Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Is Our #&%@*%#$@ Business, Charlie ...and don't you forget it!

It Is Our #&%@*%#$@ Business, Charlie

New Yorks Congressman, Charlie Rangel answers one of his constituents.

Bear in mind, this is the same Charlie Rangel who failed to pay his taxes, who rails against how banks used the bailout money the government gave them, yet was one of six Democrats who accepted a weekend party in the Caribbean from Citigroup after those bailout dolalrs were given.

Sorry Charlie, but it is our "goddamned" business!


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Anonymous said...

I'll by Jason a beer anytime he'd like to meet me at the Crystal Palace. He's almost up there with ol' Wyatt goin' after the Cowboys back in 1881. Nice shootin' with that fancy electronic pistol...eh, wife said it's a camera.

Rangel's right up there with the rest o' the scumbags an' rustlers. Ya know what happened when they got caught. There's alway a tree branch or wagon tongue an' some really nice rope.