Friday, March 13, 2009

The biggest organized crime threat to the United States

There are times when one can no longer take the diplomatic road of sane and prudent people willing to talk sensible about the problems besetting us when the people who are in charge lose all sense of reality and never, never will make the right decision. It is an illness that corrupts the minds of already corrupt in point, Barrack Husein Obama; he is so sick he needs to be institutionalized. How can anybody talk sense to an idiot who mouths off to the American people with such Alinsky theatrics to the fools that will listen to is useless!

Sometimes we just have to tell it like it is!

Here read this: (From NewsMax)

WASHINGTON -- A top Homeland Security official told a House panel Thursday that Mexican drug cartels are the biggest organized crime threat to the United States.

Homeland Security official Roger Rufe said a department plan to respond to escalating violence on the southwest border includes — as a last resort — deploying military personnel and equipment to the region if homeland security agencies become overwhelmed.

Rufe, echoing comments a day earlier from President Barack Obama, said now is not the time to militarize the southwest border.

"We would take all resources short of DoD and National Guard troops before we reach that tipping point," Rufe told lawmakers. "We very much do not want to militarize our border."... [The rest of the story can be found here:(Homeland Security Has Plan For Border Chaos, War)]

" is not the time to militarize the southwest border." Say what! It should have been done years ago! Just ask the Americans who live along the border! ...and you swore to protect the American people; what a joke you are! ...I know, Washington is a long way from the border and you are too busy partying. Why don't you try spending a Wednesday night in the shoes of a border patrol agent instead of wasting all that time partying?

"before we reach that tipping point," The tipping point Mr. Obama was just after the Hart-Celler Act of 1965! You may remember your liberal buddy Ted Kennedy as one of the supporters of the Act that allowed for the invasion of America.

Sick people, all of you liberal anti-Americans!

Oh, and one more thing...

"Mexican drug cartels are the biggest organized crime threat to the United States." Wrong again! The biggest organized crime threat to the United States is the Obama Cabinet!



TexasFred said...

All of us bog dwelling rednecks that LIVE on the border or IN border states know this, Bush was just as bad when it came to the border and it's issues, soon it will be AMERICAN citizens taking up arms to defend against this scourge...

Anonymous said...

MIne Fields... Machine gun nests with overlapping fields of fire evry 600 yards.. and the sound of American made ammo singing in the night!!! Let them come!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell ya what, Texas, I'm right there beside you. Key word is beside you.

Washington is so far out of touch with the people of this country. Frankly, in my opinion, these politicians are strickly in the game for the power and prestige and nothing else. While they set on their fat asses in their plush offices that WE THE PEOPLE pay for WE THE PEOPLE, like the Barrets down in Douglas, are paying even more.

Bill Davis (CCM) and Glenn Spencer (American Patrol) have pictures, videoes and know the paths the invasion is taking place on. The government knows how, where, and when these thugs, thieves, and killers come across as well. But WE THE PEOPLE just don't see the bigger picture.

Jon Kyl said they were trying to negotiate an acceptable immigration reform bill last year. My answer was NEGOTIATE HELL. The laws are and were already there and they need to be inforced. Period.

These jackass we have sent to Washington are as much scumbags as these Mexicans thugs and the rest of the illegal alien invaders. They had better take heed because it is not going to take much to see WE THE PEOPLE head for the border, not unlike the Minutemen did a couple of years ago. This time, however, it won't be with handie-talkies, cellphones and binoculars. It will be with .45s, .30-30s, 7.62s, .223s, and .357s. And I wouldn't want to be some poor lawman trying get them to stop or some border patrol agent trying to block their way.

Citizens know where in their cities the illegals live and congregate. That's where there will be blood baths. It will be vigilante justice but I can't see that WE THE PEOPLE will be taking the law into their own hands. Laws? What laws? Oh! Yeah! The ones that are not being enforced now. The ones that are being poo-pooed by the politicians and the bureaucrats.

The politicians have all become the butt boys of La Raza and Maldef.

Dean said...

Well stated gentlemen, but I think the biggest organized crime threat to the United States is CONgress and the Obambi administration. All a bunch of thievin' liars.
This is not to diminish the deadly serious threat from south of the border.

It will be up to we the people to secure our borders and run the scum out of DC.