Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama's Managed Health Care (really IS managed death care)...Will it be a Constitutional 'right'?

Sometimes we refer to things that go amok has "fallen through the cracks" and we tend to feel sorry for the ill fated who may have suffered some from the slippage. Then we have some major screw-up and everybody is dumbfounded as to what the heck happened. Now we have a United States Congressman who not only has fallen through the cracks but has become a major screw-up. House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers wants to (or rather is going to) introduce a constitutional amendment that would establish health care as a "right" for all Americans. Now if this does not place you in the dumbfounded group, nothing will! Imagine care as a 'right' got to be kidding me! But no, this joker is not kidding! When you claim that health care is a 'right' then you must take away someone else's 'rights' to pay for it. Sorry, but I'm not giving up any of my rights for somebody that's too lazy to buy their own insurance.
If the Constitution needs amending we ought to have a 'Dopey Politician Clause'...we can even name it after Conyers! Your rights...we tried to con-yours! (get it...Conyers, con yours)
On another note: Don't you think that Obama's managed health care bill should be renamed, "MANAGED DEATH CARE", for that's what it's all about see who lives and who dies based on the needs of society. ~ Norman E. Hooben


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