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Terrorism and Blood Libel at UCLA Part III - From The Tygrrr Express

Terrorism and Blood Libel at UCLA Part III

March 11, 2004…The 5 year anniversary of the Madrid bombing.

March 11, 2007…The 2 year anniversary of the Tygrrrr Express.

March 11, 2009…More support for terrorism from Arab groups at UCLA.

Once again, the University of Crooked Lying Arabists has decided to spread libel under the cloak of “diversity” and “multi-culturalism.”

I wonder when UCLA will dedicate a sufficient amount of time to speakers not connected with worldwide terrorism.

I suppose I could throw out a politically correct disclaimer about how not all Arabs are terrorists, and blah blah blah.

Most terrorists are Arab Muslims. Radical Christianity has not murdered anybody in over half of a century. More importantly, in the rarest of instances when a Christian tries to commit evil in the name of Christianity, decent Christians everywhere reject the evildoer.

This does not happen with Arab terrorism. All that is offered are excuses, justifications, rationalizations, and blame of Jews and Westerners globally.

Now in the real world, the Palestinians are a failure because their leadership are genocidal lunatics. The Jews want to live. The Palestinian Arabs want to murder them. This is not complex. Yet in Arab land, which is similar to Candyland except the children are given bombs instead of lollipops, the Palestinians are the victims.

The most recent terrorist to visit UCLA was Noura Erakat.

Noura Erakat is the niece of terrorist Saeb Erakat. Saeb Erakat was the spokesperson for Yassir Arafat. He is now the spokesperson for the Palestinian people. His hobbies include making excuses for Palestinian homicide bombers.

Noura Erakat took part in a 2006 meeting in Detroit that was basically a front for waging an Intifada in America.

The conference dealt with “60 years of Nakba.”

Nakba is the word for “catastrophe.” The catastrophe is the existence of Israel. 60 years ago refers to 1948, the year Israel was created.

So any Arab terrorist apologist that piously wails about the poor suffering Palestinian people and the “occupation,” should be dismissed. The “academics” that pretend to talk about 1967 are really angry about 1948.

This is not about Gaza or the West Bank. This is about the fact that the Arab terrorists currently blowing themselves up are trying to eliminate all Jews from the Earth.

They frequently, and with great admiration, quote Nazi literature.

For those that want to ignore academics and actually become educated with real knowledge and facts, the Anti-Defamation League is a good place to start. They covered terrorist conferences such as the one attended by Noura Erakat.

The Palestinians want to ethnically cleanse all the Jews out of existence. They say so at these conferences. Their actions back their words.

While I personally do not know what to do with these miserable creatures that are basically Arab defects, a bigger problem right now is what to do about the cancer within walking idstance of my home.

Perhaps UCLA will get the message when the Intifada turns on them for not being tolerant enough. Palestinian violence has taken place in AMerica, most recently against Jewish and Christian children in North Carolina. Unlike Palestinians, those children actually were innocent victims.

It is bad enough these terrorist supporters live in my city. I hope I am out of town when UCLA becomes the victim of a homicide bomber.

It will happen one day. When you let murderers onto college campuses, do not feign surprise when they murder.

Water is wet, Palestinian terrorists murder, and UCLA professors enable them.

God help decent people everywhere.



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