Friday, July 17, 2009

Where's the outrage? Health care goes to hell, Clinton supports dictators, ...

Sorry folks for not keeping up with the latest while on the road...
There's altogether too much going on in the world today that is leading us into one direction and if the people don't soon react we could see nothing but devastation throughout the land.

I listened intently to the Senate hearings on Obama's selection for the Supreme Court...the so-called lady lied upon lie with most of her replies...and Americans did not respond with the needed outrage...
Then we have Hilary Clinton supporting the would be Honduran dictator Manuel Zelaya who in turn is supported by the American dictator, Obama...and no outrage!

The forced upon us health care package now before the Senate is sure to create some outrage especially among the elderly...I guess if the eldery are forced to die off sooner than expected the Obama-ites will have a larger voting block after these old nags get out the way. Here's a little outrage from Gerry Phelps

Health Care Bill Outlaws Private Insurance

At On page 16 of the 1002 page document, it is spelled out that no one can get new private health insurance after the Health Care bill passes.

That would mean if someone changed jobs, they could not take their health care insurance with them. If a new child was born after that deadline, new health care insurance could not be bought for them. Etc.

What this means is that if the bill passes, private insured health care is on its way out. There would soon be no way out of the system. Eventually, there would be no more possibility of private health care outside the government program. It would be whatever was offered then in government care, or nothing.

But read it all for yourselves

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