Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Re-Runs with comments first

Some posts are not read in their entirety for a number of reasons. One in being that the articles may be too lengthy for the reader and therefor fails to get the message. By posting some comments made by those who read the entire document I re-post them here hoping the message will sink in before the current adminsitration sinks us. ~ Norman E. Hooben
3 Comments April 1, 2009 Recruiter, CT writes:

I fail to understand how anyone can think that tremendous deficit spending will do anything other than bankrupt our country. Obama is in so far over his head, it’s frightening. Global Currency. One World Order. Pretty soon, we will all be wearing American made Burkas. This madness has to be stopped!

April 1, 2009 dr kennedy c.uba ,nigeria writes:

l believe that every country should fellow which ever path that is conducive and adequate or simplely that will get the job done for their respective economy

April 1, 2009 Jolene Atkins, Dallas, TX writes:

Frightening Times! What on earth will happent to America’s sovereignity and economic freedom? One wonders just how much worse things could get. Having a president who is so anxious to be like Europe is frightening. I liked America just like it has been for all of my life. –I don’t think we have anything to apologize for to the other nations. We should hold our heads high. We have done more for the free world and to keep a free world than than most.

(The original post on April 1st can be can be found here.)


And a long post from The Snooper Report which I just re-read this morning.

Good! The bastards should be scared. Their reign of lies and corruption is coming to an end.

April 15, 2009 No.9

Then we have this from someone who obviously hates me.

Anonymous said...
Had enough yet? You racist facist pig. I am going to make your life hell. You betcha!

Only because he/she did not like this post "AMERICA's FUTURE...Will we have one? "


And just so I won't bore you to death with more reading let me leave you with this video that gets the message across only some people have not absorbed it yet...recorded a few years ago but still applies today because, "WE ARE IN TROUBLE"

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