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Obama! Lay Off Our Troops


Barack Obama May Subject US Troops To International Court
Posted By: Gerald Warner - Mar 6, 2009

They are feeling good just now at The Hague, as the judges and pen-pushers of the International Criminal Court (ICC) adjourn to smart restaurants to celebrate the latest gesture-politics flexing of their muscles by issuing an arrest warrant for Omar al Bashir, the President of Sudan. They are feeling less good in Darfur, from which 10 international aid agencies were expelled in retaliation within four hours of the ICC initiative, cutting food supplies and closing clinics. One man's ego trip is another man's starvation.

But the people who should be feeling really nervous about this development are the citizens of the United States and more especially their armed forces. The signs are that the grandstanding Barack Obama is preparing to subject the United States to the jurisdiction of the ICC. In May, 2002 President Bush withdrew the United States from the Rome Statute which established the ICC. With America heading into global conflict, he had no wish to see US troops arraigned for alleged war crimes before a kangaroo court.
That was a wise decision and probably required in terms of the US Constitution. Already, however, the Obama administration is sending out very different messages. America helped defeat a proposal that the warrant for Bashir should be suspended for 12 months - which would have been a welcome respite for the soup kitchens of Darfur. This is a policy change of considerable significance.
Nor is it the only straw in the wind. Last month US Ambassador Susan Rice, in a closed meeting of the Security Council, supported the ICC, saying it "looks to become an important and credible instrument for trying to hold accountable the senior leadership responsible for atrocities committed in the Congo, Uganda and Darfur". A week later Ben Chang, spokesman for National Security Advisor General James Jones, took a similar line, telling the Washington Times: "We support the ICC in its pursuit of those who've perpetrated war crimes."
The next logical step is for the United States to sign up to the ICC. That would flatter Obama's ego as the conscience of the world. It would also put US servicemen at the mercy of any American-hating opportunists who might choose to arraign them on trumped-up charges before an alien court whose judges are likely to be ill-disposed towards America too.
In a joint analysis by David Scheffer (who helped set up the ICC) and John Hutson (former US Navy Judge Advocate General), the authors wrote: "If the United States were to join the ICC, one would have to accept at least the theoretical possibility that American citizens (particularly political and military leaders) could be prosecuted before the ICC on charges of committing atrocity crimes."
So, vengeful Democrats could facilitate the indictment of President George W Bush and all his senior commanders in Iraq. American troops on active service have been shown in polls to have little confidence in Barack Obama. His overtures to the ICC will hardly reverse that tendency.


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Obama May Subject US Troops to International Criminal Court

Let’s Impeach Obama Before this Can Happen

Posted on March 7, 2009. Filed under: Military, Obama, Politics by Don't Get Me Started

Obama has proven that he is more concerned about the rest of the world than he is about America!! He is NOT FIT to be president and if he follows through on this he deserves to be impeached. He is single-handedly trying to destroy this country and our military power. It DISGUSTS me!! Just goes to show what happens when someone who has loyalty to another country (or countries) tries to preside over this one. It doesn’t work!!!!! Let’s get him out of office. We still don’t have real proof that he’s a citizen (not surprising) and his actions since he’s been in office back up the fact that he doesn’t have any real loyalty to the US!! I disliked and disagreed with him before he was elected, but now he’s even worse than I thought!



What bothers me tremendously about this Obama guy is that he has lied and cheated his way into the White House and yet all those Justices, Congressmen, and Secret Service personnel who swore to uphold the Constitution will do nothing...and they all have the power to do it! They don't even need to start impeachment proceedings! He has committed such treasonous acts that he fits the definition of an enemy of the state and he should be arrested and sent to jail for the remainder of his natural life...Guantanamo would be too good for him but it would suffice to teach him a lesson that we the people govern and we do not take kindly to dictators. - Norman E. Hooben


This just in...

-------Original Message-------
From: (link removed)
Date: 4/23/2009 5:37:38 AM
To: (link removed)
Subject: Very Important Notice:

Whether you are an Obama fan, or not, EVERYONE IN THE U. S. needs to know...

Something happened... H.R. 1388 was passed yesterday, behind our backs. You may want to read about it. It wasn't mentioned on the news... just went by on the ticker tape at the bottom of the CNN screen.

Obama funds $20M in tax payer dollars to immigrate Hamas Refugees to the USA. This is the news that didn't make the headlines...

By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in "migration assistance" to the Palestinian refugees and "conflict victims" in Gaza.

The "presidential determination", which allows hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas to resettle in the United States, was signed on January 27 and appeared in the Federal Register on February 4.

Few on Capitol Hill, or in the media, took note that the order provides a free ticket replete with housing and food allowances to individuals who have displayed their overwhelming support to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the parliamentary election of January 2006.

Let's review...itemized list of some of Barack Obama's most recent actions since his inauguration:

His first call to any head of state, as president, was to Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah party in the Palestinian territory.

His first one-on-one television interview with any news organization was with Al Arabia television.

His first executive order was to fund/facilitate abortion(s) not just here within the U. S., but within the world, using U. S. tax payer funds.

He ordered Guantanamo Bay closed and all military trials of detainees halted.

He ordered overseas CIA interrogation centers closed.

He withdrew all charges against the masterminds behind the USS Cole and the "terror attack" on 9/11.

Now we learn that he is allowing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refuges to move to, and live in, the US at American taxpayer expense.

These important, and insightful, issues are being "lost" in the blinding bail-outs and "stimulation" packages.

Doubtful? To verify this for yourself:

WE are losing this country at a rapid pace.

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