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It's not your's the people you voted for. Who's in charge? Did you vote for them?

This is a temporary post. I'll be writing an intro to this video in the very near future (currently on the road and overwhelmed with other more pressing issues and messages to answer).
Just a note about the opening line by Senator Dodd...he makes a statement that is true but fails to mention that he was one of the culprits that caused the disaster.
There is much more to this than meets the eye and for some of those behind the scenes conspiracies... I hope to connect the dots. Meanwhile you should stop-frame some of the displays so that you can read them...unless of course you are a very fast reader. Also, you should not go any further if you begin this video thinking like a Democrat or Republican. Now lets see how objective you really are (you say you are all the time, right!) One more thing...PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO EVERYBODY YOU KNOW BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK AND PASTING IT TO YOUR EMAIL. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Financial Meltdown - "Didn't see it coming!" Huh?

At approximately 10:10 PM last night (September 22, 2008) Mr. (I dare not call him Professor) Alan Binder from Princeton University made the follwoing statement on PBS Television:
"I don't think anybody could see it coming between August 2007 and today."

Now I'm just an ordinary guy and how is it that I saw it coming well over a year ago...more like two years ago! At a town hall meeting with U.S. Senator Shelby I made comments reflecting on the current crisis to the extent that it was deliberate. Senator Shelby stated that he did not think it was...deliberate. It will do no good to say, "I told you so!", for the damage has already been done. Now here we have A so-called university educator (a friend of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake) and a U.S. Senator that supposedly do not have a clue as to what is going on with policies that directly affect every single American.
Now I do not want to chastise Senator Shelby for he is an over all excellent member of Congress and his voting record indicates that. But Alan Binder...what a joke! I hope he is not an adviser to his pal Bernake.
To conclude, If you really want to know what is going on, simply follow the results of legislation supported by Senators Biden, Dodd, et al and the so-called Congressman Barney Frank. And don't forget to look back at the deregulation policies (Specifically the Deregulation Act of 1999) of the former so-called President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton.
Now you ask yourself how is it that these so-called responsible people were just ordinary citizens one day and overnight experts once they have been elected or appointed to office...and educated from the likes of Alan Binder at Michelle Obama's alma mater, Princeton University. - Norman E. Hooben September 21, 2008
Hey Alan Binder we all knew it back know when! And you call yourself an educator...gimme a break and check this video out. It might wake up your memory cells....

Monday, September 22, 2008

While You Slept...The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

Russian navy ships head to Venezuela
  • MOSCOW, Russia (AP) -- A Russian navy squadron set off for Venezuela on Monday, an official said, in a deployment of Russian military power to the Western Hemisphere unprecedented since the Cold War.
The nuclear-powered Peter the Great cruiser, pictured in 2004, and three other ships are off to Venezuela.

The nuclear-powered Peter the Great cruiser, pictured in 2004, and three other ships are off to Venezuela.

The Kremlin has moved to intensify contacts with Venezuela, Cuba and other Latin American nations amid increasingly strained relations with Washington after last month's war between Russia and Georgia.

During the Cold War, Latin America became an ideological battleground between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Russian navy spokesman Igor Dygalo said the nuclear-powered Peter the Great cruiser accompanied by three other ships sailed from the Northern Fleet's base of Severomorsk on Monday. The ships will cover about 15,000 nautical miles to conduct joint maneuvers with the Venezuelan navy, he told The Associated Press.

Dygalo refused to comment on Monday's report in the daily Izvestia claiming that the ships were to make a stopover in the Syrian port of Tartus on their way to Venezuela. Russian officials said the Soviet-era base there was being renovated to serve as a foothold for a permanent Russian navy presence in the Mediterranean.

The deployment follows a weeklong visit to Venezuela by a pair of Russian strategic bombers and comes as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez -- an unbridled critic of U.S. foreign policy who has close ties with Moscow -- plans to visit Moscow this week. It will be Chavez's second trip to Russia in about two months.

The intensifying contacts with Venezuela appear to be a response to the U.S. dispatch of warships to deliver aid to Georgia, which angered the Kremlin.

"It's a show of the Kremlin irritation about the U.S. deployment to Georgia. It's a signal to the United States: You have broken into our zone of influence, and we will show you that we can enter yours," said independent military analyst Alexander Golts.

Golts added that the small Russian squadron could not pose any threat to the United States.

"Without protection from the air, it makes a sitting duck," Golts said. "It's ridiculous to even talk about the Russian ships providing a counterweight to the U.S. Navy."

Chavez said in an interview with Russian television broadcast Sunday that Latin America needs a strong friendship with Russia to help reduce U.S. influence and keep peace in the region.

In separate comments on his Sunday TV and radio program, he joked that he will be making his international tour to Russia and other countries this week aboard the "super-bombers that Medvedev loaned me," a reference to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. "Gentlemen of the CIA, to be clear, I'm joking," Chavez said with a laugh.

