "No!", I don't have the problem; the Washington Post has the problem! They not only have a problem of reporting the facts but they sure have no problem distorting the facts! Knowing they will not print my counter point I'll be short. The article below is worded to take the heat off of Obama's failed policies which any intelligent person can see (I say this because most of the voters who read the Post exhibit little intelligence...just look at who they supported!).

I won't even bother to ask you to read the entire article... simply go to the first sentence in the last paragraph, "Employment in the service sector dropped 103,000 jobs in September."

Well we all know it takes weeks, sometimes months to compile data such as this but the Washington Post seems to be clairvoyant because they reported the figures before the month of September was even over! How's that for responsible reporting? ~ Norman E. Hooben

U.S. GDP Revised Upward in Second Quarter; Private-Sector Job Loss Slows

By Frank Ahrens September 30, 2009; 8:25 AM ET

Second-quarter U.S. GDP was a little better than earlier reported in its final revision issued moments ago, the Commerce Department said.

GDP was down 0.7 percent for the quarter, Commerce said, beating the earlier estimate of a 1 percent drop. This is not-bad news on the economy; we'll see how the markets react to this news when they open this morning.

Also this morning, private employment agency ADP said earlier this morning that 254,000 jobs were shed in the private sector from August to September -- the fewest number of jobs cut since July 2008, though the number was higher than expectations.

The ADP number is a widely watched predictor of the Labor Department's monthly jobs report, which is due out Friday, and is expected to increase from 9.7 percent to 9.8 percent.

Again, small businesses were hit the hardest by this recession. ADP said that employers with fewer than 50 employees shed 100,000 jobs, while businesses with 50 to 499 employees lost 93,000 employees. Businesses larger than that shed 61,000 jobs.

Employment in the service sector dropped 103,000 jobs in September. The manufacturing sector shed 74,000 jobs. The ADP numbers reported the 32nd straight month of job losses in the construction sector.

-- Frank Ahrens

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