He repeatedly has warned that the U.S. Navy poses a threat to Venezuela.

Russia has signed weapons contracts worth more than $4 billion with Venezuela since 2005 to supply fighter jets, helicopters and 100,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles. Chavez's government is in talks to buy Russian submarines, air defense systems and armored vehicles and more Sukhoi fighter jets.

Russian and Venezuelan leaders also have talked about boosting cooperation in the energy sphere to create what Chavez has called "a new strategic energy alliance."

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who visited Venezuela last week, announced that five of Russia's biggest oil companies are looking to form a consortium to increase Latin American operations and to build a $6.5 billion refinery to process Venezuela's tarlike heavy crude. Such an investment could help Venezuela, the world's ninth-biggest oil producer, wean itself from the U.S. refineries on which it depends to process much of its crude.

Russia's Gazprom state gas monopoly also said in a statement Monday that its delegation that visited Venezuela last week signed a tentative agreement to tap its offshore gas fields.

Sechin warned the United States that it should not view Latin America as its own backyard. "It would be wrong to talk about one nation having exclusive rights to this zone," he said in an interview broadcast

Obama Hates Jews...and whites too!

Obama Endorsed an Anti-Semitic Hate Group, Solicited Another’s Endorsement

Endorsed by Obama: “He’s one of the greedy Jew bastards killing our [black] people. Don’t give the Jew a dime.”

Ready-to-go viral E-mail and blog entry: please copy, paste, and circulate as widely as possible. Unlike the smears and urban legends that are being directed against both Presidential tickets, the reader can verify the following material independently.

    Keep [going] right on past Freddy’s, he’s one of the greedy Jew bastards killing our [black] people. Don’t give the Jew a dime.

The above anti-Semitic tirade came from Morris Powell, the head of Al Sharpton’s “Buy Black” Committee, during a menacing protest against a Jewish owned store, Freddy’s Fashion Mart, in 1995. In 2007, Barack Hussein Obama endorsed Al Sharpton and his National Action Network, the same hate group that shouted this and other epithets at a Jewish owned store, as follows: “Reverend Sharpton is a voice for the voiceless, and a voice for the dispossessed. What National Action Network has done is so important to change America, and it must be changed from the bottom up.” The reader can find this quote at Al Sharpton’s own Web site,; as we promised, the reader can verify every single statement we make here.

Per Discover the Networks (,

    …Sharpton led his National Action Network in an ugly boycott against Freddy’s Fashion Mart, a Jewish-owned business in Harlem, New York. …The street leader of the boycott, Morris Powell, was the head of Sharpton’s “Buy Black” Committee. Repeatedly referring to the Jewish proprietors of Freddy’s as “crackers,” Powell and his fellow protesters menacingly told passersby, “Keep [going] right on past Freddy’s, he’s one of the greedy Jew bastards killing our [black] people. Don’t give the Jew a dime.” Some picketers openly threatened violence against whites and Jews — all under the watchful, approving eye of Sharpton. The subsequent picketing became increasingly menacing in its tone until one of the protesters eventually shot four whites in the store and then set the building on fire — killing seven employees, most of whom were Hispanics.

The following additional information is from the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal (

Democrats Embrace ‘Impresario of Hatred,’ by Fred Siegel, 2/29/2000

    It would have taken no great effort for the reporters covering the Apollo debate to have walked across 125th Street from the theater to visit Freddy’s Fashion Mart, where in 1995 eight people died in a murderous rampage inspired by Mr. Sharpton.

    …Picketers from Mr. Sharpton’s National Action Network, sometimes joined by “the Rev.” himself, marched daily outside the store, screaming about “bloodsucking Jews” and “Jew bastards” and threatening to burn the building down.

    After weeks of increasingly violent rhetoric, one of the protesters, Roland Smith, took Mr. Sharpton’s words about ousting the “white interloper” to heart. He ran into the store shouting, “It’s on!” He shot and wounded three whites and a Pakistani, whom he apparently mistook for a Jew. Then he set the fire, which killed five Hispanics, one Guyanese and one African-American–a security guard whom protesters had taunted as a “cracker lover.” Smith then fatally shot himself.

And what did Barry Hussein Obama have to say about this very same racist and anti-Semitic hate group and its leader, under whose personal supervision much of the above activity took place? “Reverend Sharpton is a voice for the voiceless, and a voice for the dispossessed. What National Action Network has done is so important to change America, and it must be changed from the bottom up.” Perhaps Barry’s perception of “change” includes burning white and Jewish-owned stores in the “wrong” neighborhoods, much as the Klan once treated Black homes and businesses in white neighborhoods.

Al Sharpton: The Democrat’s David Duke by Jeff Jacoby ( adds that Morris Powell also said of Freddy’s owner, “We’re going to see that this cracker suffers,” and that the National Action Network–the same organization that Obama endorsed–shouted “Burn down the Jew store!” Furthermore,

    1991: A Hasidic Jewish driver in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section accidentally kills Gavin Cato, a 7-year-old black child, and antisemitic riots erupt. Sharpton races to pour gasoline on the fire. At Gavin’s funeral he rails against the “diamond merchants” — code for Jews — with “the blood of innocent babies” on their hands. He mobilizes hundreds of demonstrators to march through the Jewish neighborhood, chanting, “No justice, no peace.” A rabbinical student, Yankel Rosenbaum, is surrounded by a mob shouting “Kill the Jews!” and stabbed to death.

“Power Dem” by Jay Nordlinger ( expands on this as follows. The following is directly from Al Sharpton, Barry Hussein Obama’s “voice for the voiceless.”

    The world will tell us that [Gavin Cato] was killed by accident. . . . What type of city do we have that would allow politics to rise above the blood of innocent babies? . . . Talk about how Oppenheimer in South Africa sends diamonds straight to Tel Aviv and deals with the diamond merchants right here in Crown Heights. …If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.”

We encourage our Jewish readers to take Sharpton up on this on November 4, and send his friend and enabler Barry back to Illinois with a humiliating landslide defeat. See also Dr. Gerhard Falk’s “The New York Pogrom Case” at

As we promised, the reader can verify independently that Al Sharpton has a long track record of inciting hatred of white people and especially Jews. A Google search on “Sharpton” and any of the following phrases will provide links, not to “someone’s blog,” but to identifiable sources including the Wall Street Journal, as cited above: “Tawana Brawley,” “Yankel Rosenbaum,” “Crown Heights,” and “Freddy’s Fashion Mart.”

“Jew Lieberman Done, Corporate Clinton Next.”

So said an entry on’s now disgraced Action Forum. Barack Obama solicited this organization’s support, and he accepted it as shown at’s Action Forum was one of that organization’s most prized organizing tools until the public discovered that it contained reams of anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and other forms of hate speech as well as 9/11 conspiracy theories that blamed the U.S. Government and/or Jews for the worst crime that has ever been perpetrated against this country. Eli Pariser, the same individual who sanctioned the publication of a defamatory insult to General David Petraeus (”General Betray Us,” tried to excuse the hate speech as follows.

MoveOn’s ActionForum is an open forum where members of the public and MoveOn members can post their thoughts regarding important political issues. Once in a while—as in any public forum—inappropriate material is posted. Recently, a few of the thousands of comments that are posted every week contained anti-Semitic language.

(1) It wasn’t just “a few” comments, it was literally dozens, and this does not include the racist, anti-Catholic, or anti-Evangelical hate speech either.
(2) It wasn’t just “recent.” Some of the hate speech had been online for months if not more.

The comments that were posted were abhorrent. We were dismayed to see them, and removed them as soon as they came to our attention 17 days ago.

(1) The Action Forum’s own FAQ page (, online as of 9/21/08) says that the moderators read each entry twice, which means that the moderators saw them and did nothing about them until they became a public scandal–much like the hate speech that pervades Barack Obama’s own campaign site at
(2) An enormous collection of hate speech–enough to fill three large Web pages–was harvested from the Action Forum two or more weeks after Eli Pariser said it was removed. A few examples appear below, and all were harvested after Pariser made the above statement.

Many of the comments identified were not, in fact, made by MoveOn members.

How do you know, Eli?

We are working to discern whether they were made as a part of a right-wing campaign to target the organization.

This is about as believable as, “The cops planted the weed on me, man” when the speaker has two “Mary Jane” cigarettes hanging from his mouth.

Clearly, any attempt to tie MoveOn’s 3.2 million members to the hateful comments of a few nonmembers on an online public forum is wrong.

Again, how does Pariser know they were nonmembers? Again, it wasn’t just “a few,” it was dozens.

We were pleased to see that so many MoveOn members rose to sharply criticize the hate speech that was posted – even before it was brought to our attention.”

As shown by the overwhelming votes of approval for the hate speech, which we have included in the quotes below, the opposite is true–as with a lot of what Eli Pariser says. Remember, this is the same individual who sanctioned the publication of a defamatory insult to a four-star general, and Barack Obama’s spittle joined Pariser’s on this officer’s uniform and service ribbons when he accepted MoveOn’s endorsement. In addition, we encourage the reader to do a Google image search on “” and “Pope Benedict” to see’s derogatory photo-manipulation that shows the Pope waving a gavel in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. This also was on Eli Pariser’s watch, and it doubtlessly had his approval.

Now, this is the kind of material that welcomed to a Web site over which it exercised editorial control. All was downloaded after Eli Pariser said it had been removed, and we have included the votes from other MoveOn Action Forum participants.

We need your help in finding a word that is less offensive [than "Jew Lieberman"].
One that describes the Jewish congressmen and Jewish owned media that has a greater allegiance to Israel than the US. And who are demonizing Israel’s neighbors and supporting Israel’s bombing and occupation.
Read “Israeli Lobby” google it.

7 of 8 voted to AGREE with this

It is a matter of record that a moderator at Obama for America, Emily (they give only their first names) counseled a user to write “Israel Lobby” instead of “Jewish Lobby” in his blog postings. Google on “emily,” “obama for america” and “israel lobby” to learn more.

We can all see how AIPAC/Israel has taken control of America. Not to get nasty but jews have a long history of subverting governments for their own enrichment and glory to the detriment of whole societies. Many more than “6 million” have died by semetic aggression, 100’s of millions even, remember the conqueror writes history. Even the roman empire feared jewish power. Over and over again, whites, particularly semites have distorted truth through their supremacist, zenophobic minds. Ariel Sharon Oct of 2001 per Kol Israel, “… Don’t worry about america, we control america and the americans know it.” There is a mental pathology gripping my tribe, as the native americans say, “white man have forked tongue”, we must become enlightened, or we will be destroyed.

13 of 16 voted to AGREE with this

Another posting contained an actual blood libel of Jews, and ten out of thirteen Action Forum participants voted to agree with it. This is but an excerpt.

Today in Israel, school curricula are dominated by the Talmud, especially a specific Talmudic text called Shulhan Aruch. In this text, Jews are commanded to slaughter non-Jews who are viewed more or less as animals or at least lesser human beings.

Another Action Forum posting, with which 13 out of 16 readers agreed, said that Zionism is racism. Eight out of eight, meanwhile, agreed with the following:

Another neo-con appeared today on C-Span to defend Bush and his spying program! I am Jewish and proud of it (despite everything) but I am sick of seeing those neo-cons posing as average joes on national television to defend Bush and his lies. Since they don’t have the decency or honesty to identify themselves by saying: “But you know, I am a Zionist and may be biased” and since most Americans can’t tell the difference and don’t have the courage to ask, maybe they should be forced to wear an Israeli flag on the lapel of their jackets. Isn’t it time to tell the American people the truth, i.e. that Jews control all the media.

Barack Obama solicited and accepted this organization’s endorsement, thus enabling and empowering anti-Semites. Barack Obama endorsed and praised Al Sharpton and his National Action Network, thus enabling and empowering more racists and anti-Semites. This shows that Barack Obama’s politics have not changed since his college days as described in “Dreams From My Father” and, unlike the smears and urban legends, we will give a page number: page 101 of the paperback version, ISBN 978-1-4000-8277-3.

    After all, there were thousands of so-called campus radicals, most of them white and tenured and happily tolerated. No, it remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.

Maybe Barack Hussein Obama consorts openly with, praises, and endorses racists because he is one, and the reader can form his or her own conclusion from his empowerment and open endorsement of anti-Semties.

H-T to Chad Everson

Watch Out Washington...You too Obama !

H-T to Gerry Phelps

Do The Right Thing: It's Time To Put An End To The Obama Nightmare!

Do The Right Thing: It's Time To Put An End To The Obama Nightmare!

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On the Issues: Education (Part One)

Barack Obama Headshot
Barack Obama
U.S. Senator

Proposes $18 billion a year in new federal spending on early childhood classes, teacher recruitment, performance pay and other initiatives

John McCain Headshot

John McCain

U.S. Senator

Has a shorter list of initiatives compared with his rival’s. Believes that the federal government should play a limited role in public education.

My take...

Three plus one equals four. Two plus two equals four. What did I just say? Did I not say the same thing using different words? Tell me now, are these two candidates on the same page. Both have educational initiatives. This is just another way of saying that they will bring something new to the Department of Education (DOE). New programs (aka initiatives) cost money whether they are in limited roles or teacher recruitment. Obama proposes an $18 billion a year in new federal spending. The key word here is new. That boils down to more taxes money out of your pocket. Obama has a figure; $18 billion. Where did he get that number? McCain does not have a figure…or at least the New York Times is not telling you. Could we assume that “limited role” means less spending? I would hope so; for who needs the DOE (not to be confused with the De[artment of Energy), we got along without it for over 200 years…and we all got a pretty good education without it! We became the richest, most powerful country the world has ever known. Since Jimmy Carter signed Public Law 96-88 we have gone downhill from that moment on…you’ve heard it referred to as, “The dumbing down of America.” Will somebody ask Obama, “With the country already in the red for several trillion dollars, where are you going to get $18 billion? (Print it like they do Monopoly money and when you go past GO-broke collect another two-billion!) - Norman E. Hooben